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15 Best Apps That Can Keep You Busy In 2020

Many people are staying at home and trying to kill time. But, there are millions of apps there on the App Store and Google Play Store, that you might get confused about which to choose. We have formulated a list of top apps to keep busy, which will help you fight the anxiety of being in a lockdown situation.

These apps are meant to entertain you, learn new things, meditate and pay attention to your fitness while all the gyms are shut, so go through this list and do use them for sure.



If you are looking for the best entertainment app, Netflix is by far the most popular video streaming app with tonnes of original and must-watch content. Netflix has 1,000 titles on-board that you can watch and yes, it doesn’t buffer and lets you watch your favorite TV show or movies available on Netflix in offline mode also once you downloaded it.

I bet you would indulge in TV series like “Sherlock”, “Big Bang Theory”, “Lost in Space”, “Narcos” or go sci-fi with “Westworld” and others. There are plenty of other titles like “13 Reasons Why” as well as classics like “Friends” and many more. Netflix is multi-platform so you can run across your Android, iOS smartphones and tablets or stream it on smart TVs and more right from the app/website itself.

Download: iOS | Android


SpotifyIf you don’t want to watch a video and rather get your taste buds tingling with music, Spotify is the place. The app lets you stream songs from yesteryears to now via its vast catalog spreading across millions of songs and playlists that you can enjoy on the go.

You can pair it with your Bluetooth headphones or speakers and rock the quarantine with ease. Even if you continue playing songs on a loop, I guess you will have enough for months if not days. The app is available across all operating systems and works on all types of 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-FI networks seamlessly.

Download: iOS | Android


YouTubeNo doubt YouTube is listed here and it doesn’t need an introduction. It is a massive video streaming app that has movies, music videos, audio, funny videos, news, artistic videos, sports, religious content, and more on a click.

Search for a keyword and you’ll get thousands of videos on it and I guess this is a stress buster since you can consume whatever content you want without any paywall that comes in-between in any app. You can watch the videos online or download it for later consumption and that’s just a few features that it has on-board.

Download: iOS | Android


UdemyAs you are at home and have nowhere to go, Udemy can be a great companion. As said, you should learn and read more often and Udemy takes care of the first half of the saying. The website offers a huge catalog of eLearning content right from business management to health & fitness, from digital marketing to economics and more.

All the courses available on the web are currently available at a massive discount or you can simply wait for a day to get an even better pricing thanks to its massive discount schemes. Once subscribed to any course, you can learn and progress in your professional life attaining credibility unparalleled to anyone who might waste his/her time playing games and not using the time for anything fruitful.

Download: iOS | Android


SkillshareSkillShare is a high-octane eLearning app/website that offers users the ability to get their hands on various courses, tools, and more in a jiffy. You can search between categories of course such as writing, business, design, lifestyle, animation, or search for any keywords if you want.

The SkillShare Basic has more than 2,100 free classes and no doubt it is considered as the Netflix for online courses. You can extend the number of classes to 22K with its premium membership which is pretty cheap at least for the trial period that could last for two months or so.

Download: iOS | Android


DuolingoDuolingo is a powerful app if you want to learn a new language. It could be English or Spanish or Indonesian or more than 27 languages that it offers on-board. You can practically learn a new language including greetings, things you can say while shopping, traveling, in school or with people in your neighborhood, etc.

The app is free to use and does actually aid in learning a totally new language from scratch. If your grasping power is good, I guess it would take a few weeks to understand and speak any language at an intermediate level or so depending upon the difficulty level of the chosen foreign language.

Download: iOS | Android

Daily Yoga

Daily YogaYou can’t just forget your personal health and wellbeing. Daily Yoga is a powerful yoga app that helps you learn different yogas from basic to advance in a natural flow. With more than 100.9K rating average at 4.7 stars, you can be assured that the app does provide an instrument to perform yoga under virtual guidance.

