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8 Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Sites.

There are several free online plagiarism checker tools available to make sure you have a copy free unique content. Whether a college assignment or journal, before you submit, check for plagiarism to make sure content is unique. In the academic world as well as in journalism, copying the content from other sources is a serious offense. These online plagiarism checkers are powerful to compare the content with the help of search engine. To improve the accuracy, most of these online plagiarism checkers are using more than one search engine to compare the data.

Here is a list of free online plagiarism checker sites that you can use to detect the copied content.


Having a wide share of fans, Plagscan is an accurate and easy to use plagiarism checker that focuses on language pattern when you check for plagiarism. With the simple design of this online plagiarism checker, you can easily know the content that is duplicated and needs to be changed.


This is one of the best online plagiarism checker and highly recommended plagiarism detection tool for the teachers, professors, and writers. Plagscan is not accessible for free, but you can use this plagiarism checker link to check for free.

Features: Text check | Document check | Link: Plagscan

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Plagiarism Checker by Small Seo Tools

A unique SEO site serving you some exquisite tools having many great features. The most prominent use of the site is plagiarism checker free online that offers free to the visitors. This is one of the online tools with simple plagiarism checking giving you the best results.

Small Seo Tools

This free plagiarism checker shows the copied text in red and you can simply paste the text you want to check. You can also upload the file on the site to perform the test.

Features: Text check | Document check | Exclude URL | Link: Plagiarism Checker


Plagiarisma is an online plagiarism free checker accepting simple text, URLs and document files as inputs allowing you to conduct tests through various search engines. Ths plagarism detector helps them to identify the flaws present in the works and change them as soon as possible.

PlagiarismaDue to the yellow highlighting in the text plagiarism check results, you can instantly know that what is unique and what is not.

Features: Text check | Document check | URL check | Windows Software | Link: Plagiarisma

Plagiarism Checker by Paperrater

This website is more than an online plagiarism checker; you can check the grammar and find the writing suggestion at a single place. Plagiarism Checker by Paperrater is available for the people above the sixth grade giving you the needed help for word choice and writing style.


No login is needed and there is also a premium version available for a fee. The features of the tool are quite handy and surely help for school projects as well as for other essays.

Features: Text check | Document check | URL check | Grammer check | Link:  Plagiarism Checker by Paperrater

Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism Software is a reliable plagiarism checker having a simple design and worthy features that are convincing enough to give it the credibility to stand tall among the best tools. This plagiarism tester tool detects the copied stuff instantly and gives you the report about it, so you can avoid the harm to the online reputation of the site.

Plagiarism SoftwareThis online tool is one of most convenient free online plagiarism checker tools for knowing more about the content.

Link: Plagiarism Software

Plagiarism Checker by Solid Seo Tools

The website is just like Small Seo Tools, offering plagiarism checker and other SEO tools to the people that require them. Plagiarism checker offers the precise and accurate results, getting from the test that is easy to use due to its minimalistic design.

Solid Seo ToolsThe simplest look, reliable results and fast working make it a good choice quenching your thirst to get the perfect results.

Link: Plagiarism Checker by Solid Seo Tools

The Pensters

The Pensters is basically an essay writing service offering the customers to get writers for their project. It also offers free online plagiarism checker tool for students and professional helping them to check the duplicated content in their work.

The PenstersThe texts are double-checked by a special plagiarism detection system that is available for free. The main problem with the service is that you can use it only 5 times in a month and more use you have to pay for the service.

Link: The Pensters


Copyscape uses Google Search engine to check and compare the content. This is one of the best online free plagiarism checkers, that can check your web content uniqueness, and offer the professional solutions to prevent content theft. The features include copy-paste originality checks, private index, batch search, etc. and these are coming under premium features. This plagiarism checker can automatically scan the given website on a schedule and email you when new copies found online.

Features: copy-paste originality checks | batch search | private index | case tracking | compare URLs | Link: Copyscape

With the immense growth in the internet use, there are many people using ways to ensure that their content is original and free from plagiarism. Through the plagiarism checker tools and free online plagiarism checker sites, you can take care of your content and get the help to acknowledge the duplicate content. These online plagiarism checkers offering to check the text, file content or an article content with an URL.

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Every free online plagiarism checker tool has varying features and has their own pros as well as cons. It is recommended that these tools should be used regularly to avoid the copied content and take necessary action regarding it.

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