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Website Error on iPad, Try to Enable Cookies on iPad.

Disable cookies in your iPad is recommend setting. You may need to enable cookies to work on particular web sites to load properly or to run web-based applications in the websites. If you are looking for Block Popup or select default Search Engine on your iPad, you will get the answer from the same article.iPad Cookies

It is easy to enable cookies in iOS operating system. This will help to enable the cookies for the inbuilt browser ie:Safari, on your device.

If you are getting any error while downloading the webpage on your iOS device or you see any error message to enable cookies, please try this workaround.ipad cookies 01

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To enable or disable cookies on your iOS device, go to Settings; scroll around until you see Safari. See Block Cookies under PRIVACY & SECURITY. There have three choices in the block cookies-page. You can choose never to avoid block cookies.

ipad cookies 02

You can come back any time back to this settings and select Always to block cookies from all the website. In addition to this cookies setting, you can enable Block-Popups and select default search engines from the same setting page.

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