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8 Benefits of GPS Tablets Over Dedicated GPS Devices

Smart Phones and Tablets are killing the GPS market for the last decade. GPS Manufactures are trying to add more features and inbuilt sensors with GPS device to make it smarter. Definitely, there are a bunch of benefits of GPS tablets over dedicated GPS devices. These benefits and features are pushing back GPS Devices behind GPS Tablets and Smart Phones

Of course, there are Pros and Cons on both devices, but as we know Smart Phones and GPS Tablets are smarter than dedicated GPS devices. While you use a Smart Phone or built-in GPS Tablet, you have to depend on an Online or Offline MAP. For an Android Phone user, Google MAP or Waze is one of the must have app.

A tablet or Smartphone is not capable of performing like a dedicated GPS device. For example, you may have stuck in the middle of a remote area without 3G signal while you use the online MAP app. We listed best GPS Android tablets that can consider while you shop for GPS.

Here we are going to list more benefits of GPS-based tablets over dedicated devices. This may be useful information for you before you spend money for dedicated GPS. There are two types of tablets in terms of connectivity, one is GPS tablet with Wi-Fi and second one is GPS tablet with 3G.

Benefits of Wi-Fi GPS Tablets

Most of us prefer to use Wi-Fi GPS Tablets those are cheaper than 3G and can save mobile data. For Wi-Fi tablets, it is better to use Android Offline MAP Apps that can load your country or area map ahead and use offline while you drive. If you want to use Google or Waze MAP apps, both can save required area MAP Offline. You can save Mobile data ahead of your travel by loading Waze and Google Map Offline. Just in case you stuck on your MAP while you drive, you can tether the mobile phone with a tablet to load additional required MAP information.

Benefits of Cellular GPS Tablets

GPS Tablets with 3G connectivity, already coming with SIM / 3G Connectivity. These tablets have full freedom to use online map. Google and Waze map apps perform well with real-time connectivity. Both Google and Waze map can provide traffic information, road hazards and lots of other information that is useful while you drive. Even you can share your exact Location from Google Map / Waze with your friends to give them your ETA.

The Cost Benefit of GPS Tablets

The cost of technology gadgets is slashing every day. Android tablets with built-in GPS cost near to the GPS device price. Let us illustrate with a good example based on today’s market.

Google Nexus tab is available for USD 169.00 and Android offline maps can get for USD9.99-USD45.00 from Google Play Store. You can get a Tablet and offline maps for USD200.00 with a 7-inch screen, hours of backup time and real-time traffic information while you commute. Update July 01, 2016: Tablets are getting cheaper and powerful day by day. Now you can get a good GPS tablet for less than $100 and buy offline maps for less than $30.00.

gps tablet

Combining all, you can get a decent GPS Map and Tablets for less than $150.00.  If you go for low-end tablets and a map, you can end up with the total expense of USD75.00-USD150.00 and that is a fair cheap price when you compare the features that you can get from the tablet.

GPS Tablets are Portable, Can use Anywhere.

By default, GPS devices are coming with less battery back time. These dedicated GPS devices do not need a high-capacity battery. Most of the time, these devices are intending to use power from the car battery.

Fortunately, tablets are designed to work long time on battery power. While you use MAP on GPS tablet, you can move this out of your car, switch to walk mode if you want, and use long time without power supply.

Online MAPs offer Real Time Updates & Traffic on Tablets

There are a couple of more benefits for using tablets as GPS devices. You can get up to date details like real-time traffic, nearest gas station price, road hazards and blocks while you use Android online map apps.

Google Play store offers a bunch of free online Android Maps that we listed for your Android device like Google Map or Waze, the most feature-rich maps. Basically, these maps are online based real-time apps, but you can apply this trick on Google MAP and Waze to use these as offline to save your data.

Offline MAPs are Good To Save Data with Wi-Fi Tablets

Online maps are not a good choice if you are staying in remote areas. Sometimes, you may not have enough 3G/4G signal while you drive stuck in the middle of the road. Offline MAPS are the best choice in these kinds of situations. While you consider the monthly data consumption, Android tablets with a data plan may be expensive compared to Wi-Fi tablets.

Wi-Fi based tablets with Offline MAPs are also good enough to replace GPS device. With Wi-Fi based tablets, you can use offline maps or the offline version of Google MAP or Waze. Offline maps can download while your tablets on Wi-Fi for a one-time payment. These Android offline maps are offering free upgrades for the entire lifetime once you buy.

GPS Tablet can offer Large Screen Size

Let us go through a few 7″ tablet screen models that are available in the market with built-in GPS sensor that cost less than USD 199.00. The screen size 7” is ideal for portable GPS that can use on your car dashboard, bike and even while you walk.  There are 10’’ tablets for those who like to go with a big screen and more details on the screen. The screen resolution can be minimum 1024 x 600 PX and 1280 x 800 PX is ideal.

Chose External GPS Sensor for Good Signal Quality

There are low-cost Tablets without built-in GPS sensors. These tablets are ideal for low-budget buyers, still there is an additional cost involved to buy an external GPS sensor. The external device is coming with a tiny sensor device attached with USB cable or a power cable with Bluetooth transmitter. This GPS sensor can connect to the Android tablet to use as a GPS device.

Built in GPS Tablets Are Portable

Built in GPS tablets are bit expensive, but more portable. You can carry these tablets where ever you need without carrying any external GPS sensor on any vehicle. The Android operating system also uses built-in GPS for other apps like Google Search Engine, To-Do list, Compass etc.

Tablets can Expand Memory with SD Card

Memory cards are good to save offline maps on SDHC card that can save the internal memory of the tablet. This memory card is good while you buy dedicated offline maps which size in Gigabytes. Even though tablets doesn’t have a memory card, a 16GB tablet will be good enough to install offline map and other essential Android apps.

Additional Apps can enhance the Features

There is no need to limit the use of tablet as GPS. You can still use this tablet for other apps like Calendar, To-Do List, Credit Card Payment, check emails and even you can make phone calls with tablet without spending a penny. In short, all in one solution for all your business needs with one tablet.

List of best GPS Tablets

There are a bunch of Tablets are coming with built-in GPS tablets. These tablets have different models that have Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi with SIM for 3G/4G connectivity. Please see the list of Best 5 Built-in GPS Tablets To Replace Your Old GPS Device

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