8 Best Solar Chargers for Phones & Tablets to Recharge

Last Updated: June 10, 2019
Best Solar Chargers for Cell Phones

Solar chargers for cell phones are a perfect alternative to conventional phone chargers in emergency situations with no power. There are two different types of solar phone chargers in the market. The solar power bank charger and solar panel chargers for the cell phones. Nevertheless, these solar chargers are good for Android Phones, iPhones, and tablets. Solar power bank charger which is coming with a battery backup can store battery power. However, these solar panels are not powerful enough to charge the cell phones directly.

Here is a list of best solar phone charger for Android and iPhones that you can shop around before next hurricane season.

Our Best Picks:

  • Solar Power Bank with Qi Wireless Charger: Blavour Solar Power Bank is built in with Qi Wireless Charger, USB C Ports with 10,000mAh battery.
  • All in One Solar Power Bank: Titita Solar Power Bank is packed with 1500mW solar panel, compass, flashlights LEDs, etc.
  • Best Solar Charger Panels: Choetech Solar Panel Charger is a 19W solar panel, that can convert about 21.5 to 23.5% of solar power, and deliver up to 2.4 A charge.
  • Waterproof Solar Power Bank: Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Phone Charger delivers 2.4A per port and the housing made up of IPX7 waterproof material.

Blavour Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger

You can charge your device on the go with BLAVOUR Solar Power Bank. This solar power bank is coming with WiFi charging, ideal for iPhone Xs and Samsung Galaxy phones. The product is chargeable through solar or DC input charging. With DC charging, this mobile charger takes only 6 hours to fully charge with 5V/2A adapter. The charger is equipped with both USB and type C ports. There is an intuitive power indicator available at top of the product.BLAVOR Solar Power Bank Qi Wireless Charger

Through the indicator, you can know whether the charger is on/off or contains how much battery. This solar charger for iPhone comes with a battery that offers protection from short-circuits and keeps your connected devices safe all the time. This dustproof and waterproof solar mobile charger can charge an iPhone 8 for 3.5 times, 2.3 times for iPhone X. The charger is made with fireproof material, and IPX4 waterproof and dustproof.

Solar Panel: 1W | Battery Capacity: 10000mAh | USB Ports & Type C Ports | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/2A | Output: 5V/1A, 5V/ 2.1A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

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Titita Solar Power Bank

Titita Solar Power Bank is a nice addition to your gadgets for the next vacation. In addition to 1500mW solar panel, this gadget is packed with features like the compass, flashlights LEDs. This can act as a portable external battery pack to save the energy to use in the night time.

Ayyie Solar Charger

With single crystal silicon solar panel, the solar charger for the mobile phone is highly portable, dustproof and shockproof. These features make the charger an ideal choice for adventure-based activities. There are dual USB ports available that have smart identification and ideal solar charger iPhone. The LED lights are also available in Steady-SOS-Strobe mode. There is a notification light that shows a green light when solar charging and blue for USB.

Solar Panel: 1.5W | Battery Capacity: 10000mAh | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/1.0A | Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/2.1A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

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Dizaul Portable Solar Power

Dizaul solar charger power bank is built with eco-friendly silicone rubber and ABS + PC material. The rubber paint surface is to protect from bends and impacts. This solar charger for mobile is coming with an inbuilt battery of 5000mAh. This Solar smartphone charger can easily charge two devices at the same time through Dual USB ports.

Made with the Football grain design, it has an anti-skid protecting effect while using. With the free hook, you can easily charge while trekking by hanging on your backpack. The smart LED indicators show the remaining portion left to charge while charging it. This solar charger for iPhone and Android takes about 6 to 7 hours to fully charge in one instance.