There’s a 2-week program that you can learn under basics and move forward during the lockdown to keep your body and mind composed and soulful. Doing yoga does help flexibility and enhances strength and in fact, yoga is one of the most sought after meditation techniques that even high-profile personalities obey in their daily lives.

Download: iOS | Android


FitMindMeditation can help fight quite a lot of negativity and health issues such as ADHD. FitMind is a perfect companion if you are looking for a meditation guide on the web. It offers an extensive 30-days meditation guide where you will learn various methods of meditation under guidance. The app throws daily challenges to keep you on the edge strengthening your mental fitness as you go.

FitMind has elaborate progress charts and trackers that enable users to know where they stand and what else they could do to prosper in the mental health and improve their lifestyle in the long run. The app is although available for iOS devices only so it’s the only catch.

Download: iOS

Pocket Yoga

Pocket YogaIf you are a beginner, try Pocket Yoga. The app has more than 200 yoga postures that you can pick up and use the guidance available in-app to get to the perfect posture. Yes, you will certainly struggle to align your body for a few days but it takes some time for your body to adapt but once you get to it, the instructions and tips will help you prosper in yoga by practicing every day.

Download: iOS | Android

Asana Rebel

Asana RebelAnother app that you can try to get a perfect mental and physical health is Asana Rebel, the app already has more than 19K ratings on Google Play Store and more than 30K ratings on App Store. The app offers a lot of stuff such as strength training, more than 100+ workouts, etc. The content is updated frequently and you can filter the techniques, exercises with respect to intensity, duration, fitness goals, and other factors. It is perhaps an all-arounder app if you are looking forward to it.

The app will save you the hassle of walking out to find a gym since you can practice it at home as well. It also has plenty of methods that are unique and have proven their caliber.

Download: iOS | Android

Google Fit

Google Fit AppIf you believe in pure numbers, Google Fit can help. It doesn’t track a lot but it does track calories burnt, steps, and kilometers you have walked or sprinted. The app does provide an easy to use interface that will help track your activities such as walking, jogging, running, and others and I found it to be a great companion to keep you motivated to walk/run more.

Yes, it even counts how many steps you have run at home so you don’t have to go outside. The app seamlessly integrates with a number of fitness apps and smartwatches if you want.

Download: iOS | Android

Home Workout

Home WorkoutNot everyone has all the gym equipment and machinery at home. If you are one of them and want to pay attention to your fitness while at home, the Home Workout is the one app you must try. The app lets you build muscles by working out a few minutes a day. The app lets you see exercises meant to target a particular set of muscles categories under Chest, Abs, etc. You can get your hands on warm-up exercises, get a detailed video of exercises, guide on weight loss by a personal trainer, and more on the go.

Download: iOS | Android


Vector for iPhoneIf playing RPG and battle royale games isn’t your cup of tea, try the arcade game Vector. You are basically someone who needs to do parkour and escape by jumping, rappelling, climbing rooftops, and ledges to make your way through the levels. The game is never-ending so you can practically play for hours if you succeed to do it. The graphics are subtle and soothing so you won’t find it corny like other games so why not mark the high-score in this game.

Download: iOS | Android

Subway Surfers

Subway SurfersI know that subway surfers game is of yesteryears but it certainly ignited interest even today. Since it is endless, you can play it for as long as you want, grab the keys to use when you get caught, jump through the tracks collecting coins on the way, and more. It resembles many other games like Temple Run and others. Do not fail to try it.

Download: iOS | Android

Lara Croft: Relic Run

Lara Croft Relic RunAgain a game that has been around for years and yet, still is worth playing. You are playing the character of Lara Croft who is on a quest to find the truth behind mysteries around the globe. You have to run, drive, swan dive, swing, and more to get through various terrains including desert, mountains, jungle with each more daunting than others.

Download: iOS | Android

There’s the list of Top apps you must play to kill time guys. I hope these apps make good use of the lockdown or even killing the time when you are bored sometime in the future.

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