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How to Send Messages to Yourself on WhatsApp

Many communication apps like Slack, Telegram, and Signal allow you to chat with yourself for quite some time. Recently, the popular messaging platform WhatsApp also joined this list by adding a new feature to Message Yourself. Though texting yourself might sound weird at first, it has some benefits.

In this article, let’s see how to send messages to yourself on WhatsApp from your phone or a computer.

How to Send WhatsApp Messages to Yourself on iPhone/Android

WhatsApp rolled out the message yourself feature on all its platforms like the web, Android and iOS. Make sure you are running the latest version of WhatsApp to use the self-chat feature. If you don’t see the option, it will be rolled out in your region soon.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your phone and tap the Compose icon on the top right. (Android users, tap Compose at the bottom of the screen)
WhatsApp Compose Message iPhone
  1. In the New Chat screen, look for the contact titled (You) along with your phone number and tap on that.
WhatsApp Message Yourself Contact iPhone
  1. Now, start typing whatever message you want to send yourself and tap Send (Arrow) button to send the message.
WhatsApp Send Message to Yourself iPhone

By default, your phone number will be displayed in the Message yourself option on WhatsApp. If needed, you can save your number as a contact.

Since you are sending the message to yourself, you will see the Blue tick icon immediately to indicate that it is seen. Like a normal WhatsApp message, you can see this message on all the linked devices.

How to Message Yourself on WhatsApp Web

The self-chat feature is also available on WhatsApp web and you can use your computer to message yourself.

  1. On any browser, navigate to WhatsApp web. (Make sure your WhatApp web is updated to the latest version).
  2. You will see a Click to Update option on the left tab if there is a new update.
  1. Click the New Chat icon on the top of the left sidebar.
WhatsApp Web New Chat on PC
  1. Click the Contact titled You.
WhatsApp Web Message Yourself on PC
  1. You can start typing your message on the right tab and click Send (Arrow) button once you finish creating the message.
WhatsApp Web Send Message to Yourself on PC

Benefits of Messaging Yourself on WhatsApp

Besides text messages, you can also send images, links, documents, etc to yourself on WhatsApp.

  • Sending Photos Between iPhone and Computer
    Let’s say you want to transfer some photos quickly from your iPhone to your Windows computer. There are multiple ways to do that including sending photos to your email, uploading them to cloud storage, and more. Or you can simply send the photos to yourself on WhatsApp and access it on your computer using WhatsApp web.
  • Taking notes or to-do-lists
    Are you attending an important call at your workplace and need to quickly take notes? Well, you can use the self-chat feature for that. Also, you can create to-do lists and reminders.
  • Storing links
    Though you can add bookmarks for a webpage URL on your mobile browser, it will be available only on that device. If you send the link to yourself, you can access it on all the devices linked to your WhatsApp account.
  • Save your thoughts as voice messages
    You can also use the self-chat feature to record and save as voice messages for future reference or to share them with someone.

    There is no limit on what you can send yourself on WhatsApp. Since the messages are encrypted, it is a secure way to store important information and access it quickly whenever it is needed.

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