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Cannot Open Zip Files on Android? Use These Apps to Unzip Files on Android

Archived files are among the most common file types that we come across in our day-to-day usage. They mainly have zip, RAR, 7z, and tar extension type. The main motive of creating an archive file is to store huge files in a single file that takes lesser space. Extracting such archive files will not be easy on Android phones without the help of apps.

With that said, let’s check out the best Android apps to unzip files. Additionally, they will also help in creating zip files.

Best Android Apps to Unzip Files

Here is a complete list of the best Android apps to unzip files. They will not only help in extracting zip files but also create new ones. Let’s check them out.



ZArchiver is the most popular Android app to unzip files. It is a completely free-to-use tool, and it has been with Android for a long time. It has a very user-friendly interface that offers easy controls and has the option of extracting different archive file types. ZArchiver also features options like encryption, password protection, and split archives.

As mentioned, ZArchiver is a completely free-to-use tool, i.e. no in-app purchase, no premium plan. It features tools to compress your files so that you can easily send them via different social media platforms. Furthermore, you can also sync the application with any of the cloud services that you are using to keep extorted files.


  • Easily compress and decompress archive files
  • Different levels to compress files
  • Works even in rooted device


  • Can’t remove ads

Key Features: Decompress password-protected archives | Partial archive extraction | Open an archive file directly from the mail 

Download: ZArchiver (Free)

WinZip – Zip UnZip Tool


WinZip is specially designed for smartphones, and it allows you to zip files, regardless of their format. Using this application, you can quickly extract zip files and later install them on the device. You can even sync the application with Google Drive or any other cloud service that you are using to backup your data. Furthermore, WinZip allows you to zip any file format and keep it on your cloud storage and later share it with your friends. While zipping a file, you can choose between two options – zip and zipx. Zipx is only recommended when you are zipping a large file. 

WinZip has the option of encrypting files with a password so that it remains safe from any unauthorized access. And when it comes to images, you can easily preview zip images, and later unzip them if you like. However, on the negative side, you will have to watch lots of ads while using this application. And the worst part is, you can’t even block them. 


  • Connect directly to cloud accounts
  • Protect files with powerful 128- or 256-bit AES encryption
  • View images in a Zip file


  • Tons of ads
  • No option to search files

Key Features: Unzip major compressed file types | Zip and share photo images | Unzip files to cloud accounts

Download: WinZip (Freemium)

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If you have been using a Windows PC for a long time, then you must have heard of an application named WinRar. RAR is developed by the same company, and it is an Android version of WinRar. RARLAB’s RAR is an all-in-one Android tool that is free, simple, and quick to use. It is an archiver, backup tool, extractor, and can even act as a file manager. The best part about this application is that it supports all the commonly used zip packs. It also has a dedicated tool to repair damaged RAR and zip files. 

RAR also comes with the feature of data encryption to keep the data safe. Needless to say, you can not only extract files but can also create your own zip docs. Furthermore, you can compress your data so that you can easily send it through mail or social media platforms.


  • Decompress major file formats
  • Protect zip files with password
  • Availability of dark theme


  • Free version available for a limited time period

Key Features: Utilize multiple CPU cores to compress data | Repair damaged ZIP and RAR files | Usual and recovery volumes

Download: RAR (Freemium)

7Zipper 2.0

7Zipper 2.0

7Zipper 2.0 is an all-in-one unzip app for Android. The best part about this platform is that you can easily sync your data with Google Drive or any other cloud service. You can use the cloud platform to store all the extracted files. And further, you can directly share the files from the cloud platform itself. Regardless of type, 7Zipper 2.0 can zip and unzip any archive files. It also has the feature of previewing the zip file without even decompressing it. To be more precise, you can look inside a zip file that contains lots of data. And later, extract only those that you need.

7Zipper 2.0 has the option of scheduling unzip process. It means a zip file will automatically get unzipped at the scheduled time. The application is also totally secure when it comes to protecting your data. What’s more, you can add passwords to zip files and encrypt your data to protect it from unauthorized access. 7Zipper 2.0 is a completely free-to-use application and doesn’t irritate you by showing tons of ads.


  • 256-Bit key AES encryption
  • Extract  CAB, ARJ, and DEB files
  • Unpack major file formats


  • Takes time to compress the file

Key Features: Self-extracting capabilities | Free to download and use | Easy to use

Download: 7Zipper 2.0 (Free)

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B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver

B1 Archiver is one of the best Android apps to unzip files. The application allows you to open, and create zip, and rar docs. It is supported with more than 35 different file formats. Therefore, it’s almost impossible that you won’t be able to extract or create zip files via this B1 Archiver. It has the option of customizing zip files and embedding passwords. Furthermore, you can choose which part to extract from a pack that contains lots of zipped data.

