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Apple MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Book

Apple and Microsoft are introduced new devices in consecutive days of October 2016 in the category of Laptops. Apple introduced new Macbook Pro with Touch bar where as Microsoft introduced new Surface Book with Surface dial and Surface pen to increase the productivity of the customers. It will be interesting to see what is in Apple MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Book as a side by side comparison.

Touch bar and Surface dial are new concepts for input to the laptop. Touch bar resides into the Macbook Pro Keyboard in Place of Function keys where as the Surface Dial is a separate device that can be used to control the display in a different manner.

Although both devices are the improved versions from their predecessors, it will be good to have a quick comparison what Apple and Microsoft are offering with the new devices. Here we can see a quick comparison of specifications that might be helpful about the hardware features of both devices.

Apple MacBook Pro Vs Microsoft Surface Book

[table width=”100%” colwidth=”30%|35%|35%” colalign=”left|left|left”]

|MacBook Pro|Surface Book

Display resolution|2560×1600 (227ppi)|3000×2000 (267ppi)

Display Type|Retina|PixelSense Touch

Screen size|13″ & 15″|13.5″

Processor|Core i5 – Core i7|Core i5 – Core i7

Graphics|AMD Radeon Pro/Intel HD|NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU



Battery|10 hrs movie|16hrs video

Camera|720p Face time|5MP front, 8MP rear

Finger Print|Touch ID sign in|Hello sign in

IO ports |Thunderbolt x 2-4 ports, head phone|USB 3.0 x 2, SD card reader, Surface connect, headset, Mini display port, Hall effect

Voice Assistant|Siri|Cortana

Speaker|Stereo|Stereo with Dolby Audio Premium

Pen Support|No|Yes, Surface Pen

Sensors|Light, Force Touch track pad|Light, Accelero,Gyro,Magneto, Hall effect

Other features|Touch bar & touch ID|TPM Chip, Surface Dial


Dimensions|304.1mmx212.4mmx14.9mm-349.3mmx240.7mmx15.5mm|312.3mm x 232.1mm x 13.0 – 22.8mm

Prize|$1499 without Touch bar, $1799,$2399|$1499-$3299

Shop|MacBook Pro|Surface Book


Both the devices are good in specifications and almost similar in most of the specifications. MacBook Pro runs with the updated MacOS Sierra and Surface book runs on latest Windows 10 OS.

The combination of the best hardware and software gives the breathtaking performance in these devices and the build quality of these devices are already proven and known to all.

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Apple Macbook Vs Microsoft Surface Pro

There are downgraded versions of these devices named as Surface Pro and MacBook from Microsoft and Apple respectively for those wants to experience the features and quality with marginally less cost.

It will be also worthwhile to have a quick look of comparison among these devices in the same pattern we followed above. Here we will see a quick comparison of the technical specifications of MacBook and Surface Pro 4.

[table width=”100%” colwidth=”30%|35%|35%” colalign=”left|left|left”]

|MacBook| Surface Pro 4

Display resolution|2304×1440 (226ppi)|2736X1824 (267ppi)

Display Type|Retina|PixelSense Touch

Screen size|12″|12.3″

Processor|Core m3-Core m5|Core m3 – Core i7

Graphics|Intel® HD graphics|Intel® HD graphics



Battery|11hrs video|9hrs video

Camera|480p FaceTime|5MP front, 8MP rear

Finger Print|NA|hello face sign

IO ports|Thunderbolt port|USB3, Micro SD card reader, Surface connect, headset, Mini display port,Cover port

Voice Assistant|Siri|Cortana

Speaker|Stereo|Stereo with Dolby Audio Premium

Pen Support|No|Yes

Sensors|Force Touch track pad|Light, Accelero, Gyro, Magneto

Other features|-|TPM Chip, Surface dial


Dimensions|280.5mmx196.5mmx13.1mm|292.10mm x 201.42mm x 8.45mm

Prize|$1299-$1599 |$899-$2699


All the above devices are the flagship devices in their category and the people loves to own them.

The processing powers are getting increased and the size being reduced year by year making them most attractive and effortless to use compared to the older generation. New supporting are devices are also introduced to make the usage of these devices better and better.

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