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Best 8 Free Live Tile Apps for Windows 8 and later

Live tiles are the main attraction of Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 too where the programs are displayed in the Start Screen and getting updated automatically. Live tile apps enables the user to have a sneak peak into the main news happening now in the world.

One may avoid to launch the program in most of the times to get the latest updates. This resembles to the apps in the mobiles in other Operating Systems and the Windows 8 OS is the move towards a single OS for all type of devices.

Now with latest Windows 10, Microsoft retained the Start screen along with these Tile Apps into the Start button for desktop users. In Windows 10, the desktop users will get the old Start button in the Desktop and clicking the Start button will open these Live Tile menu which will updated automatically with latest information. Where the Touch users will get the Start button along with the full screen Start menu that is similar to the Window 8 or Windows 8.1 Start Screen.

Though this facility seems attractive for the laptops and PC’s and mobiles, it is not fully utilized by the developers as of now. So the number of apps utilizing this feature are very less in Windows App Store now.

Win 8 Tile Apps

Here we will find some Windows 8 or 8.1 apps currently utilizing Live Tile feature better. Already, the apps provided by the Microsoft are well utilizing these features. We will also see those apps in this review. These Apps are available in latest Windows 10 too with the live tile feature along with the newly introduced Apps like News & Xbox.

1. Accuweather

One of the main app which uses the Live Tile function from the initial days itself is the Accuweather app. It gives the weather prediction and the important messages in the live tile itself.

Accuweather Tile App

We can also see the temperatures and rain predictions in the tile itself. Mostly there is no need to launch the app to see the concise information on weather.

2. Flipboard

Flipboard is another important app which is widely useful to the most users. It displays the latest news as flash in the live tile itself. It is mostly attractive to see the display of the app in extra large format which is introduced with the Windows 8.1.

Flip Board Tile App

If you are a headline reader who reads the headlines mostly, then it will be worth to check this tile frequently to see the news. There won’t be any need of opening the application most of the times. All you can read from the live tile itself.

3. Facebook

Facebook is another app that uses this feature mostly. And it is too useful to see the latest updates from your friends and any friend requests are pending etc while checking start screen for any purpose. The Live Tile displays friend requests, updates from your friends with easily readable format.

If you are a regular user then you may be definitely need to open the app, but even though you can see the latest at a glance from the live tile.

4. Microsoft apps ( News, Finance, weather, Mail, Travel, Sports, Photos, Health &fitness, Food & drink )

While saying about live tiles, Microsoft apps are showing us the potential of this feature and how it is used. Most of the Microsoft apps are fully enabled with this function. News, finance, weather, sports will be mostly useful to all where the latest happenings in these fields are always updated in this apps and that updates are neatly displayed in the Live Tile. Other apps like photo, people, health, food etc are also utilising this feature but many of us may not be using most of it.


The above listed apps are fully updating automatically now, provided there is a working internet connection to the device. It will be nice to see a new information whenever you click the start button or taking the start screen. There are other apps too that partially using this feature currently. We will see some of the interesting apps that partially uses Live tiles as of now.

5. Pulse

Pulse App is popular among the technical news readers where as the technical news highlights are appearing in this app. Pulse Windows app too does the same to Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 users and it is working good. The main advantage of this Windows app is that the news are arranged as tile format inside the App with date and time sorted format.


So every news irrespective of the publisher will be appearing as tiles and it is much useful when compared to its Android app where the news are coming categorized by publisher.

6. Malayala Manorama

If you are regional malayalam user and reads the content in the regional language, then this app is useful to you to read malayalam news. This Malayala Manorama App is also working fine without much glitches.

manorama tile app

The news will be updated as and when you started your device with live internet connection.

7, Easy Memo

This is a solution for you if you are a busy guy needs an online assistant. Easy Memo App will help you to pin memos to your start screen. You can write highly visible messages on the app’s tile.


You can write and save memos and it can display the memos on the app’s live tile on the start screen.

8, Box

The Windows app for Box is also using the live tile feature but the application will be limited to most of the users. With 10GB free, Box makes it easy to access and edit your files, share content and stay connected with your team from anywhere on any device.

box tile app

Box offers the features like Access, view, edit, share and manage files directly on your Windows 8 or later PC, upload multiple images, videos and files, easily share files and folders as links with Windows  Share and even allows to find content fast with Windows  Search.

To get these Apps visit Microsoft Store for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

In the coming days, we can expect more apps are using the live tile feature and if it is used, then the Windows Start screen will be worthwhile to watch it often. May be the people will like Start screen much better than other versions of Windows.

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