Solar Panel: 1.2W | Battery Capacity: 5000mAh | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/1.0A | Output: DC 5V/1A DC 5V/1A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from  Amazon

Feellee Outdoor Portable Solar Power

When you want more battery backup time with your Solar Power Banks, Feellee is your best bet. This Outdoor portable Solar Power is offering a 24000mAh Li-Polymer battery to store the power. This will be enough to charge an iPhone 6s for 10 times, iPhone 7 for 9 times, Samsung S7 for 5.5 times and iPad Air 3 times.FEELLE Portable Solar Power Bank

In addition to the high capacity battery, Feelle is coming with three solar panels to recharge the battery. Usually, all Battery back solar panels we listed above are built with only one panel, where this one is coming with 3 panels. This three panel can supply up to 5W to recharge the battery.

You can charge two devices simultaneously with dual USB and capable to supply up to 2.1A for high-speed charging. The internal circuitry offer overheat and overcharge protection. The flashlight built with the device can operate in three modes (Steady, strobe and SOS modes). The Solar charger for Android with inbuilt battery unit has a rigid design, shock and waterproof protected. The device is coming with 30 days money back and 18 months warranty.

Solar Panel: 5W | Battery Capacity: 24000mAh | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/1.0A | Output: DC 5V/2.1A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

Ruipu Solar Phone Charger

Ruipu offers the largest backup battery with a 1W solar panel. The Lithium-Ion battery built with this solar mobile charger has 24,000mAH capacity. One full charge battery can charge the iPhone about 7 times and tablets about 4 times. Ruipu Solar phone charger comes in two color options, Red and Yellow. The solar charger for Android is compact enough that it can easily fit in your hand and is just a cm wide than iPhone.

Ruipu is coming with three USB ports, 2-2A ports, and a single 1A port. This Solar battery pack can charge three devices at the same time. The battery of the solar charger is rechargeable in four diverse ways. Other than the solar charger and USB charge, this solar panel can be charged with an adapter or light from a lamp. Along with the package, the product comes with a Mini USB fan to get some relaxation on hot sunny days.

Solar Panel: 1W | Battery Capacity: 24000mAh | USB Ports: 3 | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/2A | Output: 5V/2.1A,2A,1A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

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Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Phone Charger

Poweradd Apollo 2 Solar Phone Charger delivers a fast charging at 2.4A per port. The Poweradd comes with a maximum output of 3.4A. The housing of the product is made up of IPX7 waterproof material. This keeps this solar charger for iPhone dust-proof and shockproof at the same time.

Poweradd Apollo Solar ChargerYou can easily charge your iPhone (4.5 times) and Android (Samsun Galaxy 3 times) more than once through the charger. There is also an SOS function in the solar charger Android specially designed for emergency life-saving. The package contains a micro USB cable and climbing hook allowing the person to avoid the purchase of these items.

Solar Panel: 1W | Battery Capacity: 12000mAh | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: 2 LED Lights | Input:DC 5V/2A | Output: 5V/2.4A | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

Choetech Solar Panel Charger

When you run out of power, this is going to be your renewal energy source. Let’s move ahead from normal charging troubles with CHOETECH Solar Charger. This solar panel charger for Android is auto-detecting the device and determine the charging power. Choetech solar charger for mobile can deliver up to 2.4 A charge to ports as well as 3A charge under the direct sunlight. This solar panel uses about 21.5 to 23.5% of solar power to convert it into free energy for device charging.CHOETECH Solar Panel Charger

Built from PET polymer that is extremely durable and rigid, the solar charger is waterproof as well as ultra durable. Enjoy the great outdoors with the limitless power of the CHOETECH Solar Charger. Just spread out the solar panels or attach the charge to the pack for recharging your gadgets. The compact design of the charger makes it easy to move around for charging the device at a given moment.

Coming with advanced safety features, it offers short circuit and surge protection to the people for ensuring the safety of the devices. The 19W sun power solar charger is lighter than solar silicon and allows you to charge your smartphone and tablet at the same time. Use the charger as your battery backup when going for outdoor travel and camping to any place. The stable charging speed of the mobile entirely depends on the intensity of sunlight.

