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Govee Lyra Corner Floor Lamp: A Unique Smart Lamp for Your Living Room

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Smart LED lamps are taking over our homes and are becoming one of the main attraction in your living room or media room. The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp is a smart lamp that redesigns the concept of corner lamps. This smart gadget features the most modern design a floor lamp that can work with your voice command.

Recently, we’ve got our hands on the Govee Lyra smart floor lamp, and here are our thoughts and impressions.

Govee Lyra Corner Lamp: Overview

The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp is not just an LED floor lamp. It got something that can literally lit up the ambient mood around your home. The new Govee Lyra is a free-standing floor lamp with a stylish light pole that can generate millions of color shades the way you need. It works on the new and improved RGBIC technology and can display customized ambient lighting.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp Light Sample

What makes it pretty innovative is its new and enhanced RGBIC technology. Apart from the RGB color scheme, there is an option to mix these lights into soothing light effects. You can easily assign stylish light displays from a range of 25+ presets to help elevate your home and living space.

The Govee Lyra Floor lamp is a smart free-standing lamp for your home. It comes integrated with Alexa and Google Assistant. The Govee Home App is from where you can control almost everything related to this flashy home smart light. As we go on, we’ll talk about the design and other aspects of the Govee Lyra Free standing accent light.

Design and Build Quality

Govee Lyra is the maker’s first free-standing smart floor lamp. The free-standing vertical design is the striking part when it comes to the Lyra in terms of the design. A bit of installation and assembly leads you to a vertical pole that stands at 58″.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp LED Stem Design

The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp needs a bit of assembly as the central frame comes as a detachable 3 frame unit. These 3 frames need to be attached together in order to slide in the LED strip. The aluminum-coated frame is pretty sturdy and can be attached with the screws that come with the whole package.

The LED pole is textured with satin aluminum that runs through to the base. This coating makes it durable and acts as a protective layer for the LEDs. Also, there is a soft glow diffusing material that helps in giving a uniform glow and not staggered bright spots.

Govee Lyra Corner Smart Lamp Top

Once the frame or the long pole is made, it is then time to attach it to the weighted base. Attaching the LED strip is not much of an issue as there are adhesives. These hold the lamp firmly onto the pole or the central frame. Near to the base, there is the AC power adapter that goes into your wall socket.

Govee Floor Lamp Dimension

The Govee Lyra is a glow lamp that is designed to be placed away from you. By this, we mean that it should be placed ideally neat the wall or the corner in such a way that the light gets reflected. The bright glow of light that gets reflected from the walls makes it look pretty much aesthetic than being focused right at you.

Govee Home App

The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp as you know is a smart lamp that comes with Smart Assistant Support. You can download the Govee Home app for Android or the iPhone from the Play Store or App Store. Within the app, there is the option to add the floor lamp into the home window. Being connected to the WiFi lets you control the Lyra Floor Lamp the way you need.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp Smartphone App

You can customize it with different color schemes and set timers and other things quite easily. There are different modes like the music mode and custom LED presets that are more accessible via the Govee Home app. We will get a bit deeper with the app-based controls as we move on.

Govee Lyra Smart Lamp Control

There are three ways in which you can control Govee Lyra RGBIC Floor Lamp. These include the App based control, wireless remote, and the Smart Voice Assistant. We really loved the remote controller unit and it has all the essential control buttons intact. The app-based control, via the Govee Home app offers much more controls than the remote controller.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp Remote Controller and Smartphone Control

Although the app does not steal the entire show, there are certain options like the Effects Lab and DIY setup that are worth praising, which allows to customize based on your need. The features like the multi-color mode and other setups are only available through the Govee Home app. Within the app, there is pretty much everything you need to bring out the best in the Lyra Floor Lamp.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp Smartphone App Control

When it comes to the wireless remote controller, you will find that it’s pretty compact and lightweight. There is a magnetic remote mount near the base that lets you keep the control for easy access. Using the remote controller unit, you can set the brightness, temperature, color, and music mode apart from just turning on and off the lamp.

Govee Lyra Smart Corner Floor Lamp Remote Controller

The last method by which you could control is via the Smart Voice Assistant. The Govee Lyra LED floor lamp has support to Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You can power on, adjust brightness and change the color with your voice. If you set up Govee lamp with the Govee Home app, you can go ahead to the Amazon Alexa app or Google Assistant app to set up the device for the smart speakers.

In case you need to access the multi-color or the responsive music modes you will need to switch to the app or the remote controller. Such options are not available with the voice control using Google Assistant or Alexa.

Govee Lyra: Features

The Govee Lyra corner lamp might look like some usual corner tall lamp with an RGB strip on it. However, there are certain things we loved about the Govee Lyra smart corner lamp. Here are the best features that make the Govee Lyra lamp unique among other floor corner lamps.

RGBIC Technology

The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp works on RGBIC technology and is pretty much similar to the monitor pixels. Every LED present in the lamp comes with its own IC to control colors individually. This makes the Lyra floor lamp produce lighting effects and scenes that a normal LED strip cannot. The LED strip used in the Govee corner lamp can produce multiple colors at a time.

Lighting Modes

The lighting modes in the Govee Lyra Floor Lamp are pretty unique. There are tons of preset lighting effects and even custom-made effects that you can easily access from the Govee Home app.

The effects lab on the Home app lets you play with colors and in turn, lets you produce stunning lights for lit up your mood. Apart from customized lighting, there include preset ones that include Fireworks, Halloween, Sunset Glow, and many more. The Music Mode adds effects when you play some music in the background.

Smart Assistant Support

This new Floor Light from Govee features the Smart Home Assistant support. The smart corner lamp is compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. With this, you can control the working of the lamp using your own voice. You should set up the smart lamp using Amazon Alexa or Google Home to control using your voice.

Pros and Cons

Govee Smart lamp, with our few days usages, has managed to show off its good and bad sides. Here are some concerning factors about the Govee Lyra smart lamp before you consider buying it.


  • Multicolor (16M total colors)
  • Offers good brightness (1500 lumens)
  • Solid build quality
  • Built-in mic to support Music
  • Alexa & Google Assistant support.
  • 25+ Color Lightning Effects.


  • Limited wireless remote controls
  • No Apple HomeKit or Siri support
  • Comes at a higher price tag


Key Features: Futuristic design | RGBC technology | Opaque silicon LED diffuser | WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity | Govee Home App | Alexa, Google Home support | Aluminum profiling | 1500 lumen brightness | Lighting modes | Reactive Music mode | inbuilt Mic | 25+ Lighting effects

Pricing and Availability

The Govee Lyra LED Floor Lamp is a great piece of smart gadget that can give an aesthetic touch to your living space. It features decent LED lighting and works on RGBIC technology. If you think the Lyra Floor Lamp is something that your home needs, then head to Amazon to get one.

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  • Futurist & Modern Design: Timeless minimalist design of the floor lamp for living room that infuses...


The Govee Lyra Floor Lamp is quite innovative and modern in design. Yet it keeps a minimalistic touch of its own when it comes to performance. This smart LED floor lamp is a solid build and is for those who look to enhance the ambiance of their home with splendid colors.

With plenty of customizations, DIY setups, and dynamic color schemes, the Govee Lyra floor lamp is something that will turn a lot of heads. But yet, the price tag seems a bit high and I guess the Lyra Floor Lamp will face tough competition from its decently priced peers once things start heating up.


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