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Rachio R3e 8-Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller with Smart Watering

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Smart Sprinklers are the most reliable way to optimize your garden irrigation system. They can smartly adjust the amount of water your garden needs by tracking the weather and soil conditions. These devices provide water in a controlled manner and let your lawn look green and fresh. The controlled sprinkling makes sure no more water is wasted.

On that note, our hunt for an amazing smart sprinkler led to the new Rachio 3 smart sprinkler system. Here, we will see what is smart gadget is capable of and why it’s our best pick.

Rachio R3e Overview

The Rachio R3e is an 8-zone smart sprinkler that works with the Amazon Alexa. This is one of the most flexible and easy to use smart sprinkler controller for your lawn or your garden. Its got a lot of water-saving potential thanks to its controlled smart action. The Weather Intelligence feature controls everything from timely watering and adjustments.

Rachio R3e Smart sprinkler Design

The Rachio R3e smart sprinkler uses the weather data and information to adjust the water sprinkling level during rainy or snowy days. With the WiFi connectivity, you can set and control programs at your fingertips. The Rachio app makes it easy to analyze sectional water needs. It lets you select the level of sprinkling required. With features like the smart seasonal shift, you get excellent efficiency.

A thing to note is that that the Rachio R3e is a budget-oriented smart sprinkler and has a limited feature list compared to its older versions. There is no Yard Map or the Apple HomeKit support. If you’re looking for a less expensive, high-quality water sprinkler, then the Rachio R3e is a perfect choice.

Design and Installation

The Rachio 3rd gen smart sprinklers are excellent and the R3e also boasts a similar design. It comes with a simplified front panel that has limited sprinkler control buttons. There is also an LED indicator that shows the number of zones left to cover.

This smart sprinkler is durable and you can install it in a jiffy. Remove the existing controller and mount the new Rachio R3e. There are mounting clamps that help you reduce the fuss of wicked and tiring installation.

Rachio R3e smart sprinkler 3

The smart sprinkler controller needs to be connected to the Rachio app on your phone. It connects through the WiFi and lets you customize everything from schedules and auto sprinkling. Within the app, you can access a variety of customized schedules to meet the needs of each zone.

The Rachio 3 version work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Nest, and SmartThings. With these, you can control and automate the sprinkler using smart speaker voice commands and get the status updates. You have to get the higher version for smart home support for an additional price.

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Key Features

The Rachio R3e is a low-cost smart sprinkler that aims to meet the needs of those who need good quality sprinkler controller system at a reasonable price. It comes with features that help you save a lot on the water bills through its controlled action.

The star feature is the wireless connectivity and automated water sprinkling. It connects with the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa and lets you set scheduled watering through the voice prompt.

Rachio R3e smart sprinkler 2

The smart sprinkler connects with your smartphone via the Rachio app and lets you customize a lot of things. It is purely app-based and offers wireless control with historical data. This smart sprinkler analyses your soil type and adjusts the required level of water your garden needs. Moreover, the Rachio R3e can be controlled by your family members by giving them special access.

There is also the weather analysis that features the Rain Skip, Wind Skip, and Seasonal Shift. The Rain and the Wind Skip analyses the ambient climate and track the wind and rain speeds to deliver water adequately. It skips the schedule if there’s rain over the area.

Key Features: WiFi connectivity | 8 Zone access | Alexa and Google Assistant support | App-based programming | Scheduled watering | Soil analysis | Weather and location tracking | Rain Skip | Seasonal Shift

Pros and Cons

Here is what we most liked and disliked about the Rachio R3e smart sprinkler control system.


  • Easy to Install
  • Smartphone connectivity
  • Scheduling options
  • Auto weather detection


  • No built-in display
  • No Weather Intelligence+ support

Pricing and Availability

The Rachio R3e is the best smart sprinkler that can manage your lawn and garden without your notice. It is a low-cost version of the 3rd Gen Rachio smart sprinkler, with not all but important features. you can get this smart sprinkler from Amazon directly in under $130. At present, you get only the ‘8 zones’ guy, but there is always the Rachio 3 that offers the 16 zones automated sprinkling.

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The Rachio R3e is a good device to get a clear cut picture of why a smart sprinkler is important. The Smart sprinklers lets you control and reduce water consumption without destroying the beauty of your lawn, garden, or backyard. The reasonable price makes it a great deal if you are looking for a smart sprinkler controller under $130.

The only issue that you might feel with the Rachio R3e is the limited access to certain features like the Weather Intelligence Plus or the Rain sensors. Apart from that, its one of the best budget-oriented smart sprinkler controllers you can ever get.


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