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How to hide your secret files in an image?

Did you ever think to hide a personal file from others? Do you afraid that somebody will try to open or find out your hidden files from the computer? If you think so, this article is for you.

There is an easy way to hide your personal file underneath a picture file. Let us have a look on this technique by an example. In this case I am trying to hide test.txt file in image.jpg file…

Step 1. Put your hidden file (test.txt) and your image file(image.jpg) in the same folder(trick).

Step 2.Put all these files into a RAR archive (Zip all the files). Here named this archive as Hidden.rar

Step 3.Open Command Prompt and go to the folder where you place the files. eg: c:trick

Step 4.Type the following command

copy /b image.jpg + hidden.rar result.jpg

result.jpg is the JPG image file that we want to create.

Step 5. Now you will have 4 files in the folder. image.jpg, test.txt, hidden.rar and result.jpg

Step 6. If you open result.jpg file, you will see the same image like image.jpg.

Step 7. If you open result.jpg file with WinRAR, here is what you will get (test.txt and image.jpg).

Enjoy this simple trick to hide your file.

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    • Reply to Free Nintendo Wii ISO Downloads: You can burn the file as a data cd burn mode. When you want to read the hidden file, copy the file to system hard disk and do the reverse process. Good Luck.


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