3 Easy Solutions to Transfer iPhone Voice Memos to PC

Last Updated: February 19, 2017
iiphone voice memo transfer

You may need to permanently transfer all your voice memos from your iPhone to PC or MAC to keep a backup. Sometimes you may need to switch to new iPhone and move all voice memos from old iPhone to a new one.

Voice memos is a built in app coming with iOS to record sound. It is simple to use and voice memos are recording in an MP4 format. Sometimes these voice memos will be a critical legal document to prove something or a music concert that you recorded before, or an interview you want to send to your colleague.

As long as your iPhone is with you, you are good with your voice memos. But when you want to replace your iPhone with a new model, or you want to move this recorded voice for legal purpose or to send somebody, then the problem begins.

Apple is suggesting to connect your iPhone to iTunes and sync your voice memos with PC. But sometimes you won’t be able to see voice memos while you connect iPhone to iTunes and won’t be able to transfer memos between your iPhone and MAC or PC.

The easiest solution is to explore into your iPhone folder and copy or move voice memos from your iPhone directly. You can move your photos, books or even songs in the same way by exploring the folder structure of iPhone.

We mentioned iPhone explorer application for Windows and MAC in the previous article to explore the iPhone files and to use iPhone as an external hard disk.

Transfer Voice Memos with iPhone Explore App

iFunBox is an application allows you to manage files on your iDevice without jailbreaking the device. You can see the folders and files inside your iPhone by simply connecting your device with cable onto your PC. In addition to these, iFunBox will organize and show you application, books, photos in a tree structure.

iphone explorer

You can Import and export songs, videos, photos, and ringtones with iFunBox quick toolbox. When you connect your iPhone or tablet, you will be able to see “Voice Memos” on the left sidebar. Click on voice memos that you require or all of them and click on icon “Copy to Mac” to make those files from iDevice into your PC.

Macgo iPhone Explorer is an another free apps that you can try to explore your iPhone and manage the files and voice memo.

Transfer Voice Memos via iTunes.

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your PC which already installed iTunes using the data cable. iTunes will open and may prompt you to sync your device with the computer at this moment. You have to be careful with pop-up warnings with iTunes, it may cause to wipe out your entire phone data and sync from the computer.

iTunes voice memos

Now Left click on your iTunes music folder and check voice memos are available to select on the left sidebar of iTunes window. If not, in the search box in the upper right type in “Voice Memos”. You should be able to see all of your iPhone voice memos, highlight the ones you want to be copied. Right click on the required voice memo and select Add to playlist. Finally, pick the playlist to add to and disconnect your iPhone from PC.

Transfer Voice memos directly from iPhone

if you want to transfer a single file with small size or a couple of small files, you can do it from your iOS device itself. You may have the option to message the voice memo or email it. Latest versions of iOS support to send to dropbox if you already installed dropbox on your iOS device.

iphone voice memos move from phone

You can do this by taping on voice memo that you want, tap on the voice memo you want on your tablet or iPhone. You will see the options to Email or Message the memo. If the voice memo is too big, you won’t be able to message it and you may have to email it.

While considering the easiness and risk factor for losing the data, we would recommend using the first method using File Explore Applications. That is easy to setup, less risk while considering and sync with iTunes.


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