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12 Outdoor Smart Holiday Decor Lights Works with Alexa

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The holidays are almost here, perfect time to decorate your home and yard. Here are the best outdoor lights (weather-proof) to decorate your home. It is more fun with smart decor lights you can use to control with Alexa or Google Assistant. These outdoor lights can be changed into different color combinations by varying the hue and intensity.

Here we have some of the best holiday decor lights. All of them can be controlled with your phone or using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Orbecco RGB Smart String Lights

The Orbecco RGB Smart String Lights can be controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Home. It contains a sensitive built-in sound sensor, four music modes, twenty different light patterns in a circular pattern, and five dynamic color modes that pulse to the beat of the music; you can also set timers or turn the string lights on and off manually.

You may use the 32.8ft/10m smart fairy string lights indoors (in your bedroom or living room) and out (in your yard, on your balcony, or in your garden). Easily charge it with a USB cable, plug it in, and use it on any flat, dry surface.

Key Features: Can be controlled by Alexa | Built-in Sound Sensor | Five Dynamic Color Modes | Schedule-based operation | USB-powered charging | 32.8ft/10m Length

Orbecco RGB Smart String Lights 32.8ft/10m, 66 Bulbs LED Fairy Lights IP65 Waterproof…
  • Brilliant String Lights: Built-in sensitive sound sensor & 4 music modes, 20 light modes circle, 5…

Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor lighting while customizing the color of each bulb with the Govee String LED lights, which come in 16 million hues and warm white. Whether you utilize Alexa over Wi-Fi to turn on and off your Halloween smart outdoor string lights with voice control or the Govee Home App for spectacular multicolor lighting and a convenient timer function, you can’t go wrong.

Govee outdoor lights include a sound pickup function that changes the lighting effects in sync with the beat of the music, making for a lively and memorable experience at any gathering. There are options to sync with the mic and the song. Or the pre-built theme.

Key Features: Compatible with Amazon Alexa | 16 million colors | Govee Home App control | Voice-controlled operation | Timer for ON/OFF Scheduling | Music Sync | 50ft Length

Govee Outdoor String Lights, 50ft G40 RGBIC Warm White String Lights with 25 Dimmable LED…
  • Smart Control: Use Govee Home App for fantastic multicolor displays and a convenient timer function….

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Lurious Smart Christmas Lights

The Indoor Fairy Lights are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to control them with your voice. The smart string lights come with 11 different lighting modes and may display multiple colors simultaneously.

The indoor Christmas lights can be configured to turn on and off at specific times. The power adapter is waterproof to IP44 standards, and the outdoor Christmas lights are waterproof to IP65 standards. It features auto-dimming and adjustable speed blinking. The cable length of the LED light is 99ft.

Key Features: Alexa Supported | 11 lighting modes | IP65 water resistant rated | Auto-dimming | Adjustable Blinking | 99ft Length

Smart Christmas Lights Outdoor Indoor-99ft 300 RGB LED Halloween Light Multi-Color…
  • 🌈【Multicolor Changing & 11 Lighting Modes】99ft 300 LED Outdoor Christmas lights. One strip of…

Lightsjotek LED Ball Lights

Lightsjotek is to create the perfect ambiance for your garden or patio. You can adjust the color of each ball independently using a palette of 16 million hues and warm whites. Any scene you create with the Lightning modes can be saved as a custom mode, complete with your preferred color scheme and lighting effects. You may connect to Alexa and Google Home with the Tuya App or Smart Life app, both of which use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

You can use the included hock and stake to suspend the light string from the ground or patio. The IP68 certification indicates that it is protected from rain, snow, fog, and ice, except for extreme conditions.

Key Features: Compatible with Alexa | Custom lighting modes | Use Tuya App for control | IP68 certified | Hock and Stake for suspension

Smart Garden Lights Globe LED Light Waterproof Color Changing App Control Music Sync…
  • Smart App/ Voice Control/ Control Box: Use the Tuya App or Smart Life app via Wi-Fi and Blue–tooth…

DazzBling Outdoor String Lights

These are excellent as outside patio lighting. Using a voice assistant like Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant, you can manage nearly all of its features from anywhere in the world. Scenes like “Christmas” allow you to instantly transform your smart lights into outside Christmas lights in a color scheme of your choice.

Because of the low voltage required to power them, LED lights last much longer and are more cost-effective. These fairy lights have an IP65 rating, meaning they are protected from rain and are also suitable for use in extremely cold temperatures. It has a long cable length of 98ft, allowing it to light up more areas.

