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How to Talk Continuously with Alexa Using Alexa Follow-Up Mode

Ever thought of talking continuously with Alexa on your Echo smart speaker? Alexa usually stops talking and forgets about the topic you asked right after it finishes running a command. Alexa has a conversation mode for that. The Alexa follow-up mode enables Alexa to keep talking with you.

In this guide, let us show you how to enable Alexa follow-up mode to talk continuously.

Enable Alexa Follow-Up Mode and Keep Talking

When you enable the Alexa follow-up mode on your echo or echo dot speaker, it will still listen to you after executing one command. This helps you avoid triggering Alexa with the hot word “Alexa” every time. To enable Alexa follow-up mode,

Alexa Devices Tab on Phone

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone and go to the Devices tab.
  2. Tap the “Echo & Alexa” card on top.Select Echo Speaker from Alexa App
  3. Select your Echo speaker from the next screen.
  4. Scroll down and tap Follow-Up Mode.Follow Up Mode from Alexa Speaker Settings
  5. Toggle on the Alexa Follow-Up from the next screen.

Turn on Alexa Follow Up Mode

There you go. Alexa will keep its microphone for a little bit of time to listen to your follow-up commands. Once you say “Alexa [action-1]”, you can command “[action-2,3,…]” without even saying “Alexa.” Here is an example with series of commands,

“Alexa, turn on the vacuum cleaner”

“Turn on master bedroom lights”

“Set the temperature to 76”

As you see, all the following commands are said without even mentioning Alexa again.

Alexa Follow-Up Mode: FAQs

Are you still having questions about the Alexa follow-up mode? Here are some of the popular questions asked by you about Alexa’s conversation mode.

What is Alexa follow-up mode?

Alexa follow-up mode lets you talk continually with Alexa without triggering it again. That means your Alexa speaker will still listen to you after a command and you can simply ask anything without saying “Alexa” again.

How to use Alexa follow-up mode?

You can use Alexa follow-up mode by enabling it first from the Alexa app. Then you can trigger Alexa and ask a question. After the reply, keep asking more questions.

How to set up follow-up mode on Alexa?

You can set up Alexa follow-up mode from the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. You can find the option to enable follow-up mode in the speaker settings.

Alexa follow-up mode is a brilliant feature in your Echo speaker. Either you want to ask Alexa multiple things at once, or want to get rid of boredom, the Alexa feature is a great tool.

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