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How to Soft / Hard reset Nokia Phone?

Do you feel your Nokia phone isn’t working properly or not responding quickly? Are you having weird problems that you didn’t have when you first got your Nokia phone? Did you try all the alternatives to solve it?

May be the last solution is a soft / hard reset of the device. Below are tips on how to reset your Nokia Symbian based mobile phones. Please be aware that all your contacts, messages, calls, applications, themes, everything will be gone.


Soft Reset

Soft Reset will clear pending errors and bring your mobile to an initial state by restoring Factory setting. To operate this function on your mobile, the shortcut is: *#7380#. This function apparently works on almost all Nokia mobile phones.


Hard Reset

  • It may happen that despite you have restored your mobile to factory setting, the error still exist. In this case, it is recommended that you opt for Hard reset.
  • Enter the code: *#7370# and press Yes to confirm initialization.
  • To make a Hard Reset on a Nokia phone that is not willing to turn on, just press simultaneously these 3 buttons: on/off + * + 3

After rest your phone will restart to factory setting.

Please see the reset keys for various nokia models in new nokia category.

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