Key Features: Compatible with Alexa | Scene switching | Voice command accepted | IP65 rating | Low voltage required | 98ft length

Outdoor String Lights, Patio Lights, 98Ft App Control RGBW Color Changing String Lights…
  • ✨ Complete customization! With these color changing string lights you will never need to take down…

XMCOSY+ Outdoor String Lights

For any event, celebration, or party, the XMcosy+ app will allow you to simply transform the outside string lights into one of several stunning pre-set Christmas scenes. White balance may be adjusted from a color temperature range of 2500K-9000K, and brightness levels can be set individually.

The outdoor string lights include 12 shatterproof acrylic bulbs, are 32 feet long when lit up, and can be connected in strings of up to four (48 bulbs). In addition to working with Alexa and other intelligent voice assistants, the outdoor string lights can be controlled remotely by just speaking commands such as “Alexa, turn the lights on/off,” “Alexa, adjust the brightness, “Alexa, change the colors,” and so on. Because it is waterproof to an IP65 standard, you won’t have to worry about electrical problems, even in bad weather.

Key Features: 12 shatterproof acrylic bulbs | IP65 rated water resistance | Compatible with Amazon Alexa | Scene customization available | Voice command supported | 32ft cable length

XMCOSY+ Outdoor String Lights 32ft, Smart Patio Lights RGB & White Color Changing String…
  • 💡 [NEW ARRIVAL EYE-CATCHING DIAMOND-LIKE ACRYLIC BULBS] – The acrylic diamond-like bulbs of our…

Monster Neon Indoor and Outdoor LED Strip

Use the Monster Smart App to make more adjustments anywhere you like, in addition to the wide range of color options available. It works with Alexa and Google Assistant. The flexibility of the LED light strip makes it easy to shape it to suit your requirements. You can bend your cables into any configuration you need them to fit in. 

The strip is water resistant up to IP65 and can withstand tough weather conditions. It’s 16.5ft long and can be used for lighting a larger area. It also has 2.4Ghz WiFi connectivity to control the lights.

Key Features: Works with Alexa | Flexible cables | IP65 water resistance | Smart app for controlling | 16.5ft length

CLASShine Smart Neon Rope Light

Using the Tuya app, you can set the CLASShine smart rope lights to any color you like. Modify the illumination level and select from a variety of predefined lighting schemes. The IR remote and the on/off connector with the string lights make it easy to turn the lights on and off. You’ll need to have the Tuya app installed and activated before you can connect it to an Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker via the 2.4Ghz WiFi connection.

The LED string lights can be turned on and off according to a predetermined schedule or timer. It is weatherproof and has 300 LEDs that can change color individually according to the presets available. The music sync mode changes lighting with the beats of the music. The cable length is 16.5ft which helps it to light up larger areas without loss of connection.

Key Features: IR remote for control | 300 individual control LEDs | Compatible with Alexa | Scheduled lighting supported | Music Sync feature | 16.5ft length

Lucienstar RGB Neon Rope Light

Large illumination coverage is provided by the 120-degree projection range of the neon LED light strip. The 16 million color options are fully customizable with the angled brightness design and have a 16.4ft long cable. Use a smartphone app, Alexa, or an infrared remote to adjust the brightness, color, timer, DIY mode, and more of your WiFi-enabled neon rope light.

With its IP65 waterproofing and flexible, non-toxic silicone construction, Lucienstar’s LED strip is well-protected from the elements and potential damage from external sources. Silicone neon strips may be easily measured and cut at intervals of an inch, and the strips can be shaped and bent to fit any mounting requirement. It has features like Music Sync and changes color according to the music played.

Key Features: 120-degree projection range | Alexa compatible | 16 million color options | IP65 water resistance | Silicone construction | Flexible design | Music Sync | 16.4ft cable length

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Lucienstar RGB Neon Rope Lights 16.4Ft, IP65 Waterproof LED Rope Lights with Remote/APP…
  • 【Bright & Even Lighting】Upgraded side-bright design makes the led rope lights brighter and more…

Ustellar RGB Flood Light Outdoor

With one adapter, you may link up to six Ustellar GemBand Smart Flood Lights, and the maximum cable length between them is 10 feet (3 meters). Lights can be configured to turn on and off at specified times according to a range of intelligent lighting schedules that can be tailored to the individual’s routine.

In addition, Alexa and Google Assistant are compatible with colored lights, allowing you to effortlessly turn them on and off, adjust the brightness, or select a different color. The IP66 waterproof rating ensures that the lights can be used even on rainy nights. In addition to the standard 2700K warm white, you have access to 16 million hues for use as background lighting.

