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10 Best Mortgage Calculator Apps for Android and iOS

Mortgage loans and EMIs drain a large part of your monthly income. A small extra amount you throw into a monthly payment makes a massive difference in the long run. So, a well-defined repayment plan can help save a lot of  A new age mortgage app does much more than EMI amount calculation.

In this article, we list some best mortgage calculator apps that provide something more than the usual.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Karl's Mortgage Calculator

Karl’s mortgage calculator does all the functions of a mortgage calculator with ease. This simple mortgage calculator supports Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgage. You can also enter five interest values. Karl’s Mortgage calculator is a vast tool for your mortgage calculation.

You can add ten different payment schedules. Also, there is space for monthly extra payments. With this app, you can calculate EMI as daily, weekly, or yearly compound interest.


  • Fixed and ARM calculation
  • Support multiple languages


  • UI is not customizable
  • Contains Ads

Key Features: Supports Fixed and ARM loans | 5 Different interests | 10 extra payment amounts | multiple time period.

Download: iOS |Android (Free, In-App Purchases)

U.S. Mortgage Calculator

U.S. Mortgage CalculatorThe U.S. mortgage Calculator allows you to estimate payment amounts. This includes all extra expenses and taxes. You can add multiple extra payment scenarios to help decide payments.

The U.S. mortgage calculator generates a detailed payment schedule and report, which you can download and share. You can also calculate mortgage payment using the U.S. Mortgage Calculator website if you do not want to download their app.


  • Easy to use
  • Quick mortgage calculation
  • Multiple payment scenarios


  • Cannot track multiple mortgages

Key Features: Tax information | Payment Schedules | Reports

Download: iOS | Android (Free App)

Loan Calculator Pro

Loan Calculator ProLoan Calculator Pro is an easy to use iOS financial calculator. The simple, clean UI makes this app fast and intuitive. The app also has early payment simulation, extra payment tracking, etc.

Calculations are done instantly as you enter values. With this app, you can save estimates and export loan information via email.


  • Family Sharing
  • Easy to use


  • Difficult to add additional payment

Key Features: Instant calculation | Extra payment calculation | Connect email.

Download: iOS ($0.99)

Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator 2019Mortgage Calculator App is a new app that just got popular. This app does not do everything other applications do. But everything the app claims to do is simple and clean. You can customize the UI with available themes and colors.

The Mortgage Calculator app allows you to import loan details from email and also add payment details. You can print or save amortization as a PDF.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Add payment details


  • Placement of Ads

Key Features: Add payment details | Import and export from email | Fast calculation.

Download: Android (Free with ads)

Mortgage Home Loan Payment Calculator

Mortgage Home Loan Payment Calculator FreeThe Mortgage Home Loan Payment App works in Android and has an extra feature compared to other apps. You can add extra expenses along with loan amounts while calculating. This can give you a better view of handling the financials. The reverse calculation option shows you the value without other expenses.

The mortgage home loan payment app comes with ads, and if you want to export or import data, purchase the pro version.


  • Add miscellaneous expenses


  • Download another app for pro features

Key Features: Add extra expenses | Reverse calculation option.

Download: Android (Free, Premium)

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Mortgage Payoff Track

Mortgage Payoff TrackFor those who like to visualize your loan pay down process, the Mortgage Payoff Track is your way to go. This app picturizes your loan paydown. It includes pie charts and line charts with different variables.

Mortgage Payoff Track app allows you to track extra payments. You can calculate with an extra payment at any point of your loan. That too for different interest rates. With the Mortgage Payoff Track app, you can import loan data from other sources. You can get data from Email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and all. The app also allows the importing of CSV files from the device.

The free version of the app comes with in-app purchases. The iOS version supports the Family Share option, with compatibility for six people.


  • Pie chart and line chart visualization
  • Import CSV files
  • Family sharing


  • No delete option for already added loans

Key Features: Pie chart | Line chart | Import files from drive and email | Supports CSV.

Download: iOSAndroid (Free, In-App Purchases)

Easy Mortgages

Easy Mortgages - Mortgages CalculatorEasy Mortgages app is one of the easiest to use mortgage calculator in iOS. Payment calculations can be done with all basic loan expenses and extra payment options. The app shows results as soon as you enter a value.

Easy Mortgage Calculator generates a report of monthly payments. It breaks down the payments and changes with an extra amount. This data can be download and shared as HTML or CSV files.

The free app allows you to track multiple mortgages and comes with password-protected access.


  • HTML and CSV support
  • Track multiple loans


  • Only monthly calculation available

Key Features: Supports CSV and HTML formats | Instant calculation.

Download: iOS (Free)

EZ Financial Calculators

Financial Calculators Android iOSEZ Financial Calculators is an all in one finance and investment calculator. This app can help you with the mortgage, credit card, or stock market. Being an all-rounder, the mortgage app is as good as its competitors.

Loan repayment data generation works with different variables and multiple mortgages. Loan data can be imported and exported in various formats via email.

All features of the Financial Calculators app other than currency conversion works without the internet.


  • Complete Financial calculator


  • Larger size due to multiple functions

Key Features: Works offline | Complete financial calculator.

Download: iOS | Android (Free, Premium)

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Mortgage Calculator by QL

Mortgage Calculator by QLThe Mortgage Calculator is a multi-use application that runs without ads. It is easy to use and comes with an easy to understand UI. The app allows calculating loan payments for everyone.

With this app, you can calculate loans in four ways. The app can calculate monthly payments, extra payment options, maximum affordable loan amount, and differences with refinancing.


  • Four-way loan calculation
  • No ads


  • Cannot add multiple extra payments

Key Features: Four-way calculation | Simple UI.

Download: iOS | Android (Free)


Mortgage app for iphoneThe mortgage is a new and feature-rich mortgage calculator app. This app allows calculation of mortgage with many variables and also extra payment options.

The Mortgage app allows calculation with different payoff schedules. You can see daily, weekly, and bi-weekly payments for the loan. This app also contains an extra line to calculate the amount with inflation.


  • Multiple time frame
  • Add inflation changes


  • Difficult to use

Key Features: Extra payment option | Multi time frame | Calculate with inflation changes.

Download: iOS ($1.99)

Choosing the right mortgage calculator app for your purpose entails many factors. You can pick the apps based on your need. If you are only looking for home mortgage loans, some simple apps would do it. For more stuff, like loan tracking, there are some well-packed apps as well.

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