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7 Best Note Taking Apps for Android Phone and Tablet

A good note taking app can be the spot to save anything that crosses our mind. An idea or inspiration can come up at any moment while walking on the street or eating our favorite snack. However, that thought lives for a short period and important to pin it down as soon as possible. Not every time we have a pen or paper on which we can write down, but we can do so on our phone.

Note taking app is a lifesaver serving you every time when you need it and avoiding the need to carry notepad all the time, and here some of the best note-taking apps for Android.


Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Categorize your notes on the basis of color, Write a daily journal easily and Secure backup in SD card | Download: Play Store

ColorNote is treated as a veteran among the entire note taking apps present for Android users. The app is one of the oldest and best Note Taking App on the Play Store for a long period. Simple is the main core of the app and allows you to make two types of notes; lined and checklists. With this note-taking app, you can arrange the notes in a grid or list view to access them easily. The notes app for Android also functions as a powerful task reminder. It also allows you to back up the notes online and synchronize them easily. On ColorNote, there is no notes are sent to the server without your sign-in.


Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: A great option for heavy-duty users, Attach other documents with the note and Multiple widgets with diverse sizes | Download: Play Store

Evernote is a great note-taking app giving you the power to take note in a variety of formats other than just text. The user can easily scan the business cards and sketches to comment on it for saving them in the form of Note. With this Note app, you can start your work on one device and continue the same on another device. Everything there on the notes app for Android synchronizes automatically across any computer, smartphone or tablet. Set reminders on the top of the activities and to-do lists. Search within the pictures present in the note and give quick feedback by making annotations on images.

Google Keep

For Android users, Google introduced Android notes app, Google Keep. The note-taking app inherits material design interface making the notes to show up as cards allowing you to scroll through them. This Android Notes App, Google Keep, also comes with voice notes and share with people in real time. With Google Keep, you can set a location-based reminder note to get alert when you reach near the store or place. For millions, Google Keep is one of the best note-taking app giving you advanced feature like color-coded tags and integrated Google search features. Google Keep supports other mobiles platforms like iOS and one of the best app note-taking app available from Google.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Share your ideas instantly with others, Android Wear Support and Easily Organize day to day tasks | Download: Play Store


OneNote is a note-taking app coming from Microsoft. In the app, you can easily make notes by drawing, writing with hand and clipping web items other than typing. Due to its integration with OneDrive, every note made automatically synchronizes with the cloud storage for future access. The interface of this note taking app is well designed and allows to easily view all the work present on it. Draw attention to the important points and things by using it as a notepad. Through the OneNote badge hovering on screen, you can easily pen done the thoughts in lightning fast speed.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Perfect for organizing long time data, Collaborate with anyone and Make fast notes through OneNote badge | Download: Play Store


Among all the Android note apps available, Notepad is an Android note taking app that is not known to many people. You can easily select the intensity of the brush and color transparency to give the perfect as well as different look to the notes. Notepad app also comes with plotting boards to perform sketching and do graffiti. Notepad allows you to backup/import/export the available notes to the SD card. If you want to avoid the opening of notes by a third person then you can put a password to protect the notes. In addition to this, this Note taking app let you schedule the automatic backup of notes daily or weekly according to your needs.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Add Bookmark option for easy note access, Video Notes and Password Protect your notes | Download: Play Store

Keep My Notes

Keep My Notes is more like a diary or personal notebook inheriting the features of a note-taking app. The app allows you to make and keep the notes without the internet connection for offline access. You can easily lock all the notes present on the app by password and avoid peeping of other people. If you regularly make spelling and grammar mistakes while typing then with the Spell Check feature of the app, you can easily reduce the errors. You can easily change the text size while making the notes in this notes app for Android.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Changeable themes, Offline access and A good app for people looking for digital diary | Download: Play Store

Simple Note

Simple Note is one of the lightweight note apps that you can grab for your low memory phone. The notes app for Android is perfect for people who do not like unusable features on any app. With the simple and clean interface of this Android notes app, making notes is easy and fast. You can easily categorize the notes under the available tags to access them without any trouble when the list grows. Through the go back in time feature that allows the user to see all the edits made and restore them without any trouble.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: No big note organization features, Good for phones that have less memory and Swift as well as efficient | Download: Play Store


LectureNotes is mainly directed toward students making academic notes. The note-taking app is one of the first notes apps for Android to come with stylus support. Handwriting capability of the app is the best feature of the app and makes the work easy for a person with PDF support. The app comes in a free trial and premium version costs $3.89. In the trial version, the user can only get 2 books having 8 pages each. With the presentation mode, the app helps the user to present their notes in a more creative way.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Great handwriting capturing mechanism, Designed for students and lecturers | Download: Play Store

Ultimate Notepad

Not many people know about Ultimate Notepad and the features it offers to the people. This Android Note taking App is a lightweight note-taking app coming with simple functionality to help you in making the notes as fast as possible. With this Ultimate Notepad, every note is open to export from or import to SD card. Coming with search capability, you can easily access every note present on the app. You can easily prioritize notes among the notes present to get them first. The easy to use screens make the app a great tool to pen-down the thoughts.

Access Online: Yes | List Support: Yes | Widget Support: Yes | Key Features: Categorize notes according to their priority and Autosaves the notes while making them | Download: Play Store

Best Note Taking Android Apps

Make sure to install notes app for Android phones, you can easily store the information useful without any trouble. Android Notes app is a great option, as we tend to forget things that are crucial and later on regret. Many Note taking app is available, from which you can decide which one matches your requirements.

These Android Note Apps also turn out an environment-friendly way of making notes by reducing the use of paper. Each of these Notes App for Android allows you to get extra control on the way you make the notes. Select the right Android Notes App for you and start making notes in a less troubling way.

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