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Check Your Phone: Here is The List of Android 11 Supported Devices

Android 11 is the upcoming version of Google’s smartphone operating system. Android 11 has already completed several stages, and it is awaiting its launch in Q3 2020, probably in September. Every year, Google rolls out developer previews to all Google Pixel devices, followed by beta candidates to a handful of non-Google Devices.

Android 11 brings a lot on the table, including Chat Bubble, Native screen recording, Dark Mode scheduling, Scoped storage, mainline project enhancements, and so on.

List of Android 11 Supported Brands

  1. Google (Pixel)
  2. Asus
  3. Oppo
  4. Samsung
  5. Motorola
  6. OnePlus
  7. Nokia
  8. Vivo
  9. Huawei
  10. Xiaomi

List of Android 11 Supported Google Pixel devices

Here is a list of Google Pixel devices that support Android 11.

Model Status
Pixel 2, Pixel 2 XL Android 11 Beta 3
Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL Android 11 Beta 3
Pixel 4, Pixel 4 XL Android 11 Beta 3

List of Android 11 Supported Asus devices

Here is a list of Asus devices that support Android 11. Asus may add more devices to the list, so we will update it here.

Model Status
Asus Zenfone 6 Eligible
Asus ROG Phone II Eligible
Asus ROG Phone III Eligible

List of Android 11 Supported Oppo devices

Here’s a list of Oppo smartphones that are compatible with Android 11-based ColorOS 8 or are likely to get the upgrade. The list could change, and we will update it once it happens.

Model Status
Oppo Reno4 5G Confirmed
Oppo Reno4 Pro 5G Confirmed
Oppo Reno3 Confirmed
Oppo Reno3 Pro Confirmed
Oppo Find X2 Android 11 Beta 2
Oppo Find X2 Pro Android 11 Beta 2
Oppo Find X2 Neo Confirmed
Oppo Find X2 Lite Confirmed
Oppo Reno3 Pro 5G Confirmed
Oppo Reno3 Youth Confirmed
Oppo Reno3 5G Confirmed
Oppo A31 Confirmed
Oppo F15 Confirmed
Oppo A91 Confirmed
Oppo A92 Confirmed
Oppo A92s Confirmed
Oppo A72 Confirmed
Oppo A52 Confirmed
Oppo A8 Confirmed
Oppo A11 Confirmed
Oppo A12 Confirmed
Oppo A5 Confirmed
Oppo Reno Ace Confirmed
Oppo Ace 2 Confirmed
Oppo Reno A Confirmed
Oppo A5 (2020) Confirmed
Oppo A9 (2020) Confirmed
Oppo Reno2 Confirmed
Oppo Reno2 F Confirmed
Oppo Reno2 Z Confirmed
Oppo Reno Z Confirmed
Oppo K3 Confirmed
Oppo K5 Confirmed
Oppo A9x Confirmed
Oppo A9 Confirmed
Oppo Reno 5G Confirmed
Oppo Reno 10x Zoom Confirmed
Oppo Reno. Confirmed
Oppo A1k Confirmed
Oppo F11 Confirmed
Oppo F11 Pro Confirmed

List of Android 11 Supported Samsung devices

Samsung has one of the largest lists of smartphones that are in tow to get Android 11-based OneUI 3.0. Although the ETA is not yet available for the same.