Key Features: Compatible with Alexa | Intelligent scheduling | IP66 water resistance | 16 million colors | Adjustable brightness | 10ft cable length

USTELLAR Smart RGB Flood Light Outdoor 40W, Color Changing Led Landscape Lights, RGBW…
  • Convenient Plug & Play: Connect 6 Ustellar GemBand Smart Flood Lights with one adapter and power…

Novostella 25W Smart LED Flood Lights

The Novostella Flood Lights are designed to work reliably in a wide range of climates thanks to their IP66 waterproof rating and improved thermal diffusion. Give off the ideal amount of background light for most indoor and outdoor celebrations. The color light module is 63% brighter than the previous version, considerably improving the atmosphere and making the experience more immersive.

It’s Google Home and Alexa compatible. A new and improved WiFi system is built into the lights, allowing them to connect to the internet. The app allows you to control the lights remotely, regardless of where you are. It has an 80ft operating distance with WiFi connectivity.

Key Features: IP66 water resistance | Amazon Alexa supported | Improved WiFi system | IoT enabled control | 63% brighter than first gen | Google Home support | 80ft operating distance

NOVOSTELLA 25W Smart LED Flood Lights, RGB, Second-Generation WiFi Outdoor Dimmable Color…
  • 【The Novostella Advantage】- As the leading brand of smart flood light, Novostella’s sales volume…

ChangM LED Flood Lights RGB

The floodlight comes with 12 different RGB color-changing settings. Several floodlights will maintain the same frequency of color changes when in color-changing mode. Depending on your requirements, you may use Alexa or Google Home to control a single floodlight or a set.

The high-quality construction and IP66 rating mean the floodlight can operate in moderately extreme conditions. The flood light has up to 16 million different color options and 12 different RGB color shifting modes. No internet connection or account creation is required. It uses Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 for connectivity. It uses 30W power for operation.

Key Features: 12 different RGB Setups | Compatible with Alexa | IP66 water resistance | 16 million colors | Bluetooth Mesh 5.0 | No internet required | 30W Power

LED Flood Lights RGB Color Changing 300W Equivalent Outdoor, 30W Bluetooth Smart RGB…
  • RGBW Flood Light – 30W,3300lm,Warm White Light(2700K),CRI>85.There are total up to 16 million colors…

Govee Outdoor Ground Lights

The Govee Outdoor Lights utilize RGBIC technology, letting you customize the color of each light along the path. You can choose from a virtually infinite palette of colors for your outdoor displays and decorations. Suitable for everyday use and Halloween decorations, outdoor lights can be used in various settings.

Schedule your lights for the day, week, or month, and choose from 43 pre-programmed scenarios, including Halloween and Christmas. The Govee Home App utilizes 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to manage the Govee outdoor ground lighting system remotely. Once paired with a speech assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, you can even operate it with your voice. It is also IP67 water resistant and has a 36ft operating range, making it the perfect choice for any weather condition.

Key Features: RGBIC technology for individual adjustment | 43 pre-programmed scenarios | Compatible with Alexa and Google Home | Scheduled lighting | IP67 water resistance | Voice command supported | 36ft operating range

Govee Outdoor Ground Lights, Patio Decorations, IP67 Low Voltage Pathway Lights 36ft,…
  • Multi-color Display: RGBIC technology allows each pathway light set to different colors. Enjoy…

VELLBONG Recessed LED Deck Lights

Use your Bluetooth/2.4Ghz Wi-Fi-enabled smartphone to command your low-voltage deck lights using Alexa voice commands, the Tuya app, or a button system. The deck lights may be flexibly turned on, off, dimmed, changed colors, etc. The app allows for “stepless dimming” of the RGB deck lights’ brightness from 1% to 100%, allowing for 16 million possible color combinations. 

Completely insulated and water resistant to an IP67 standard, the deck stair lights are crafted from high-quality Acrylic/ABS and 304 stainless steel. It has 8 different lighting modes to choose from.

Key Features: Stepless dimming | 16 million color combinations | IP67 water resistance | 8 different color modes | Compatible with Alexa | Acrylic and Stainless Steel Construction

Recessed LED Deck Lights WIFI Bluetooth Control, Φ1.77″ RGB & White Low Voltage Deck…
  • ★【Voice Control, App Control or Controller Control】 With smartphone connected to…

Here are the best Smart RGB lights for decorating your home. In addition to the holidays, you can use these on parties and Halloween to decorate your yard. Since these can control with Alexa, you can set the automations and routines with the Alexa App to control these lights.


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