B1 Archiver has the preview option to look inside a zip file without unzipping it. You can use this platform to compress large files and make them compatible for sharing on messenger switch size limit. B1 Archiver can also work in the background. To be specific, if you are extracting a large file, you can do other works on your phone while the application will continue the extraction process in the background.


  • Supports 35+ file formats
  • Protect files with passwords
  • Run in background


  • Lots of ads
  • Doesn’t work in Android 11

Key Features: Extract multi-part RAR and B1 files | No ads in pro version | View archive files without extraction

Download: B1 Archiver (Freemium)

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip

As the name suggests, it’s very easy and straightforward to extract files via Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip. Its features are almost similar to all its sister apps mentioned in this post. On its home page, you will see all the zip packs available on your device. Its file compressor features allow you to compress huge files and send them via email. Furthermore, it is compatible with all the zip packs. Thus, you don’t need to worry about the incompatibility of any particular file format.

Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip has the option of extracting password-protected files. And you can even apply a password to your zip file using this platform. The best part about this application is that its extracting speed is a bit faster than the other names mentioned in the post. It also supports the background running feature. It means the application will continue to do the extraction process even when you are busy doing some other work on your phone. However, you will have to watch one at every time before using the application. But you can get rid of it by purchasing its paid version.


  • Supports a wide variety of file extensions
  • Clean and easy to use interface


  • Often crash while extracting

Key Features: Quick extraction |  Multi-part compression and AES encryption | Protect archives files by password 

Download: Easy Unrar (Free)

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Zipify is the next unzip app for Android. It is a full-fledged file compression and extractor tool for Android. You can use this platform to compress and decompress any rar and zip files. The platform is compatible with all the file formats. Thus, you won’t face any difficulty in terms of incompatibility.

Like other names, Zipify also has the option of previewing files before compressing or decompressing them. In short, it is a lightweight and free-to-use tool that can easily extract archive files within seconds. Furthermore, it has a dedicated scanner that searches for compressed files in your device’s memory.


  • Multiple Languages support
  • Supports multiple Files compression
  • Dedicated sections for compressed & Extracted files


  • Face difficulty in recognizing external storage
  • Lots of ads

Key Features: zip, gzip, tar.gz support | Files and Document Manager | Easily View and manage rar and unrar files

Download: Zipify (Freemium)

MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver

MiXplorer Silver is a file manager rather than a dedicated file extractor. But technically we all know, a file manager has the best features to unarchive files. So, if you are looking for a solution just to extract zip and rar files, then MiXplorer Silver will be the best option for you. But this isn’t the only reason, this application has been made to the list. MiXplorer Silver can pack and unpack 12 different file types that include 7z, zip, gzip, Lizard, and many more.

MiXplorer Silver is also an ideal file manager. The only downside about this application is its pricing ($4.49). However, if you are regularly working with our archive files, then you won’t find a better option to zip and unzip files.


  • Advanced search options
  • Modify zip files
  • Root access for advanced features


  • Comparatively expensive
  • No free or trial version

Key Features: Media Player and VLC codecs add-on | RAW and TIFF extractor | Supports 12+ file formats

Download: MiXplorer Silver (Free)

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ALZip – File Manager & Unzip & Archive


ALZip is an excellent option to unzip files on Android. It is also File Manager that comes with file compress and extracts feature. It can easily pack files into zip, rar, egg, and many more formats. Further, the decompressing process is also very simple and straightforward. It has a convenient interface and shows all the files that can be extracted from the device.

ALZip has the option of previewing files without even extracting them. However, it doesn’t support the background running feature. Thus, the extraction process will automatically stop once you have minimized the app.


  • Zip & Unzip files quickly
  • Act as File Manager too
  • View archive images


  • No background running feature
  • Slow extraction process

Key Features: Compress into major file formats | Convenient and user-friendly interface | Preview before extracting

Download: ALZip (Free)

Unzip Tool – Zip File Extractor for Android

Unzip Tool

To conclude our list, we have Unzip Tool. This application is specially designed for unzipping archive files. You can also use this tool to zip music and video files. To be more precise, you can use this tool to compress files in order to share them via social media or email.

Unlike other names, Unzip Tool doesn’t have a fancy interface. It has a very user-friendly and simple UI. Furthermore, you can even use this application as a file manager to manage files stored on your device.


  • Compress files easily
  • Extract zip file, and rar file
  • Free RAR file viewer


  • Can’t block ads
  • Supports very few file formats

Key Features: Straight forward interface | Zip music and video files | Make social media shareable files

Download: Unzip Tool (Free)

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Now, you would be knowing which application is best for you for extracting and creating archive files. Moreover, if you are aware of any other useful unzip app for Android, let us know through comments.

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