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How to Stop WhatsApp Saving Photos on Android Gallery?

WhatsApp was cluttering the Android Gallery with the media files from the WhatsApp app. When you open Gallary on Android, you can see both the photo and video files that you received on WhatsApp group or individual messages. We have already discussed few workarounds to hide the WhatsApp photos and video files from Android Phone Gallery. However, WhatsApp introduced the option to Automatically Hide WhatsApp media files on Android Gallery on latest beta version 2.18.199.

Let us see how to hide the WhatsApp photos and Videos from Android Gallery. At this point, there is no universal setting for All Chats and Groups to hide media files. You have to select each group or chat to set this option to hide media from Android Phone’s Gallery.

Editor’s Note: If you want to watch a media file such as photo or video, you have to allow WhatsApp to download the media to your mobile phone. These solutions are to hide the WhatsApp media files from the gallery, not to stop them downloading. 

Whether you have a Samsung phone or any other Android OS phone, the workaround is the same. To go ahead, first, open WhatsApp on Android and open any group chat or personal chat where you want to hide the media files. Now tap on the three-dot menu on right top corner of the WhatsApp chat window and select View Contact.

Now you will get the options for that particular group or person chat, scroll down and tap on Media Visibility. This will open a pop-up window with a question, “Do you want to show newly downloaded media from this chat in your phone’s gallery?”. 

By default, the option will be Yes and the media files will be downloaded automatically to Android Gallary. Now tap on No and the media file will hide from Android Gallary.

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This setting is applicable only for a particular group or a person in the WhatsApp. So far, you have to visit each group to change the settings to hide media files on Android. If you are running an old version of WhatsApp, or you want to get a universal solution to hide WhatsApp images from Android Gallary, you have to go with NoMedia or dedicated App that we mentioned before.

This Solution is applicable for Android platform phones such as Samsung, LG, Pixel or any other phones. If you want to stop WhatsApp saving photos on Samsung, you can follow the same instructions above. There is no universal setting to hide all WhatsApp media files from the Gallery yet. We hope that solution will roll out in the future releases.

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