Model Status
Galaxy Note20 Confirmed
Galaxy Note20+ Confirmed
Galaxy Note20 Ultra Confirmed
Galaxy Fold 2 Confirmed
Galaxy Flip 5G Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S7 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S7+ Confirmed
Galaxy S20 Confirmed
Galaxy S20 5G Confirmed
Galaxy S20+ Confirmed
Galaxy S20+ 5G Confirmed
Galaxy S20 Ultra Confirmed
Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Confirmed
Galaxy Z Flip Confirmed
Galaxy Fold Confirmed
Galaxy Fold 5G Confirmed
Galaxy Note10 Confirmed
Galaxy Note10+ Confirmed
Galaxy Note10 5G Confirmed
Galaxy Note10+ 5G Confirmed
Galaxy S10 5G Confirmed
Galaxy S10+ Confirmed
Galaxy S10 Confirmed
Galaxy S10e Confirmed
Galaxy Note 10 Lite Confirmed
Galaxy S10 Lite Confirmed
Galaxy A01 Confirmed
Galaxy A10 Confirmed
Galaxy A10e Confirmed
Galaxy A11 Confirmed
Galaxy A20 Confirmed
Galaxy A20e Confirmed
Galaxy A21 Confirmed
Galaxy A21s Confirmed
Galaxy A30 Confirmed
Galaxy A30s Confirmed
Galaxy A31 Confirmed
Galaxy A40 Confirmed
Galaxy A41 Confirmed
Galaxy A50 Confirmed
Galaxy A50s Confirmed
Galaxy A51 Confirmed
Galaxy A51 5G Confirmed
Galaxy A60 Confirmed
Galaxy A70 Confirmed
Galaxy A70s Confirmed
Galaxy A71 Confirmed
Galaxy A71 5G Confirmed
Galaxy A80 Confirmed
Galaxy A8s Confirmed
Galaxy A90 5G Confirmed
Galaxy A Quantum Confirmed
Galaxy M01 Confirmed
Galaxy M01 Confirmed
Galaxy M11 Confirmed
Galaxy M21 Confirmed
Galaxy M30s Confirmed
Galaxy M31 Confirmed
Galaxy M40 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S5e Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S6 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite Confirmed
Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019 Confirmed
Galaxy Tab Active Pro Confirmed
Galaxy Xcover 4s Confirmed
Galaxy Xcover FieldPro Confirmed
Galaxy Xcover Pro Confirmed

Android 11 Beta Enrol: Samsung

List of Android 11 Supported Motorola devices

Here’s the list of Motorola devices that are in tow and are likely to get Android 11. Although, this isn’t an official list.

Model Status
Moto One Hyper Confirmed
Moto One Fusion+ Confirmed
Moto G Fast Confirmed
Moto E Confirmed
Moto One Fusion Confirmed
Moto G 5G Plus Confirmed
Moto G8 Lite Confirmed
Moto Edge Confirmed
Moto Edge+ Confirmed
Moto G8 Power Confirmed
Moto G Power Confirmed
Moto G Pro Confirmed
Moto G Stylu Confirmed
Moto E6s (2020) Confirmed
Moto G8 Confirmed
Moto G Stylus Confirmed
Moto Razr 2019 Confirmed
Moto G8 Play Confirmed
Moto E6 Play Confirmed
Moto G8 Plus Confirmed
Moto One Macro Confirmed
Moto E6 Plus Confirmed
Moto One Zoom Confirmed
Moto One Action Confirmed
Moto E6 Confirmed
Moto Z4 Confirmed
Moto One Vision Confirmed
Moto G7 Plus Confirmed
Moto G7 Confirmed
Moto G7 Power Confirmed
Moto G7 Player Confirmed

List of Android 11 Supported OnePlus devices

Here’s a list of Android 11 supported devices from OnePlus that will get latest version of OxygenOS. There’s no official release and no ETA available with the same.

Model Status
OnePlus Nord Eligible*
OnePlus 8 Confirmed
OnePlus 8 Pro Confirmed
OnePlus 7T Pro Maclaren Edition Confirmed
OnePlus 7T Pro Confirmed
OnePlus 7T Confirmed
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Confirmed
OnePlus 7 Pro Confirmed
OnePlus 7 Confirmed
OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition Confirmed
OnePlus 6T Confirmed

Android 11 Beta Enrol: OnePlus

List of Android 11 Supported Nokia devices

Model Status
Nokia C2 Tennen Eligible
Nokia C2 Tava Eligible
Nokia C5 Endi Eligible
Nokia C2 Confirmed
Nokia 5.3 Confirmed
Nokia 1.3 Confirmed
Nokia 8.3 5G Confirmed
Nokia 2.2 Confirmed
Nokia 2.3 Confirmed
Nokia 4.2 Confirmed
Nokia 3.2 Confirmed
Nokia 1 Plus Confirmed
Nokia X71 Confirmed
Nokia 3.1 A (AT&T) Confirmed
Nokia 3.1 C (Cricket) Confirmed
Nokia 6.2 Confirmed
Nokia 7.2 Confirmed
Nokia 8.1 Confirmed
Nokia 9 PureView Confirmed
Nokia C1 Confirmed

Android 11 Beta Enrol: Nokia

List of Android 11 Supported Vivo devices

Here’s a list of Android 11-based FuntouchOS 11 that should get the update although there’s no ETA available as of now.

