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10 Best Bike Speedometer Apps for iPhone and Android

Are you planning to buy a speedometer for your bike to get the accurate speed and traveled distance? You can get a bike speedometer right on your phone with the right app to use. There are tons of GPS speedometer apps available out there for Android and iPhone users.

Here are the best bike speedometer apps that you can get for your Android or iPhone to measure your cycling speed.

DigiHUB Speedometer

DigiHUB Speedometer

DigiHub Speedometer is certainly the most famous bike speedometer app. A floating window on the home screen gives you the speed at any given point in time. Open the app and you’ll get a detailed analysis. It includes current speed, average and maximum speed, compass, current time, and so on.

It doubles as a bike odometer app as well. With the bike GPS speedometer app, you can track trips, distance covered, and other parameters under statistics. It’s tMode tracks speed only. Choose between various speed units depending on where you live. The app has background mode so you can multitask if needed. The bike mileage app tracks everything you need to show on the screen.

Most of its features are universal for bikes, cars, motorcycles while some are inclined towards cars. The Pro version adds the extra sauce you would need to spice things up with the app.


  • Ad-free app
  • Works offline
  • Built-in compass and odometer
  • Speed Warning system


  • May damage your screen due to static image
  • Consumes a lot of battery juice
  • Not as powerful as its competitors

Key Features: HUD & Window Mode | Works in background mode too | Lock screen rotation | Trip tracker | Detailed monitoring & insights

Download: Android (Free, Premium)

Ulysse Speedometer

Ulysse SpeedometerUlysse Speedometer is an ultimate bike odometer app and bike mileage app. You can use the app to measure speed for both cars and bikes. Strap it with a phone holder on the handlebar and let the app do its job. The app gives you speed, direction, distance, time, and other vital stats.

You can record your everyday journey and compile it for later use. The app has a compass for direction and an altimeter for gauging altitude. Ulysse Speedometer Speed Edge mode alerts you when you exceed a certain speed. It’s racing meter records acceleration.

The app also shows the battery and the temperature (of the phone) so that you can protect your phone against overuse damages. The premium subscription unlocks a plethora of features including an ad-free experience.


  • Works for car and bike
  • Integrates with a tonne of applications
  • Trip computer
  • Export data


  • Not 100% reliable
  • Confusing layout
  • Power-consuming

Key Features: Speed Alarm system | Customizable UI colors | HUD mode | Records speed, distance, altitude & stores data | GPS Compass | Music Controller

Download: Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Bike Computer – GPS Cycling Tracker

Bike Computer - GPS Cycling TrackerThe Bike Computer – GPS Cycling Tracker tracks your speed and other statistics on the go. It measures your speed and displays it on a large screen. The speedometer app for bikes tracks speed, distance, average, and calories burned with it.

The app records your entire ride although, sometimes it may lose communication and may show a bit different results. GPS Cycling Tracker and bike odometer app tracks your path on a map that you can access all while riding and without moving out of the app. Track all your previous rides with GPS Cycling Tracker and view their statistics anytime you wish.

You can even export your ride stats in GPX format to get the better of the data stored. It has a configurable display as you select the values it will display. A dark theme ensures convenience at night while saving on that crucial juice on your battery.

The bike GPS speedometer app has an auto-pause feature that prevents it from showing incorrect results when you stop or halt or take a break. It is also great for other activities such as running, hiking, or any other outdoor activities.


  • Export GPX file
  • Results of various statistics on-board
  • Calorie counter


  • May stop recording ride sometimes
  • Doesn’t works in the background

Key Features: Graphic speedometer | Tracks your route | Dark Theme | Altitude tracker

Download: Android (Free)

GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Mileage Tracker)

GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Mileage Tracker)If you are looking for the best bike speedometer app, check out GPS Speedometer and Odometer (Mileage Tracker). It works on bikes, cars, or any vehicle of your choice. The app takes mere 20 seconds to connect to GPS and once it does, you get the stats ready on the screen.

Check out your current speed, distance, average speed, tripe time, and other statistics on a digital speedometer. It doubles as a bike odometer app as well. GPS Speedometer and Odometer work offline too although their accuracy might be less. On the contrary, the bike mileage app has an accuracy of 98% when connected to the internet.

The interface is simple, easy to use, and lets users know if flaunting above the specified limit with siren, red light, and vibration. The app works in the background as well which is something you aren’t likely to find in most apps.


  • Shows real-time speed, pace & other statistics
  • Multiple themes available
  • Easy to use


  • Intrusive ads
  • Stats might be slightly off at times

Key Features: Works Offline | Consumes less battery | Share location with others | Built-in compass | Maximum speed siren | Stats on a click

Download: Android | iOS (Free, Premium)

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SpeedViewSpeedView is one of the best bike speedometer app, try SpeedView. It is a typical HUD GPS-based app that tracks your current speed, direction & more. It shows you your speed at any point in time in a decent-looking digital-analog meter.

The speedometer app tracks things like total distance, average speed, maximum speed as well. It alerts you when the speed goes above the specified limit so that you can slow down. In retrospect, it saves you from being tickets as well. It is great for any sort of riding be it biking or car driving or even hiking & running.

A speed graph shows you the speed covering the last few minutes. You can change the display units either to nautical miles, kilometers, or even miles. You can avail of the free version with ads and limited features or you can subscribe. Get all the data via GPX that you can export for any purpose right away.


