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All about iPhone status icons

iPhone Status icons in the status bar at the top of the screen give status information about the apps. There has a lot of questions about the status icons and we don’t know all those icons and what they are indicating.

This article is describing all the icons that may display on iPhone’s top navigation bar. It is good to know those icons while you are using iPhone apps

Based on those icons indications, you can turn off some functions to save your battery (like location service) and good to know your iPhone is connected to a 4G or 3G network, WiFi ON or OFF… Please see all icons marked with numbers and follow the same number for icon description.

1, Cell signal*: Shows whether you’re in the range of the cellular network and can make and receive calls. The more bars, the stronger the signal. If there’s no signal, the bars are replaced with “No service.”

2, UMTS: Shows that your carrier’s 4G UMTS (GSM) network is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network. (iPhone 4S only. Not available in all areas.)

3, UMTS/EV-DO: Shows that your carrier’s 3G UMTS (GSM) or EV-DO (CDMA) network is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.

4, Wi-Fi*: Shows that iPhone is connected to the Internet over a Wi-Fi network. The more bars, the stronger the connection.

5, EDGE: Shows that your carrier’s EDGE (GSM) network is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.

6, Airplane mode: Shows that airplane mode is on—you cannot use the phone, access the Internet, or use Bluetooth® devices. Non-wireless features are available.

7, Alarm: Shows that an alarm is set.

8, VPN: Shows that you’re connected to a network using VPN.

9, GPRS/1xRTT: Shows that your carrier’s GPRS (GSM) or 1xRTT (CDMA) network is available, and iPhone can connect to the Internet over that network.

10, Syncing: Shows that iPhone is syncing with iTunes.

11, Battery: Shows battery level or charging status.

12, TTY: Shows that iPhone is set to work with a TTY machine.

13, Lock: Shows that iPhone is locked.

14, Call Forwarding: Shows that Call Forwarding is set up on iPhone.

15, Network activity: Shows network activity. Some third-party apps may also use the icon to show an active process.

16, Personal Hotspot: Shows that iPhone is connected to another iPhone providing a Personal Hotspot.

17, Play: Shows that a song, audiobook, or podcast is playing.

18, Portrait orientation lock: Shows that the iPhone screen is locked in portrait orientation.

19, Location Services: Shows that an item is using Location Services.

20, Bluetooth*: Blue or white icon: Bluetooth is on and paired with a device.

Gray icon: Bluetooth is on and paired with a device, but the device is out of range or turned off.

No icon: Bluetooth is turned off or not paired with a device.

21, Bluetooth battery: Shows the battery level of a supported paired Bluetooth device.

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