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7 Best AI Text Generators To Efficiently Generate Texts

AI text generators have now become so common and there is a large number of them.  With almost anything and everything relying on AI, the need for a good AI service is equally important. A text generator is a program that creates sentences and text out of some prompts that you have entered.

Because there are too many AI Text generators, we have narrowed down the best AI text generators that you can use to improve your efficiency and quality.

InferKit Text Generator

InferKit Text generator is an AI text generator that will generate texts based on the prompts you give it. You can easily adjust how many words you want the generator to display. The interface is simple and easy to use. All you do is simply type your prompt at the top and click on the generate text button. InferKit will display the text right away. You can also add in words that you want it to use.

Do note that this is a paid service and will cost you $20 per month for the basic plan and $60 per month for the premium plan. You can use the free trial that allows a total of 10000 characters per week.


  • Simple Interface
  • Results Generated Within Seconds


  • Weekly 10000 Free Character Limit Is Quite Short
  • Requires Credit Card Info During Sign Up

Key Features: Easy To Use | $20 For Basic Plan | Adnaved text Generator Settings

Get InferKit Text Generator

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Sassbook AI Writer

Sassbook AI Text Generator

The Sassbook AI Text generator is a mix of different AI services such as Writer, Story Writer, Summarizer, and Headline Generator. To make use of this service, you will have to enter two things. First,  you need to enter some keywords. This will help the AI to understand what it needs to generate. Next, you will have to insert the prompts that you want the AI to write around.

You can also configure the generator by adjusting a  few settings such as the creativity of the AI, the number of candidate generations as well as the total words per generation. Once you have set up everything, click on the Complete button. The AI will begin to generate the text for the right of the screen.

There’s also the option to send feedback so that you can help improve the AI generator. The service has three plans to choose from out of which there is a free plan for you to text and use whenever you want.


  • Multiple Text Generator
  • Advanced generator Settings


  • Free Version Has  Word Limits
  • Unlimited Usage is Available With Paid Plans

Key Features: All-In-One Text Generator | Free Plan Available | Creativity Settings | Easily Edit Generated Text | Enter Keywords and Text Prompts | Paid and Premium Plans Available

Get: Sassbook AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer

AI Writer is a text generator that is used by a lot of people as well as notable companies such as ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. AI Writer boasts that it can generate a full-fledged article of 1000 words within just two minutes. Of course, you have to give it the prompts so that it has an idea of what it has to generate text about. The service generates content in such a way that is optimized for high-performance SEO.

Alternatively, the AI writer comes with SEO tools as well as the ability to generate summaries without you having to worry about getting different tools or services. You can easily make use of the free trial before going ahead to purchase the monthly or yearly packages between the Basic, Standard, and Power plans. The plans cost you between $29 all the way upto $375 per month.


  • Generate Full-Length Articles Quickly
  • SEO Tools and High-level Ranking


  • Requires Sign-In To Use Free Trial
  • Not Ideal For Small Organizations and Individuals

Key Features: SEO Tools | Free Trial | 2 Minute Generator | Direct WordPress Publishing Options | USes Reliable Sources for Research

Get AI Writer

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Smodin Author- AI Writer

Smodin Author

Smodin AI Writer is an interesting text generator. While you can enter text prompts and ask it to generate the text, you can also choose what language you want the text to be generated in. This makes it easier for you to make content available to a particular audience or group of people.

The AI ensures that there is proper research going on when the text is being generated. You can also expect descriptive and argumentative sentences to be generated.

You can choose between making the AI write an essay, article, grader, and even write up a research paper. In terms of pricing, there is a free plan that gives you 3 credits per day and a maximum of 1000 characters per text generated. The paid plans have unlocked features and are on the cheaper side as compared to other writers.


  • Simple To Use
  • No Complex Settings
  • Affordable Premium Plans


  • Free Plan Is Extremely Limited

Key Features: Plagiarism Checker | Language Translator| Text Summarizer | Multiple Author Tools Available | Rewrite Option

Get Smodin AI Writer

Magic Writer by Canva

Magic Writer by Canva

Canva is a popular program used to edit images and even create images from scratch. They have now come up with an AI version of a text generator. You can easily get a drafted article within seconds of entering the keywords or prompts. You can make use of it to get anything and everything written right away.

With the Magic Writer, you will be able to save more time and use it to brainstorm new ideas. With the pro version of Canva, you will be able to get notified of when you might be tagged in the document if shared with your team.

The Magic Writer AI also ensures that there is no harmful or unsafe content being generated. With this filtration, Magic Writer can be used by anyone and everyone. Magic Writer is easily available for those who make use of the Canva Pro subscription.


  • Generate Text Quickly
  • Filtered and Safe Content Is Always Generated
  • Free Trial


  • Free Trial Requires Account Sign Up

Key Features: List Creator | Patrgraph Generator | Generate Long and Short Form Text | Paraphrase Tools | Summary Generator

Get: Magic Writer

Jasper AI Text Generator

Jasper AI

Jasper AI is the holy grail of AI text generators. This is the perfect tool for those who deal with a lot of writing such as essaysarticles, and even social media posts. Since this is AI-powered, you can expect quick results when you enter the prompts. Even if you plan on writing emails and advertisements, Jasper AI will work the best. It even supports a total of 29 languages. You can try this AI writer by making use of the free trial.

The main highlight of the Jasper AI writer is its simple and easy-to-use interface. Also, if you make use of the Google Chrome web browser, you can install the Jasper Ai extension that will help you generate your text anywhere online.


  • Create Text 10x Faster
  • Direct Posts To WordPress Blogs


  • Beginner Plan Pricing Could Be a Bit Better

Key Features: Supports 29 Languages | SEO Optimized Content | Chrome Extenstion | Write Emails, Blogs, Advertisements, and Social Media Posts 

Get Jasper AI Text Generator

WriterSonic- AI Writer

WriterSonic AI Writer

WriterSonic is a good tool for those who want to create blogs and advertisements for different social media platforms. The AI is able to create all of the content quickly by just entering the prompts. You can easily create full sentences and even help you summarize large content into smaller paragraphs. You can easily create efficient content thanks to the simple user interface. When it comes to pricing, this is one of the most affordable AI Text generators for beginners.

WriterSonic can also help you write blogs that have around 1500 words. and helps you with managing your SEO content. WriterSonic is also able to create headlines and subheadings for your articles provided you select what text needs to be where.


  • Most Affordable
  • Quick Text generation


  • No Unlimited Words On Premium Plan

Key Features: Simple User Interface | Reasonably Priced | Generate Article ideas | Create High Ranking Advertisements | Free Trial Available

Get WriterSonic- AI Writer

These are the best AI Text generators that you can use to help you write your content efficiently, and quickly and also helps save you time so that you can be even more productive. With AI tools, programs, and software quickly rising to replace a lot of the traditional tools, it’s nice to see where technology is headed and how it helps to make life and work faster and better.

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