How to Make Free International Phone Calls from iPhone with FaceTime Audio?

Last Updated: December 17, 2017
Free International Phone Calls iPhone

FaceTime Audio Calls allows you to make Free International Phone Calls from iPhone. FaceTime calls support both Audio and Video calls for free from any iPhone, iPads and even from Mac. The nice thing about FaceTime calls is, you don’t even require a phone number to make and receive facetime calls. Basically, you can call any iPhone or iPad that registered with an Apple ID.

When you make Facetime calls, it doesn’t matter whether you are in local or international. The FaceTime calls support both national and international calls for free between iPhone to iPhone or other between other Apple devices. Let us see how to make free international calls from iPhone through Facetime Audio.

When you open your contact list, you can see audio and video buttons near to FaceTime feature.

iOS7 FaceTime Audio

The only requirement for this call is that both devices should be on iOS platform which supports FaceTime. You are free to call unlimited calls using this feature to anywhere in the world.

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Free FaceTime International Audio Call

If you are calling to a number that is not supporting FaceTime or not using an iOS device, don’t worry, you will end up an error message like this. Tap on Audio Call button near to FaceTime. You will get an error message if that phone number is not an iOS number or not support FaceTime Call.

ios7 FaceTime Audio Fail

This is an excellent feature to make audio calls to an iOS number anywhere in the word as absolutely free. It is neither going to charge you International rates for the calls nor utilize excess data for your FaceTime video transferring that was offered by iOS6.

Please see this post How to Watch and Limit Data Usage in iOS7 if you are worried about your excessive data usage in iOS 7.

iPhone FaceTime Calls for Free International Calls

This free international call app is built in with iOS devices and free from Apple. This international free calling feature is a nice add-on from Apple. The Facetime call is easy to initiate and which allows making free calls to another iOS user without utilizing cell phone service provider minutes. The only downside of this call is it may use your 3G or 4G data unless you are not able to connect to WiFi while making the FaceTime Audio Calls. Fortunately, iOS 7 brings up the new feature that will help you to choose Audio or Video FaceTime Calls per user choice anywhere in World.


  1. Watch out!!! A number of people in the Uk have reported that their mobile company have charged for international calls made on facetime. Check the Telegraph – listed on Google search.There are a few specific instances where using Facetime audio for international calls may no longer be free. If facetime video is not working and you switch to audio in the call, it switches to an international call charge. I just found this explanation on apple somewhere but it is well hidden and i cannot find it again!!! I am lucky that my call was short, the intl charges not that expensive(£20) and my mobile operator refunded the call, although they could not identify what happened exactly. Be careful!!!

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