One Terabyte Free Memory to Backup iPhone & iPad Photos & Videos

Last Updated: October 27, 2014

You can backup your entire life time pictures to free online backup service. No matter what ever the resolutions is, or the number of photos, or the device you used, you can upload tons of high resolution pictures online and keep as free.iphone-flickr-upload

Nowadays you will get extremely high quality pictures from your smartphone. All these pictures can instantly upload to online and access from anywhere. Flickr is offering one terabyte free memory that you can use to save your entire life history. Just for the sake of calculation, you can upload at least 500 pictures per month with a resolution of 12MB fro 83 years.

Flickr iOS apps can be use to upload pictures from your smartphone. To register Flickr, please go to register with your email account. Please download iOS apps from iTunes from your iPhone or iPad. Once you download the app, please go to app setting and make sure your selection to upload pictures are in original resolution, photo privacy set as only you (if you want to keep the pictures in private) and you can select to upload in WiFi only if you worry about your data plan.




Now click on camera icon in the middle, then your application is ready to take picture and upload it. If you want to upload the existing pictures from your device, tap on left bottom icon then you can select the pictures from your phone to upload.



Select one or multiple pictures to upload and add title and description if you want for those, and tap on upload button. Your pictures will start to upload in full resolution, and you can see those in your PC by login to your Flickr account.



There are other options to publish your photos. If you are a professional photographer, you can upload photos from your PC to Flickr for an additional backup. iOS users, this is the free of cost solution to keep a copy of all your smart phone pictures online with original resolution.

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