Model Status
iQOO Z1x 5G Confirmed
X50 Pro+ Confirmed
Vivo X50 Confirmed
V19 Neo Confirmed
Vivo X50 Pro Confirmed
iQOO Z1 Confirmed
Vivo Y70s Confirmed
Vivo Y30 Confirmed
iQOO 3 4G Confirmed
iQOO 3 5G Confirmed
Vivo S6 5G Confirmed
Vivo Z6 5G Confirmed
Vivo V19 Confirmed
Vivo Y50 Confirmed
iQOO Neo 3 Confirmed
NEX 3s 5G Confirmed
Vivo V17 Confirmed
iQOO Neo 855 Plus Confirmed
Vivo Y9s Confirmed
Vivo Z5i Confirmed
Vivo S1 Pro Confirmed
Vivo U20 Confirmed
Vivo X30 Pro Confirmed
Vivo X30 Confirmed
Vivo S5 Confirmed
Vivo Y5s Confirmed
Vivo Y19 Confirmed
Vivo Y3 Std Edition Confirmed
iQOO Neo 855 Confirmed
Vivo Y11 (2019) Confirmed
Vivo U3 Confirmed
Vivo U3x Confirmed
Vivo U10 Confirmed
Vivo NEX 3 Confirmed
Vivo V17 Pro Confirmed
Vivo Z1x Confirmed
Vivo NEX 3 5G Confirmed
iQOO Pro Confirmed
iQOO Pro 5G Confirmed
Vivo V17 Neo Confirmed
Vivo Y90 Confirmed
Vivo Y7s Confirmed
Vivo S1 Confirmed
iQOO Neo Confirmed
Vivo Z1 Pro Confirmed
Vivo Y12 Confirmed
Vivo Y15 (2019) Confirmed
Vivo Z5x Confirmed
Vivo X27 Confirmed
Vivo Y5 Confirmed
Vivo Y17 Confirmed
Vivo Z3x Confirmed
Vivo Y3 Confirmed
Vivo iQOO Confirmed
Vivo V15 Confirmed
Vivo V15 Pro Confirmed

Android 11 Beta Enrol: Vivo

List of Android 11 Supported Huawei devices

This is the list of Huawei devices that will be getting Android 11-flavored EMUI 11. It is expected to launch on September 11 at the HDC 2020, and thus, the rollout will begin after that.

Model Status
Mate 40 Confirmed
Mate 40 Pro Confirmed
Mate 30 Pro Confirmed
Mate 30 Pro 5G Confirmed
Mate 30 Confirmed
Mate 30 5G Confirmed
Mate 30 RS Porsche Design Confirmed
Mate 20 Confirmed
Mate 20 Pro Confirmed
Mate 20 X 5G Confirmed
Mate 20 X 4G Confirmed
Mate 20 Porsche RS Confirmed
Mate X Confirmed
Mate Xs Confirmed
P40 Confirmed
P40 Pro Confirmed
P40 Pro+ Confirmed
P40 Lite Confirmed
P40 Lite 4G Confirmed
P30 Confirmed
P30 Pro Confirmed
P30 Pro New Edition Confirmed
Nova 7 SE Confirmed
Nova 7 Confirmed
Nova 7 Pro Confirmed
Nova 7i Confirmed
Nova 6 Confirmed
Nova 6 5G Confirmed
Nova 6 SE Confirmed
Nova 5T Confirmed
Nova 5 Confirmed
Nova 5 Pro Confirmed
Nova 5Z Confirmed
Nova 5i Confirmed
Nova 5i Pro Confirmed
Enjoy 10 Pro Confirmed
Enjoy Z 5G Confirmed
Enjoy 10e Confirmed
Enjoy 10 Plus Confirmed
Enjoy 10S Confirmed
MatePad Pro 4G Confirmed
MatePad Pro 5G Confirmed
MatePad Confirmed
MediaPad M6 Confirmed

Android 11 Beta Enrol: Huawei

List of Android 11 Supported Xiaomi devices

This is the list of Xiaomi devices that will be getting Android 11-based flavored MIUI 12 once it is released. Note that it is not an officially released list so there’s a possibility that some of the devices might not make up to Android 11 but just MIUI 11.