Output: 19W Dual USB 5V/2.4A(Max) | Battery Capacity: No Built-in Battery | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: No | Buy from Amazon

Sokoo Portable

SOKOO Portable comes in a rugged high-wear PVC fabric canvas. This helps to withstand any humidity and impacts on outdoor activities. This mobile Solar panel is incredibly durable due to foldable design available and offers remarkable high conversion efficiency. The built-in smart IC chip identifies the device connected to the USB port and increases the speed of charging to that USB port.

SOKOO Solar Charger

This solar mobile phone charger also protects the devices from overcharging and overloading. This mobile solar panel two times more efficient in comparison to other foldable solar phone chargers available. The product starts charging instantly when placed under the sunlight. The solar charger for Android & iPhone comes with two attachment hooks and 18-month warranty.

Output: 22W Dual USB 5V/2.4A(Max) | Battery Capacity: No Built-in Battery | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: No | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from  Amazon

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Anker Charger PowerPort

Anker PowerPort solar phone charger comes with faster and safer charger technology. This portable charger contains PowerIQ, which discovers and replicates the original charging mechanism of the device.

The solar charger for Android creates an environment where the device accepts the fastest charge speed. Due to its ultra-thin design, it is 14.7 oz in weight and lets you take it anywhere. The solar charger for cell phone built with high-wear polyester canvas ensuring the efficiency during the travel. The device is protected from short-circuiting itself and also protected with surge protection.

Output: 21W Dual USB 5V/3A(Max) | Battery Capacity: No Built-in Battery | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: No | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

Nekteck Solar Charger

Nekteck comes with three solar panels and two charging ports. This Solar charger allows charging two devices simultaneously. The power conversion rate of the panel is up to 21% to 24% allowing the recharging of the devices to be fast. You can get a 5V/2A output from each USB port. The supports the majority of devices for charging and the maximum supply current is 3A. Nekteck Solar ChargerThis nice portable solar panel can easily fit in your backpack. The solar phone charger comes with SmartIC technology that seeks to increase the charging speed to 2A per port. Ensure the juice of the device while on the go through the solar charger iPhone available for you.

Output: 21W Dual USB 5V/3A(Max) | Battery Capacity: No Built-in Battery | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: No | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

Portable BlitzWolf Foldable Resistant SunPower

Coming with dual-USB ports, the Portable BlitzWolf Foldable Resistant SunPower is a great solar phone charger. This smartphone solar charger intelligently detects your devices to provide maximum charging output to them.

It also supports the device that does have a USB C port and charges them efficiently. This can be used as a solar panel power source to charge your Android phone. The rainproof design of the product makes it durable and a great option to carry during travel. You can also charge it easily on a cloudy day and use to recharge your devices. The charger does support a majority of devices and comes with an 18-month warranty.

Output: 15W Dual USB 5V/2A(Max) | Battery Capacity: No Built-in Battery | USB Ports: 2 | Flashlight: No | Waterproof: Yes | Buy from Amazon

We’ve listed two different types of solar phone charger for your mobile phones and tablets. For those who want to use the solar chargers for a long time camping and hiking it is better to have a solar charger power bank to reserve the battery charge to use in nights and evening.

Solar power banks are a combination of both Solar Panel and battery bank. With Solar power banks, you can store some power in battery banks and you can charge the power bank from solar energy. These Power Banks with Solar Panel has also supported USB charging to charge battery from electric power. Usually, the solar panel wouldn’t be that much power to charge the internal battery, but good enough to survive in emergency conditions.

The Solar Charger Panels for smartphones does not have any battery backup. These solar panels are coming with more powerful solar cells, powerful enough to fully charge your mobile phone battery. However, these solar panels have more power rating than solar power banks. Since the solar panels are expected to direct charge the cell phones and comes with more than 20W in capacity.

If you just want to use on sunny daylight, the solar panel is enough and there is no need to have a backup battery with the solar charger. However, these solar chargers for cell phone are easy to use and allow the person to juice up their device regardless of the location.

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