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How to Recover Deleted Files, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders & Emails in iPhone?

Recycle bin is a part of desktop Operating System like MAC, Linux and Windows. But unfortunately, none of our mobile OS is coming with built in recycle bin to recover deleted files from recycle bin like we do in computer operating system.

Now we are heavily depending on our Smartphones to deal with files, photos, videos, contacts and schedules. Smartphones are offering easy interface to deal with files.

It is easy and quick to edit contact list, calendar entries, schedules and even photos with nice phone apps. These apps also make easy to delete unwanted emails and files.

Some time these quick and easy features led us to lose some valid files form your smart phone. Unfortunately, you don’t have any recycle bin to retrieve those files.

Well, Apple start to support their users to recover deleted files from their phone and iCloud account. At this point iOS users can recover deleted photos and videos from their iPhone another files from iCloud. Obviously you need iCloud account and setup and synced your iPhone with iCloud to utilize this feature.

How to recover deleted iOS Contacts?

Apple recently introduced this feature within iCloud account. To recover your deleted contacts, you have to login your iCloud account. From iCloud web interface, click on settings icon and you see a new section named Advanced after My Devices block.

iCloud advanced

Click on Restore Contacts link from there and it will open a new popup box with your contacts archive list. Basically it is the backup copy of your contacts and your can restore your entire contacts from a previous date archive per your choice. This will replace your entire contact with new restored list on all your devices that synced with iCloud account. Before restoring your contacts, Apple will create a copy of your current contacts, just incase you don’t like the restored copy.

How to recover deleted iOS Calendars and Reminders?

The procedure to restore the calendar is same as we described for the contacts. You can restore an Archived copy of your calendar with a previous date.

icloud recover filesThe downside of this process is that once you restore your Calendar and Reminders, you will lose all the sharing information of your calendars and you need to share those calendars again. Also Apple will cancel and recreate all scheduled events and invitations will be reissued. Your friends and family may see a cancellation and new invitation from you after complete this restoration process. Like in contacts, Apple will create a copy of your current calendar and reminders, just incase you want to go back the new copy.

How to recover deleted iOS Photos and Videos?

You may have hundreds of photos and videos in your iPhone and it is not easy to synch all media files with 5GB free iCloud account. Apple let you recover your deleted media files from your iDevice (iPhone, iPad) itself rather than going to iCloud account. ios recover deleted photoTo recover your deleted media files in iOS, go to Photos > Switch to Album View > Find group Recently Deleted > Select Deleted Photos and Videos > Recover. This process is quick, easy and can perform your device itself.

How to recover deleted iCloud Files?

iCloud account will display the list of recently deleted files that already synced up with iCloud accounts. This include the files that created in apps like Pages, Number, Keynote, Notes etc. To restore these files, you have to login your iCloud account with any browsers and go to Settings > Advanced > Restore Files like we did for contacts and calendars.

How to recover deleted Emails from iPhone and iPad?

When You set up your email account in iPhone, you can set to delete or archive e-mails in iPhone email Settings. The difference is that Deleted messages will go to the Trash and Archived messages will go to the All Mail folder. In both case you can retrieve messages that accidentally deleted from your inbox. Please see the more instructions on How to Recover Deleted Email from iPhone / iPad Easily.

Please be aware that your recovery period for any deleted files is limited to certain dates. After this set date by Apple, the files will automatically delete from your iPhone and Apple servers and will not be recoverable. Once you realize that you accidently deleted some files, immediately perform the steps above to recover your deleted data.

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