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8 Best Non-Contact Thermometers

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The thermometers devices can track your temperature though the forehead mode. There are quite a lot of thermometers that use the earlobe mode, but when it comes to absolute “non-contact”, the one with forehead mode really does the job. They are quite innovative and are for the future. You can use it to take your kid’s body temperature without waking him up or without creating any fuss. Some of them even work as a room temperature measuring device too, to add its charm. 

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best non-contact thermometers that could come handy, not even now but always.

iHealth Forehead thermometer

The iHealth thermometer is one of the best and the most trusted noncontact thermometers available online. It suits everyone, the kids, and adults. The device can give accurate temperature readings every time. With the iHealth thermometer in hand, all you need to do is to aim it at the forehead and hold it for 3 sec. It can give accurate results within a second. All temperature readings are shown to you in its digital panel. The ultra sensitive IR sensors measure the heat energy and collects over 100 data points per second. It is capable of giving an accuracy of even 0.4°F.

The best aspect of the noncontact thermometer is that you can stay safe from any kind of infection. The device features inbuilt vibration to alert you of low battery. There is also an LED display panel that is readable anytime. The iHealth forehead thermometer works on 2 AA batteries. You never need to change the batteries as it can last for a long time.


  • Quick reliable results
  • Durable and strong
  • Clinical grade precision
  • Good battery backup


  • Expensive
  • less degree of accuracy(0.4°F)

Key Features: Infrared detection | Quick results within 3 sec | Compact and light | Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit | LED Display | replaceable AAA batteries | Ear and forehead mode

No Touch Forehead Thermometer by iHealth, 2020 Algorithm Version No Contact Baby...
  • This no-touch thermometer is backed by clinical validated and takes your temperature easily.

Comper Smart Thermometer

The Comper Smart thermometer is an FDA approved medical device that comes with wireless connectivity. It is child friendly and works fine with everyone. The compact design makes it easy to carry it in your pockets or backpacks. The Comper Forehead thermometer gives you accurate results in less than a second. The soft TPU material makes it ideal for everyone. You can sync the temperature data with your smartphone thanks to its wireless connectivity. 

You can download the Comper Health app to track your progress and share your readings and get real time analysis. The device also supports multi user access. You can add up to 6 user profiles on the app. You can also get the temperature readings on its LED screen too. The Comper Smart Thermometer works on 2 AA batteries. Battery life is pretty good and there is also the Auto turn off to save power.


  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Good data sync capabilities
  • Spontaneous results


  • Expensive
  • In app glitches

Key Features: Smartphone sync | IR detection and measuring | Multi user access | Can add up to 6 user profiles | Ear and forehead mode |Works on tow AA batteries | LED display | Auto Turn Off feature

Mosen IR Thermometer

The Mosen Thermometer is a top noncontact thermometer that helps you track temperatures from IR readings. It is a multipurpose infrared temperature that lets you measure your body temperature as well as the room temperature. You can either use it pointing at your forehead or placing it near the ear. But during this time of the pandemic, eliminating any type of contact is a must. So, going for the forehead temperature measurement would be more apt.

This non contact thermometer reads the temperature in under a minute. You also get LED indications when your temperature is too high. The backlight light flashes to warn you of the high temperatures. This forehead thermometer can save the last 32 readings in case you need to track your temperature variations. The forehead and the ear temp mode can be switched. When you place the ear tip cover on, it detects forehead temperature only.


  • Reliable and accurate results with every use
  • Three modes for measuring the temperature(Room, Body and Object)
  • The LCD backlight warning is quite good


  • Plastic body and durability issues
  • No mute option for Alert


Key Features: IR detection and measuring | LCD display | Compact and light | Result within a second | dual mode tempeature detection | replaceable AA battery | backlight warning | Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit

LandWind Thermometer

The Landwind thermometer is capable of reading your body temperature through the IR energy technology. The Landward thermometer is designed for all ages. It is a good non contact thermometer that reads temperature by aiming at your forehead. It shows the temperature readings in ℃ and°F. There is a large LED display that shows the temperature reading quite well. It is well illuminated to even have a good look during the night.

It is suitable to track the temperature of the toddlers and kids with ease. The device has an accuracy of 0.1℃ and has color indications when your temperature is too high. Coming to the battery part, yes it features two replaceable batteries. It gives you enough power and even has Auto Off feature.


  • Affordable
  • Quick results
  • No fussy setup



  • battery issues might pop up
  • Fluctuating temperature results
  • Display not upto the mark


Key Features: IR detection and Measuring | 0.1℃ accuracy| Auto off feature | Celcius unit reading | Dual mode operation | replaceable AA batteries | Backlight LED warnings | forehead and ear mode

Sheevol Forehead Thermometer

The Sheevol Thermometer is quite accurate. It can give you temperature readings within 3 seconds. This thermometer can detect the temperature within 3 to 5 cm distance from the forehead, making it safe and convenient. This forehead thermometer comes with a dual tone LCD backlight display. This lets you know when you temperate are high and need treatment. The LCD screen is quite big and shows quick results.

It is also quite readable during the dark thanks to the backlight feature. Apart from the body temperature, this non contact thermometer can detect objects’ temperature. It also is capable of detecting the room temperature too. The Sheevol forehead thermometer works on two AA batteries. These batteries give you enough juice to last a lifetime. You never need to replace the batteries as it will not take up that much charge.


