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6 Android Apps to Learn World Map

I remember back in my school days, we were supposed to learn the names of countries and their capitals. It was a matter of great pride if you knew the locations of the popular cities and countries on the map. We had to rely on a paper map and a small plastic globe for this. Things have changed drastically now and kids are looking at mobile apps with interactive world maps to study important territories and locations. Most schools allow iPads in the classrooms.

With this thought in mind, let us take a look at some of the best Android apps to learn world map, making the learning process less dull and more fun.

1. World Map Atlas

This is a cool little app that I wish I had back in my school days. Unfortunately, there were no smartphones in those days. Maybe that was not so bad either but that is a debate for another day. World Map Atlas comes with a list of countries, rivers, peaks, and wonders.

android world map atlas

Within each category, you will find a long list with specific details. Tap on Argentina to learn about its GDP, spoken languages, area, population, and more. The same goes for other tabs. The Wonders tab contains a list of historical sites with location pinned on the map and a link to its Wikipedia page. Adding the Wikipedia link was a good move as it contains a lot of info.

There is a lot of info here even for adults, especially if you are the traveling type. A pretty solid app with good info packed in a small nifty app. It is free to download and use but comes with ads. No in-app purchases.

Download World Map Atlas for Android

2. World Map Quiz

While learning about the countries that exist in the world is one thing, remembering everything that you have read is another. You have read everything at least a dozen times but how do you know how much data have you retained in your memory? Most of us tend to forget things or mix them up.

android world map quiz game

This is where World Map Quiz comes into the picture. It is a quiz game designed to test your knowledge. When you launch the app for the first time, it will ask you to either begin the Game or View the World. Under the second option, you will see an interactive map which you can explore. Click anywhere to know more about a particular place.

World Map Quiz game will test you for names, flags, capital, and cities in the world. You can choose any category to begin the taking the test. The game is fun and loads quickly. The app is free to use but comes with ads and in-app purchases.

Download World Map Quiz for Android

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3. World Geography Quiz Game

This is another quiz game for those who are looking for Android apps to learn world map. This one offers even more information like currency, religion, emblem, area, highest and lowest geographical points, median age, fertility, and so on.

android world geography quiz game

Yeah, that’s a lot of data and you won’t find these many things in your school textbook. At least, I didn’t. You can not only learn about all the countries but can also test your knowledge by taking the in-built quiz. There is also an encyclopedia and achievements section.

Download World Geography Quiz Game for Android

4. Capitals of All Countries in the World

If you are looking for a more refined look and an app that focuses on just the capitals of the world, this is the app for you. There are three levels to choose from. In level 1, you will learn about the capitals of some of the most popular countries in the world. Think US, India, Canada here.

android capitals of all countries in the world

In level 2, you will learn about exotic and popular travel destinations and their respective capitals. In level 3, you will learn about territories and constituent countries of the world. Then comes the quizzes which are divided into different categories like time-based, multiple choice, and progressive.

The app is completely free to download and use and comes with banner ads. No in-app purchases.

Download Capitals of All Countries in the World for Android

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5. Google Earth

You didn’t saw this coming, did you? Google Earth is one amazing app that you can use to explore the entire world from the palm of your hand. Just enter a name or a destination, and the app will zoom into that location.

You can explore the city, objects, and monuments in 3D from different angles. This will offer an amazing experience and a unique way to explore and learn about the world in which we live. Creative apps like these also help in retaining more of what we have read.

android google earth street view

I would also suggest you download Street View, a companion app from Google that will further enrich your world map experience. A 360-degree view will offer a new unique perspective and help you remember better.

Their new offering, Voyager, offers guided tours around the world which is a treasure trove of information. Both the apps are free to use and come with no ads.

Download Google Earth for Android

6. 50 States

Do you live in the US or are planning to learn more about the American dream? 50 States is an app focused on the geography of the United States of America. An interactive map of the US with all the states marked and color-coded.

android 50 states UI

Choose any state to know more about it like state animal and bird, capital, population, and more. This will give you a bird’s eye view of all the states of the US. A more specific approach rather than going for the entire world.

They also have customized videos right within the app that you can play to learn in a new and different way than rest of the apps discussed above.

Download 50 States for Android

Android Apps to Learn World Map

Apps and smartphones have changed the way we work, interact, and learn nowadays. While studying can be boring and monotonous, we can make the process more fun and creative by using these apps.

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