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8 Best Website Builders for Business and Shopping.

Creating a website from scratch is not always an easy task. We need to consider several factors such as servers, knowledge of design and development languages, web hosting services and many more. Whether it is a business website or shopping site, you don’t have much time to spend the time on website building. To make your life easy and save more time for your business, there are website building tools.

These website builder services which can give us more flexibility in every aspect. You can get SEO, web hosting and even the domain all in one package with Website builders. However, due to the availability of many website building services, we may find some difficulty in selection of appropriate one.

So here, we have jotted down about several website building service providers with there pros and cons.


WIX is undoubtedly one of the most used and preferred website builders among others. This simple website provider is highly customizable and has an easy follow interface and designs. Wix website maker provides an intuitive website for almost every type of business. WIX launched WIX ADI a highly intuitive AI platform which builds websites for users based on learning from the user itself. With AI integrated platform, the users can create fully functional websites in minutes. Wix is offering 200 additional apps and services to integrate with your website. The whole package of Wix contains a website builder, web hosting, and the SEO.


  • Templates: Provides 500+ designer made templates and fully HTML 5 capabilities.
  • Hosting: Boasts highly functional uptime with <1% downtime.
  • Flexibility: Wix allows you to finish websites almost pixel perfect grade and each element can move around.
  • Payment Options: Wix supports more than 15+ including manual payment option.


  • Price: Moderated to High

Website: WIX | Link to How to Article

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Another website builder that sets up and build your site within minutes. Weebly has engaged more than 50 million customers around the world. Weebly is a good WIX alternative for a website-builder. Just like WIX Weebly also does the same giving its users flexibility to drag and drop HTML elements at its places. The tools are intuitive and easy to use and so the editor page. Though it doesn’t have any AI-supported building tool it does the tasks effortlessly. With Weebly, you can build a business portfolio, online store, or personal blog without any coding knowledge. The Email marketing tool and SEO package coming with Weebly to interact with your customers more easily.


  • Smooth setup and intuitive tools to different types of sites.
  • Responsive themes.
  • Own App center.


  • Limited themes for use.
  • Fixed movement of elements within the editor.
  • Very few language support.

Website: Weebly


Shopify isn’t a perfect alternative to WIX or Weebly or any other website builder. This website maker is an online e-commerce site builder that helps you to build a fully functional e-commerce site. The overall website building is pretty easy and creates an e-commerce site similar to WIX ADI do. With Shopify e-commerce builder, you can add your products, Manage orders, Add a customer, or Import bulk customers. Also, you can have a blog section for your products, the Shopify App store, and an analysis section for analyzing your business. With Shopify, you can pick a plan according to your business requirement. The business can avail Basic Shopify plan which starts from $29. The growing business can select the Shopify plan at $79 while an Advance Shopify plan is available at $299 to meet the requirement of a scalable business.


  • Easy to set up an e-commerce site.
  • Verity of plug-ins and services for your website.
  • Start selling products from as low as $9 with Shopify Lite plan.


  • Moderated price.
  • Limited inclusion of product option.
  • Transaction fees applied for payment gateways.

Website: Shopify


Squarespace is another good website builder site that provides e-commerce tools, domain name services, and analytics in addition to creating and hosting blogs. Similar to other website mentioned above builders it also provides Drag-n-Drop functionality to create websites. You can create a website without the requirement of a credit card for a trial period of 14 days. After that, you need to select plans based on the nature of your business (website or an online store). Squarespace plans start at $12/monthly (for a personal website) and $40/monthly (for an online store) with fully-managed cloud hosting. Squarespace ensures that your website remains available all time. You can also switch plans at any time (upgrade or downgrade) and for that either you receive a pro-rated refund based on the cost of a new plan. With Squarespace, you can also purchase G Suite email account for your domain including Calendar, docs, drive, and more.


  • Excellent in creating a visually impressive website.
  • Dedicated support team.
  • Ad-free plans.


  • Limited payment gateways support.
  • Moderated e-commerce website pricing.
  • Needs to pick a plan before enabling any website.

Website: Squarespace


Bigcommerce is another online store building tool for those who are looking for a Shopify alternative. You don’t need to do any coding and yet you will able to create e-commerce site according to your choices. Just pick any of the templates from a range, add products, and set prices to it and you are ready to go. The pricing plans start from $29 for Standard to Enterprises version where price depends upon requirements. All plans include 0% transaction fees, unlimited product, file storage and bandwidth as well as staff accounts. Other than this Bigcommerce enables the seller to list there product on other sites like Amazon, eBay, Google shopping, or even on Facebook and Instagram, so you can increase your sales by selecting an appropriate e-commerce plan from Bigcommerce.


