iPhone Location Based Reminder for Your To Do List

Last Updated: August 16, 2019

Now you can set your grocery list to remind you when drive near to  grocery store. As we know that reminder can set to pop up for a certain time and date. But when it is capable to remind you approach a location, best feature that can be utilize in our iPhone for our shopping with other todo list.

iOS Reminder app provides this nice feature integrated with iCloud, that helps you to sync with all iOS devices.


Think about we are planning to check about a new Tablet when we reach near to Electronics Store, or to buy grocery when we approach some specific store. You can do that with your iPhone.

Your iPhone can remind you to buy Grocery when you travel near to the Grocery Store. You can setup to remind you to check the new tablet when you drive near to the Electronics store.

Let us go through the easy setup to set todo list with location based reminder. Open your reminder app from your iOS device and add new todo in any one of the list.

We set in EBuy list as shown in the example below that reminds to buy camera. Once you add list, then tap on right arrow key associated with the todo line that already entered. Turn on ‘At a Location’ on next screen and pick your choice from ‘When I Leave’ or ‘When I Arrive’.

reminder-set   reminder-location-on

The next screen will allow you to pick the address from your address list. Please select the shop address that you want to set the reminder.

Once you set , then you can see outlined location service icon on the top menubar. If it is not there, go to settings and turn on location service to activate this feature. You are almost done with the setup procedure.

reminder-address   reminder-popup

You will get the popup notification when you travel near to the address that you set. It is possible to set multiple locations for different todo list entry.

This location based reminder is very useful when you prepare your grocery list. You can add the list and set to your favorite grocery store location. iPhone will remind you to buy your grocery when you drive near to the store that you set.

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