  • Works in the background
  • Speed graph
  • GFX track export
  • Speed warning



  • Lots of ads
  • Requires a lot of permissions
  • Advanced features are paywalled

Key Features: HUD Mode | Highly accurate | Tracks speed, direction, distance & stats | Linear compass | Supports multiple unit systems

Download: SpeedView (Free, Premium)

Speedometer 55 GPS Speed & HUD

Speedometer 55If you are looking for the best speedometer app for your iPhone, Speedometer 55 is one of the best. The app lets you configure speed limits in just a single tap. It shows the speed in red once you are near or through the permissible limit. Once you pass it, the app goes into alarm mode alerting users of exceeding speed.

You can send the location via text or email to friends, car assistance services, and so on. Use its tracking feature that tails your ride altogether. The app has an altimeter that gives you insights on the altitude you are riding at which is again better for handling.

The app records all the riding information including distance traveled, average & maximum speed for later scrutiny. The app includes but is not limited to background mode, waypoints, Siri shortcuts, customizations, and so on.


  • Easy to use
  • Ad-free
  • GPS Black Box
  • Multiple speed limits and units



  • Laggy sometimes
  • Advanced features require a subscription
  • Might show unreliable data at high speeds

Key Features: Records GPS location | HUD mode | Shows speed, distance, limit, trip, & altitude | Saves logs | Built-in iPod Player

Download: iOS (Free)

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Speed Tracker

Speed TrackerSpeed Tracker is an iPhone bike speedometer app that doubles as a bike odometer app. The app lets you know the current speed in real-time. It’s Trip Computer tracks all other parameters including distance covered, average and maximum speed, and so on.

The landscape mode lets you mount the device horizontally or you can use it in a portrait mode as well. Speed Tracker offers great precision in calculating stats be it for a bike, car, train, bicycle, or boat.

A scalable speedometer dial allows you to adjust its size when needed. Set up maximum speed and the app will alert you once you are near and through the set limit. An automatic stop detection stops the app from counting time or other vitals when you are idle.

The app has literally tens of features to name. A Trip Log feature saves the records of all your trips that you can expect in CSV, GPX, or KML format. Though it has some incompetencies, Speed Tracker offers a lot in return. It also includes a built-map to track your location, direction in various map views.


  • View Trip Logs
  • Export data in KML, CSV, & GPX formats
  • Automatic Stop Detection


  • Pay for advanced features
  • Trip logs have a retro UI

Key Features: Built-in map with multiple views | HUD mode | Detailed monitoring | Scalable Speedometer Dial | Trip Computer

Download: Android | iOS (Free, Premium)

Cyclemeter GPS Cycling

CyclemeterCyclemeter is not an ordinary bike speedometer app or bike mileage app. It is a fitness app or you can call it a powerful bike computer with advanced features that you can use. It works for tonnes of sports be it hiking, cycling, running, kayaking, and more.

Unlike most of the fitness tracker apps, Cyclemeter shows you the real-time speed and distance covered. The app lets you record your activity, view data in real-time, and analyze it post-workout.

All the details related to speed, cadence, heart rate, bike power, and others are easily available at your disposal. Want to analyze it or get it analyzed? Simply export the workout sessions in multiple available formats and you are got to go. It also collects biometric data, heart rate so that you can manage it well.


  • Shows real-time sped, distance, calories, and ride time
  • Dark Mode
  • Live tracking


  • Advanced features are paywalled
  • No personal information recorder

Key Features: Detailed tracking | Private & Secure | Rich set of features | Tracks multiple sports | Excellent graphical outputs

Download: Android | iOS (Free, In-App Purchases)

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Speedometer Speed Box App

Speedometer Speed Box AppA bike odometer app and a speedometer app, Speedometer Speed Box App is easy to use. You can track your directions with a built-in compass on it. It lets you check out your speed in knots, kph, and mph or as you set it up.

Speedometer Speed Box app is a digital speedometer with 3 beautiful designs available at your disposal. You can mount the app in both portrait and landscape mode without any hassle.

The app has a speed warning system that alerts you when you exceed the speed limit or so. The free version is basic while extending it further requires signing up for the pro version. You can track your top speed, maximum speed, average speed, and altitude as well.

The app doubles as a bike odometer app too that resets at the end of the day. View your location and direction on its map view with the digital (but looks like analog) speedometer on the side. Check out the speed graph, altitude graph, HUD mode, lock orientation, and more using its easy to use interface.


  • Track speed, altitude, & compass
  • Portrait and Landscape mode
  • Set a maximum speed for alarms to go off


  • Drains battery
  • Overall basic functionalities

Key Features: Three speedometers designs | Easy to use | Mapview | Speed & altitude graph | Built-in Compass | HUD Mode

Download: iOS (Free, Premium)

SpeedGlow Speedometer

SpeedGlow SpeedometerWhat should a good bike speedometer app do? Show the real-time speed and that’s all. If you are looking for something basic yet powerful, check out SpeedGlow Speedometer. It is an easy-to-use app with an elegant display with a clean interface on-board.

The SpeedGlow speedometer app detects your speed with GPS support. The app also warns you about the speed limit is exceeded or if you are near passing it. Unlike other apps, SpeedGlow Speedometer has gesture controls. You can switch to HUD mode with two fingers, change LCD colors, pinch in for more details, and so on.

You can customize The app further by choosing the different time and speed units. The best thing about this app is that it doesn’t require any internet connection. You can use it in landscape or portrait mode or levy rotation lock among other functionalities.


  • Gesture controls
  • Top-notch customizations
  • Works in both portrait and landscape mode


  • There’s no free version available
  • Fairly basic app

Key Features: Accurate | GPS Support | 6 colors to display | Speed Limit Alarm | Clean Interface

Download: iOS ($1.99)

There you have it. These are the best bike speedometer apps that you can try. No matter if it’s for biking or cycling or car driving, these apps are pretty handy. Most of them are free to use with many features on-board while some require subscriptions.

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