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10 Best Severe Weather Tracker Apps for Android and iOS

Technology is so advanced, and now we have a hurricane tracker app to track severe weather in your area. These severe weather tracker apps help you prepare for natural disasters and minimize the loss. These hurricane tracker apps function as hurricane tracker maps and severe weather maps, allowing the person to take necessary steps in the needed situation. Through these applications, the reach of the amenities is trouble-free, and one can talk to emergency service. In times of disaster, they can be lifelines and serve you in multiple ways, regardless of location and budget.

Here are some of the severe weather tracker apps that do assist in emergency functions and can come in handy anytime.

Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker has been tracking the storms prevailing worldwide for about 7 years. It is one of the most utilized severe weather tracker apps available for iOS. The weather report is in-depth written discussions and analysis from the team of app makers.

This hurricane tracker app provides users with tropical audio and storm video updates. The model watch section of the app gives what might happen next, allowing it to stay ahead of the calamity. The team of experts makes custom graphics giving the users more than the basic information. This app does not cover the storms near Australia and Western Pacific.

Key Features: Contains almost 65+ maps and images | Grabs info from dozen of satellites | Push Alerts

Download: iOS | Android

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NOAA NowKnow about the hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans through NOAA Now. NOAA stands for National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. This storm tracker app gives all the latest information regarding the data collected by NOAA for thunderstorms. It alerts the people regarding mainland storms and thunderstorms.

All the data comes from NOAA, NASA, and other contributing sources to the severe weather tracker app. This tracker app offers worldwide-animated satellite views and the latest marine conditions. The conditions of the oceans are given to the app by National Data Buoy Center. This app satisfies your need to know more about the prevailing weather conditions.

Key Features: Gives the latest information from the National Oceanic and Atmosphere | Ultraviolet index on the map | Advanced alerting system

Download: iOS | Android

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My Hurricane Tracker

My Hurricane TrackerUse the My Hurricane Tracker app in order to get interactive tracking maps for every hurricane. It also allows the user to receive weather warnings from the National weather service. Push notifications are also available for weather warnings as well as for new storm formations.

Radar, satellite, and sea temperature are also there for the users allowing them to stay updated all the time. One can easily see an outlook of the weather for the next 5 days in the severe weather tracker app from NOAA. Receive notifications every time they are updated by simply pressing the ‘+’ button.

Key Features: Great tool for tracking tornados | A beautiful interface | Search for historic readings of earlier storms

Download: iOS

Hurricane Tracker WESH 2 Orlando, Central Florida

Hurricane Tracker WESH 2Hurricane Tracker WESH 2 Orlando, Central Florida, comes with all-free WESH 2 First Alert Weather and WESH 2 News. Through the interactive maps, forecasts easily get to local shelters and evacuation zones. Get up-to-the-minute from the newsroom of WESH 2.

Use the threat meter to know the perfect time to move from the location to a safe one. A checklist, planning maps, and extra info help prepare the family, home, and pets for the disaster. Share the photos of the storm and videos with locals it might also be shown on TV.

Key Features: Get live updates from Live Wire | Facebook, and Twitter | Provides Hurricane Videos along with warnings

Download: iOS | Android

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Storm Distance Tracker

Storm Distance TrackerStorm Distance Tracker is unique from other severe weather trackers, and the hurricane tracker app is the storm distance measurement. Any user can easily measure the distance in meters, kilometers, feet, and miles. This Storm distance tracker app accurately identifies the conditions and gives the estimated distance of the prevailing storm from your location.

The interface is user-friendly and allows almost anyone to use it easily. If a person is shortsighted, the large icons with visible color make it easy to understand what is available. This storm app can be the perfect science-learning tool for children and teenagers. Every calculation is present in a matter of seconds in front of you.

Key Features: Integrated Facebook and Twitter functions for the users | Results generated in a split-second | Measured the distance in your preferred way

Download: iOS

Weather Live

Weather LiveCheck the weather of the area around you and other places around you with a simple tap through Weather Live. The weather live app gives out a detailed forecast regarding any particular time of day or for the next 7 days in a split second. This Live weather app also gives out the users a current and feels like temperature.

Live animations and graphics accompany other weather data to give a clear view. Switch easily between the detailed as well as compact weather info layouts to know the relevant weather information. The current temperature is there as an icon badge on the app icon on the home screen.

Key Features: Provides accurate sunrise and sunset time | Know the current wind speed and its direction | Get instant info regarding pressure and precipitation

Download: Android | iOS

Weather & Radar

Weather and RadarIf you want to know the highly accurate weather for your location, then choose the Weather & Radar severe weather tracker app. The meteorological data on the app updates about every 15 minutes and gives the weather conditions of any location. Through hourly weather forecasts, you can plan your day as well as your next move to avoid any trouble.

The sunshine hours and UV index are great for knowing the impact of sun rays on the skin. This Radar app directly displays the current weather to your status bar and shows the relative humidity and barometric pressure. The animated radar loop allows the user to trace clouds and rainfall easily.

Key Features: Real-time zoomable rainfall and weather radar | 14-day weather forecasts | Make your favorites list to know weather conditions instantly

Download: Android | iOS

Hurricane Tracker-Severe Weather Alert Storm Radar

Storm Radar-Hurricane TrackerStay safe in case of a storm or Hurricane with Hurricane Tracker-Severe Weather Alert Storm Radar. The app gives the user total historical data regarding hurricanes and tropical storms. The hurricane tracker app shows any information about impending severe weather with their strength rating.

The app’s data layers are customizable, allowing the user to access the overlays according to their demand. View the weather in a manner that is not available on any severe weather app for the smartphone. It also allows the user to see 100 miles of lightning prevailing around any continental location of the USA.

Key Features: High-resolution weather radar | Local storm reports | Accurate lightning data for users

Download: Android | iOS


MyRadar Weather RadarMyRadar is one of the best, easiest, and simplest severe weather tracker apps for people out there. The app gives the user a nationwide temperature overlay visualization on the top of the map. Track the hurricanes and tropical storms in real time to know their position.

MyRadar app also contains nationwide AIRMETs and SIGMETs to follow flights with advanced aviation features. You can also share your weather photos to give other people real-time weather reports. Check the potential precipitation over the radar that is coming your way through the app with ease. Animated weather frequently changes with the change in surroundings.

Key Features: High Definition Radar for Weather Tracking | NOAA Alerts for Users | Storm Tracking

Download: iOS | Android

These weather tracker apps can be extremely helpful during situations that arise in case of storms and crises. Each wind and rain tracker app allows people to stay connected when the storm prevails. While the storm damages the properties, these hurricane tracker apps can provide a safe route to a shelter home. Technology is here to ensure the constant flow of information and make the transfer fast and efficient.

Reliable and severe weather tracker apps are a need at the current time. Through these hurricane tracker apps, we can all plan the next hour and the next minute to secure ourselves from the disaster heading our way. The apps do offer severe weather maps to know the weather conditions of a distinct location for alerting close people about the upcoming natural calamity. These tools are efficient in every way and can help you to be prepared and evacuate to save your life.

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