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Best Receipt Scanner and Organizer App for Android& iPhone

No more clutter in your car or at home, use any one of these iPhone receipt scanner apps or receipt apps for Android to scan receipts with the smartphone. Keep these receipts organized with dates to retrieve those easily with few taps on your Smartphone app. These receipts scanners are come in handy when you want to get back the receipts to claim warranty on a product or return the item. In addition to this convenience, these receipts are printing by using thermal printing technology. If you keep these receipts in day temperature like inside your car, all these printed letters will vanish away after few months extreme day temperature.

Access these receipt scanner app to get a fast way to manage your pesky little nuisances disorganizing your place, here are some of the best receipt apps for Android and iPhone.

Genius Scan

Key Features: Automatic real-time document scanning, Edit your scans after capturing the documents and Save the scans in more than one format | Download: iTunes | PlayStore

Genius Scan

Genius Scan is a powerful receipt scanner app for Android and iOS. Through the help of the document easily with the smart page detection coming with the app. Get rid of any sort of paper document and archive them to cloud storage services like Dropbox. Archive handwritten notes and share with the colleagues with ease. Increase the legibility of the document through black and white or color post-processing. Smart document names make the receipt app adapt to your workflow. Every scanned document processes on the phone not sent to a third party server. Through batch scanning, a person can scan pages in a row regardless of the number of the documents.

Office Lens

Key Features: Comes with whiteboard and document mode, Sketch the ideas and snap its picture and Increase your productivity | Download: iTunes | PlayStore

Office LensHave a scanner in your pocket with Office Lens. Always keep your documents handy with this receipt scanner app and increase productivity by sharing your ideas with others. Never lose any receipt by scanning them to OneNote and use the powerful search of the app to get them quickly. The app trims enhance and make the pictures of whiteboards readable when you need them most. You can easily annotate the pictures easily in Word and OneNote when you want to. Through the business card mode, extract the contact information with ease and save them in your address book. Saved pictures are easily convertible to other formats.

Evernote Scannable

Key Features: Turn every business card in the form of contacts, Go paperless in every manner and a scanner is always there in pocket in the form of this app | Download: iTunes

Evernote ScannableAutomatically capture high-quality scans whenever you need with the help of Evernote Scannable available for your smartphone. Scannable receipt scanner app automatically rotates, crops and adjusts your scanned image to make them more clear while reading. Just point your camera at the documents you want to scan and send them to anyone via email or in a text message. The scans are easily convertible into PDF and images to store them on Evernote. As a receipt scanner and organizer app, it does works intelligently and efficiently processes the data acquired. This iPhone receipt scanner does come with a default auto-scanning mode and manual scanning to configure the scan, as you want.

Receipts – Income, Expense, and Mileage

Key Features: Autofill feature to type in the new receipts, Attach voice memos along with other multimedia content and Use your budgets to track the spending | Download: iTunes | PlayStore

ReceiptsTrack your monthly expenditure through Receipts app. It is one of most customizable and powerful receipt scanner app. Save your time with the receipt scanner as it comes with autofill features. This receipt scanner comes along the option to embed photos as well as drawings in the reports of PDF nature. The zip report and attachment files are easy to send to others. Keep more than multiple devices in sync. Manage all your receipts by separating them into categories and subcategories. Mark the important items by a tint color and highlight them. Keep the financial data secure with the help of the passcode feature.

Genius Scan

Key Features: Scan a document anywhere and anytime with ease, Allows to perform multiple scan in a row and Share every scanned document over Wi-Fi | Download: Play Store | iTunes

Genius ScanKeep a scanner handy in your pocket with Genius Scan. The receipt scanner app is always when you want to scan anything. This bill scanner app also detects the page frame cropping it and correcting the perspective. There is no need to capture a straight shot and during the scan, any unwanted background automatically removes.

Also, save the handwritten memos and book pages for the future reference. All the scanned documents processes on the phone, not sent to a third party server. Protect your document through your fingerprint on your smartphone. The legibility of the document is enhanced by the app by performing black and white as well as color post-processing.


Key Features: Manual data entry on every receipt, Transform receipt images into accurate data and One-click tracking | Download: iTunes | PlayStore

ShoeboxedTrack your receipts as well as expenses simply by snapping a picture. This receipt organizer app automatically extracts the information regarding the vendor, total amount, payment method, date and also categorizes the receipts. Generate and send your expense report to any person through email in seconds. The mobile app is directly linked to the personal account present on the official website. Turn bookkeeping into a breeze through the help of the app. Export the expense reports to more than one place easily through the app. There are many subscription-based plans available for users. Use the app to know your expenses in the best way possible.


Key Features: Scan the QR code and Bar Code easily, Multi-page scans and Automatic upload available for the users| Download: Play Store

ScanbotFinish your search for the best document, PDF, and receipt scanner app by opting for Scanbot. The receipt app scans everything from the business cards to whiteboards regardless of their size. Capture the documents as well as receipts with full efficiency. There are many filters available to apply on the scan. The annotation tool of the app is highly useful. The developer claims 98% satisfaction is obtainable through this receipt scanner and organizer. It is the perfect tool to save any item digitally with ease. Existing scans are also available for modification and can be corrected by moving or deleting them.


Key Features: Functions like a virtual accountant, Make expense reports that do help you and Automatic credit card import | Download: Play Store | iTunes

ExpensifyExpensify is a great tool to do expense report management. The receipt scanner does come with all the features that make it worth for a try. The mileage and time tracking option of the app allows you to know all the changes in expenditure taking place. The app easily captures the receipt and does come with global currency compatibility. Capture all your expenses with ease and reports on the go. The smart scan feature does import the receipts details for you. Categorize, tag and group expenses into a report to know them while searching.

Smart Receipts

Key Features: Create custom PDFs with the scanned receipts, Organize the Reports of your expense and Export the reports to PDF, CSV and ZIP | Download: Play Store

Smart RecieptsSmart Receipts is an open source receipt scanner app allowing you to do much more than just scanning. Turn your phone into a mileage tracker and expense manager with ease through the app. Generate expense reports that come with both efficiency and flexibility.

There is no need to worry about the security of the data, as it does not go to any third-party advertiser. Take receipts through your camera’s phone easily. The output is fully customizable and allows the person to edit it completely. Automatic backup support via Google Drive to ensure data recover at any possible time.

Receipt Scanner – Num Receipts

Key Features: Append more than images for long receipt, view the report of your spending dynamically and Automatic tags the retailer | Download: Play Store

Receipts ScannerNum receipt scanner is basically designed for tracking the personal and other daily expenses. Backup the paper receipts to your SD card as well as on the Dropbox account. You can easily add a four-digit passcode to add extra security to the data. You can also generate pie chart and bar chart report on the data of one to twelve months. Set the payment default to a credit card, cash or check to ease the movement. Auto exchange rate calculation to aid the person to get the correct amount while they making foreign purchases.

For sorting the clutter out by using the receipt scanner and organizer available for Android and iOS. These receipt apps do aid in tracking your daily or monthly expense to know when you are spending more than the budget. One can easily scan the receipts with the camera and keep them in our storage. You can categorize them with their types and organize them in the best possible method.

Keep your receipts in one place and organized through these receipt scanner apps. Stay on the high end of your expenses with the apps that will surely come handy. Manage your receipts with the best options available in the market. These receipt Scanner and organizer apps are great to scan as well as safeguard them for long purposes.

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