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Best Weight Loss Apps for Android and iPhone

Many people in their busy schedules will tend to forget to keep track of their health. In order to make it easier for this generation, many weight loss apps are in our pocket to keep one fit and healthy. The controlled supervision and proper guidance from experts on these weight tracking apps on a daily basis help the user a lot. Considering weight gain as a major issue, users can select the weight loss apps based on the body conditions that suit them well. The exercises provided by these weight tracker apps can perform anywhere without the help of equipment. We can choose these diet tracker apps in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prolonged living. Of course, these apps make the user stick to the routine and make it a healthy habit.

Let us see a few of those pre-eminent weight loss apps that are compatible with Android and iPhone are below.

MyDiet Coach

Diet Coach App coaches the user to set goals and remind them constantly to reach the goal. This weight loss app tracks weight loss, diet, and water consumption in a scheduled manner. Diet Coach app calculates the data of calories burnt and the amount of nutrients intake.

Mydiet coach App

With this diet tracker app, rewards on completing a task provided challenges with friends or with the competitor. The tips to maintain appetite and intake of heart-healthy foods are some of the fun-filling features to keep the user engaged in the weight loss program. This app is compatible with both Android and iPhone. The user can upgrade to the pro version to access panic tips and get further guidance from experts.

Download MyDiet Coach for iOS | Android


This weight tracker app needs WiFi access and account creation for the first user to maintain a profile. Detailed user information is taking into account in it. Frequent blogs by MyFitness Pal are posted on the user wall about various topics related to healthy diets and fitness activities. This diet tracker app maintains a dairy on diet tracker, footstep by connecting to step tracker and progress in weight loss/gain by plotting graph.

MyFitnessPal App

With millions of users for the app in Android and iPhone, MyFitnessPal has impressive ratings and reviews in its bucket. This app can sync easily to a number of apps in a carefree way. In the iPhone, it comes with a barcode scanner to calculate the calories on the food intake. Premium subscriptions are available to gain the advantage of extra benefits.

Download MyFitnessPal Coach for iOS | Android

Lose it!

The stranglehold on the app is done by creating a user profile on the current body condition. The user can earn badges for each progression level. This weight loss tracker app provides an option to choose from maintaining, reducing, and gaining weight options for the user. DNA based insights are also available for tracking to gain knowledge on edible items that will trigger weight loss.

Lose it App

The user can find out calories under budget and nutrient levels by the information provided on weight gain or loss. The app also makes the user stick to it by providing challenging activities with friends or new users. Logging of daily eateries possible by selection from predefined food chart or barcode scanned items or from wish-listed recipes.

Download Lose it! for iOS | Android

Workout for women

This Workout app for woman targets at various levels of workout to burn out a different amount of calories with a slight time difference. Although the basic emphasis is on the 7-minute workout session, this weight loss for woman app provides the user a longer work out time.

Workout for women App

Video, audio, and text-based instructions are provided on the workout to make it easier to understand. The woman workout app makes the count of workouts and calories per day. A graph-based record of change in weight on a daily basis is created. This Fitness app is also available offline to update the details without an internet connection.

Download Workout for women for iOS | Android

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Better Me

Better me app is exclusively for women. This woman weight tracker app is making a note of problematic areas to burn out extra fat and get fit. Workout and nutrition plans listing are based upon user Fitness levels. This app offers to work out to get a well-toned body by encouraging the user to follow the step-by-step exercises.

Better me AppWith proper diet tracker and instructed videos on exercises, this app promises effective results in 28 days. Better Me provides 7 days free trial period. In addition, there is a lifetime access plan with onetime payment. This Weight Tracker app is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Download Better Me for iOS | Android

Weight Loss Fitness

This training program plans according to the user’s body tone by setting fitness levels as per beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. This app creates a 2 months’ work out a schedule with a weight tracker. Weight loss fitness also deals with data synchronization from Google FIT and Fitbit for more accurate statistics and tracking. Beneficial tips and a short note on how to kick-start the workout, eating habits, nutrients intake, and attire are clearly explained for user guidance. Weight loss fitness AppWeight Loss Fitness app suggested a wide variety of exercises for full-body, legs, arms, and abs with video, text, and audio instructions. Installation of other apps that are related to workouts is accepted. By upgrading, the premium user gets zone-focused workouts and 1000+ cool mixes. The user can add more workouts of their own to boost results. Weight loss Fitness app is accessible in Android and iPhone devices.

Download Weight Loss Fitness for iOS | Android

Weight loss

Weight loss app believes in a 7-minute workout plan daily with proven results to stay in shape. You can turn on the music on your favorite apps in the background and continue with exercises. Offline access to this Weight Loss app is provided with video and text-based descriptions for exercises. Voice command and built-in countdown timers for each exercise is an added advantage. Healthiest recipes are prescribing to the user to stay fit and healthy throughout the exercising period. This app is only available for the iPhone and preferable for women.

Download Weight Loss for iOS

Happy Scale

It encourages the users in their tough time of weight gain to keep up the spirit by predicting the weight loss well in advance based on the calculations of previous weight loss data. Weight progress tracker, weekly results, breaking down of major goals into shorter ones, make user relieved of weight gain tension, foreseeing the expected results are some of the typical qualities present in the Happy scale app.  The app automatically syncs with iPhone or iPad and Apple health app. The setup process has an additional passcode feature to secure users’ data.

Download Weight Loss for iOS

Most of the people in this hustle bustle life are least concerned about health issues. People from the software industry are the most affecting ones by weight gain, loss of appetite, and potbellies. Keeping pace with the racing world results in tension and minimal exercises. Let us have at least one of these Weight loss apps to track your diet and keep monitoring your body weight.

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