  • Handheld design
  • Affordable
  • LCD display is good


  • Durability issues

Key Features: IR detection and Measuring | USB Dongle interface | Compact and light | Works well with Smart TVs, Android Box | LCD backlight display | replaceable AA batteries | Backlit keys | Able to measure temp of rooms and objects

Wirezoll IR Thermometer

The Wirezoll IR thermometer is a multi mode temperature measuring device that is designed for all ages. It works fine with the kids and the adults and has an accuracy of 0.1℃. It comes with two modes of measurement. You can either use the ear mode of the forehead mode to track your body’s temperature. Apart from body temperature, this non contact thermometer can detect the room temperature too.

Wirezoll features a decent LCD screen that shows all the necessary settings quite well. The device comes with LED backlight indicators to warn you when your temperatures rising. You get the temperature readings under a second after you point it to the forehead. There are fever alarm and LED indicators to show temperature issues. It can also save a total of 20 readings onto its memory. This helps you to track your temperature variations over a period of time.


  • LED warning is good and so is the Alert tone
  • Highly durable and reliable
  • Accurate readings


  • Old school design
  • Expensive

Key Features: Infrared detection | LED Display | Quick results within 3 sec | Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit | Quick results within 1 sec | replaceable AAA batteries | Ear and forehead mode

Softula Forehead Thermometer

The Softula thermometer comes with IR detection technology. This thermometer comes with good accuracy and can give you results within seconds. It is made of professional medical ABS material and is safer than the old school mercury thermometers. The Softula IR thermometer comes with multi mode design. It supports both the ear and forehead mode of detection. Apart from body temperature, you can use the device to detect the temperature of the room and objects. This medical infrared thermometer comes with a fever warning system.

When the measurements exceed 99.5 ℉/37.5℃, the indicator light of the thermometer will turn red. It can memorize and store the latest 32 measurement data in human body mode. With 32 readings of memory, you can analyze and share them with your doctor. coming to the battery part, yes it works on the replaceable AAA batteries. It features auto shut off to save precious battery power. you really can go a long time with a single pair of batteries.


  • Inbuit memory feature is worth mentioning
  • AAA batteries deliver hours of use


  • Variation in temperature readings
  • Memory feature is kinda buggy

Key Features: IR detection technology | LCD display | Compact and light | Ear and forehead mode | Can save up to 32 readings | replaceable AAA batteries | Backlight warning

Magicelec Forehead Thermometer 

The Magicelec comes with tons of features and makes it an excellent thermometer for toddlers and teenagers. It also works perfectly well with the adults’ thanks to its cool design and IR technology. It is FDA and CE approved, which means that this is a product of medical standards. You can also point it at objects or surfaces to detect its temperatures too. You can use this feature to measure the temperature of the milk or food that you’ve prepared for babies, toddlers, or young children.

The device features memory function. It saves the last 35 readings for you so that it becomes easy for you to track the heat variation. There are LCD backlight indications on this non contact thermometer that turn red when the temperature is alarmingly high. The green light shows that your temperature is normal. This non contact thermometer works on replaceable AA batteries. It is quite efficient and gives battery backup for months.


  • Accurate results
  • Memory option is good
  • Can save up to 35 last readings


  • LCD Display not upto the mark
  • Not for clinical use


Key Features: IR detection and Measuring | LCD display | dual mode temperature detection | can save up to 35 last readings | Readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit | replaceable AA batteries | Backlit keys | ear and forehead mode

Mcaron Medical Infra Red Thermometer

The Mcaron Forehead thermometer is easy to use and has innovative features up its sleeves.  It delivers pin-point accuracy in just a few seconds and allows you to detect symptoms of the fever or other diseases. It comes with IR detection and you can even use it to detect the ambient temperature of the room.  As far as the body temperature is concerned, this model comes with two modes that you can choose from, ear and forehead.

Taking the temperature of the forehead is as simple as placing the top of the thermometer a few inches away from the forehead. The ear sensor can give more accuracy in showing the variations in temperature. Switching between the two modes is very intuitive since all you need to do is press the specific button on the front of the device. It is also quite friendly to use near children and babies.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy operation
  • Handheld design


  • Occasional variation in temperature readings
  • No memory feature

Key Features: IR detection and Measuring. | Accuracy of 0.1℃ | Compact and light | Forehead and ear modes | LCD Display | replaceable AA batteries | Easy switching between modes | Readings in Celcius scale

The new non-contact thermometers come with the IR sensor that senses the temperature of the objects and give you instant results within the blink of an eye. Most of them that we got this time comes with the multi-mode operation.

Social distancing cannot really compromise on health care. So, it is important to get those medical devices that reduce the effect of contamination and infection at least during this pandemic. This is where the idea of non contact thermometer plays its part. The best non contact thermometers come with the IR detecting technology. It detects and measures the temperature of your body by analyzing the heat energy you radiate.

You can track your temperature through the forehead or through the ear. These devices have a good LCD display and are made from clinical grade materials. Most of the ones on the list are more than a household thermometer. It can work as a clinical aid too.


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