  • Support for 3-rd party themes provider Such as Themeforest.
  • Multiple payment sites support.
  • Support for many product options.


  • only 7 free themes available to use.
  • No RSS feed.
  • Fewer apps on app store than Shopify app store.

Website: Bigcommerce


If You think that website builder tools are only available online, then you might get surprised by this. Mobirise is an offline website builder that is available for all three platforms mainly Windows, Mac, and Android OS. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and according to requirements website, creation timings can vary. It offers 800+ fully customizable and flexible modern blocks according to the current trend.


  • Offline and AMP enabled websites.
  • Optional paid modules.
  • Several extensions are free to use.


  • Uploading required after website creation.
  • Buy and host domains set-up.
  • No actual templates instead Mobirise provides blocks (9 out of 10 are paid, and only one is free.)

Website: Mobirise


Mozello is another website and online store builder which provides a free website with certain limitations (0.5 GB storage and up to 10 items at the online store). The premium plan (starts from $7 supports the only PayPal as payment gateway provider) or a premium plus plan (starts from $14 and supports all payment gateway with an unlimited item at the online store). The Default templates are notable artistic works and give fresh look to any type of website. The Mozello store builder supports Multi-languages and the Minimalistic approach which is very useful if your business is just started gaining momentum. You can also add Google Analytics to monitor website statistics and take appropriate action based on that. Mozello Website builder stores your website simultaneously stored on multiple servers at multiple locations. This ensures that your website runs without getting affected by accidental problems. They run a Reseller program where the seller has full control over the business operations as all payments, customer relations, and marketing. This is categorized as Agency Reseller, Enterprise Reseller, or Regional Reseller comes with different price quotes.


  • 0% charge on e-commerce transaction commission.
  • The free plan includes the online store site (up to 10 items) and access to HTML Code.


  • Creating your own design from scratch costs up to $1100, which comes under a moderated budget.
  • Switching from paid service to free service isn’t possible as of now, you need to contact supports staff.

Website: Mozello


Jimdo key tagline is Make it easy! which it certainly does by removing all barrier that stops anyone while building a website. Jimdo products offer Dolphin- an AI-based website builder and Creator-Tool to build a website from scratch. Dolphin builds the website of your choice based on several questions and by gathering information from Google, Facebook or Instagram. All you need to do some finishing touches and you are good to go. Whereas Creator tool asks you to choose from a range of templates, do some editing and upload photos for a ready to go site. Jimdo pricing plans include PRO and Business model where you will get almost all features similar including SEO and Online store in latter. The prices start from INR 416.67/ month for Pro and INR 1250/-month for Business plan.


  • Professional Templates.
  • Password protected areas.
  • HTTPS encryption.


  • Online stores are not available in Pro plans.
  • No SEO in Pro or basic plans.

Website: Jimdo


Without Webnode, this list of website builder couldn’t be said completed. Webnode offers sets, that different from other notable website builders. Webnode offers services in personal website building, Business website, and E-commerce site. The features offer Multilingual support and localized websites you can take your business truly globally. The pricing plans start from a minimum $3.95 for the limited plan. With this website maker, you will get 100MB for storage with one GB Bandwidth. Another website builder plans are MINI (stunning but simple plan starts from $5.95/month), Standard(most balanced plan starts from $11.95/month ) and PROFI($19.95/month for fully equip website). So it would be a good approach if you have your website idea beforehand choosing a plan.


  • 13+ language support.
  • Offers 80+ templates.
  • Free hosting regardless of plans.


  • Bit dull templates as compared to what other site builder offers.
  • Multilingual support needs either Profi or Standard service plans.

Website: Webnode  Sample Website: Learn By Doing

In past few years, the advancement in technology and reachability of internet across the globe opened numerous opportunities for everyone. Nowadays People around the globe are showcasing there products and services to its potential customers by various social media platforms. However, for a customized experience we need something that truly represents our brand. Which opposite to the social media platforms, a website gives us complete control over designs and content.

All the website that listed here boasts more than 99% uptime. Theoretically, this figure may be correct, but this uptime depends on several factors like type of server, current plans support, multi-tenant servers etc. So it would be advisable while selecting any website builder, look into your requirement and then compare it with available plans.

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