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This is How You Can Replace iOS Spotlight Bing Search Engine

Apple released iOS 8 version for mobile devices that coming Microsoft Bing as the default spot light search engine. Well, some time we may need to replace this search engine with some other search engine. You can change the default search engine for your Safari browser on your iOS 8. Apple offers search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo to choose for your Safari search engine.

Unfortunately you can’t change your spotlight search engine unless your device is rooted. iOS will populate the result from your device and additional results from Bing search engine while you search something with spotlight on your iPhone or iPad.


Even though you are not able to change the Bing search engine, you can divert the spotlight search directly to safari and there you have the freedom to set any search engine that you want from the list we mentioned above.

In this article we will change our search engine from Bing to Google and shows you how to do that with few steps.

Change Safari Search Engine:

To change safari search engine, please go to Settings > Safari > Search Engine. Tap on the right arrow on your screen and pick your desired search engine from the available list.

ios safari search engine

As we mentioned earlier, Apple offers search engine like Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo to choose for your Safari search engine.

Change Spotlight Search Search Result Settings:

Go to iOS Settings > General > Spotlight Search and tap on right arrow. There are several items under Search Result list.

uncheck ios spotlight bing

Please scroll down all the way down and you will see Bing web Results. Please uncheck this option and come back to save the setting.

Check The Spotlight Result:

Now pull down from iPhone or iPad apps screen and pull down your screen to get the Spotlight search window and type something there. Now you will see a link Search web option instead of Bing results.

ios spotlight serach web

Tap on this link and it will open your Safari browser with the search engine that you previously set.

ios google result

In this example we set Google as our search engine and it will populate the result based on Google Search Engine results.

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