Model Status
Poco X2 Confirmed
Poco F2 Pro Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Poco M2 Pro Confirmed
Redmi 9A Eligible
Redmi 9C Eligible
Redmi 10X Pro 5G Eligible
Redmi 10X 5G Eligible
Redmi 10X 4G Eligible
Redmi K30i 5G Eligible
Redmi K30 5G Racing Eligible
Redmi Note 9 Pro Eligible
Redmi Note 9 Eligible
Mi Note 10 Lite Eligible
Mi 10 Youth 5G Eligible
Redmi K30 Pro Zoom Eligible
Redmi K30 Pro Confirmed
Redmi Note 9S Eligible
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max Eligible
Black Shark 3 Pro Eligible
Black Shark 3 Eligible
Redmi 9 Eligible
Mi 10 Pro 5G Confirmed
Mi 10 5G Confirmed
Redmi K30 Eligible
Redmi K30 5G Eligible
Mi Note 10 Eligible
Mi Note 10 Pro Eligible
Mi CC9 Pro Eligible
Mi Mix Alpha Eligible
Mi 9 Pro 5G Eligible
Mi 9 Pro Eligible
Redmi K20 Pro Premium Eligible
Black Shark 2 Pro Eligible
Redmi K20 Pro Eligible
Black Shark 2 Eligible
Mi 9 Explorer Eligible
Redmi Note 8T Eligible
Mi 9 Lite Eligible
Redmi Note 8 Pro Eligible
Redmi 8 Eligible
Mi 9T Pro Eligible
Mi 9T Eligible
Redmi K20 Eligible
Mi Mix 3 5G Eligible
Mi 9 SE Eligible
Mi 9 Eligible
Mi A3 Eligible

Android 11 Beta Enrol: Xiaomi

This is the list of smartphones that are highly likely to get Android 11 either as a stock upgrade or with their respective custom UIs. Take it a pinch of salt since some of the devices might not make up to Android 11 unless OEMs decided to add it anyway.

Android 11 Release

Android 11 is coming with many new features and significant updates in the user interface, etc. If you are eager to find out what’s new with Android 11, you might want to check out our guide to Android 11 features.

As per the schedule that Google started and has been following now, the first developer preview arrived in February 2020 for all Pixel devices followed by DP2 in March 2020, DP3 in April 2020, DP4 in May 2020. In June 2020, Google released the first-ever beta candidates that were soon adopted by a handful of devices listed below. According to the same, Android 11 will launch in Q3 2020, which is between July and September, where the highest stakes are for the September release.

Once it releases, OEMs will be able to launch their custom-made versions of Android 11, such as OxygenOS 11 for OnePlus, EMUI 11 for Huawei, MIUI 12 for Xiaomi and so on.

Android 11 Beta Eligible Devices List

Model Status
Google Pixel 2 & Newer Android 11 Beta 3 Released
OnePlus 8 Android 11 Beta 2 Released
OnePlus 8 Pro Android 11 Beta 2 Released
iQOO 3 4G Android 11 Beta 1 Released
iQOO 3 5G Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Oppo Find X2 Android 11 Beta 1 DP ROM Released
Oppo Find X2 Pro Android 11 Beta 1 DP ROM Released
POCO F2 Pro Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Xiaomi Mi 10 Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Realme X50 Pro Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Realme X50 Pro Player Edition Android 11 Beta 1 Released
Sharp Aquos Zero 2 Android 11 Beta DP ROM Released
Vivo NEX 3S Android 11 Beta 1 Released

Android 11 FAQs

What Phones Will Get Android 11?

All the latest devices from most Android OEMs are likely to get the Android 11 update. You can check the above list to see whether your smartphone is eligible for Android 11.

How Do I Get Android 11?

As of now, Android 11 Public beta is out and you can enroll for the same from your smartphone manufacturer’s website. The official release will be announced soon.

When Is Android 11 Coming Out?

The official rollout of Android 11 for the public will begin from September.

What Will Android 11 Be Called?

From Android 10, Google decided to name with the version number itself. So, there will not be any dessert names for future versions, neither does the Android 11. So, Android 11 will be called Android 11 itself.


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