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How to rename PC remotely?

You can remotely rename a workstation if you have local admin password and domain admin credentials. The advantage is that you don’t need to visit each PC and login to admin to do this and you can save a lot of time if you are planning to do this renaming in an enterprise level. This is based on command netdom. The first step, you have to download Windows Support Tools from here:

Install the support tools. Open the command prompt from your PC program files.

Click on Start>All Programs> Windows Support Tools >Command Prompt

Type the command below and replace the quoted words with your system attributes.
Hit Enter, the system will reboot and rename when turn on back.

netdom renamecomputer 'computername' /newname:'new computername' /userD:'domainnamelusername' /passwordd:'domain admin password' /usero: "local admin name' /pass
wordo:'local pc password' /reboot:60

This will save a lot of effort and time from the admin level. You can do all renaming from one single PC and even you don’t need to touch the server for this purpose.

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