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10 Best Android Apps for Amazfit Watches

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Amazfit from Huami is an amazing smartwatch lineup that mainly takes fitness and performance as its core. Huami offers Amazfit in a wide range including the Stratos series or GTS series with 12 sports mode or gets your hands on Amazfit Bip with a stunning 45 days of battery life. Amazfit offers users the freedom to upload any app that they want to access via the smartwatch (although it needs to be compatible) to extend its functionalities such as Mi Fit will enhance how it records workouts and activities or you can customize it further to adhere to your needs.

Well, I have consolidated a list of best apps for Amazfit that must fit your bills and allow you to do more than you could without these apps.


Good for: All Amazfit Watch Models

AmazfitAmazfit is the official app from Huami that supports both iPhone and Android. The app is a powerhouse with a plethora of features built-in. The app keeps track of every activity you make including walking, running, cycling, sleeping, etc and showcases in an easy to understand manner. Amazfit supports a slew of Amazfit smartwatches including Stratos, Stratos+, Verge Lite, among others, which means you can install it without worrying for compatibility although the app has a reputation of going out of sync with updates.

The app ends up logging you out at times or sometimes, you will end up having a hard reset that will eliminate all the data from the app of your activities to vanish. It is one of the best Amazfit apps to try especially on Amazfit Pace units which are pretty much better compared to others.

The app does have some issues with connecting to devices such as with Stratos or others at times.

Shows all notifications on the watch
Easy to use
Keeps track of all your activities

Requires login every day
Trouble connecting to various devices

Price: Contains Ads | Download from Play Store: Amazfit

Mi Fit

Good for: All Amazfit Watch Models

Mi FitWith over 10 million downloads, Mi-Fit is one of the best Amazfit Android apps no doubt. it is the app from Huami for Amazfit watch models. You need at least MiFit or Amazfit app to pair the watch in the beginning. MiFit keeps track of a wide range of activities including walking, running, cycling, etc that you can manually turn on if you want. The app also keeps track of the heart rate on a real-time basis as well as the hours you slept including how much of it was a light and deep sleep.

The app itself analyzes all these activities and showcases in an easy to understand graph. This is a common let down that the app doesn’t give insights on any of the activities it collects, which is a kind of let down. But at the end of the day, the app connects to your Amazfit and works flawlessly giving you accurate tracking in most of the cases.

Tracks a variety of activities
Efficient data presentation

The app has its limitations
Might show different data on watch and phone

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Download from Play Store: Mi Fit


Good for: Amazfit Pace & Stratos

AMFCustomize your Amazfit Pace or Stratos using this mobile phone app that goes by the name AMF. Though available on Google Play Store, it needs a special installation procedure to gain access to the various functions it will offer.

The app lets users customize the way they get notifications on their Amazfit watches. They can add custom vibrations, adds messages to send under the ‘Quick Reply’ section. Furthermore, they can use Google Maps Navigation notifications if they are zooming towards a destination and don’t know the route well. There is a tonne of settings that you can set, troubleshoot, change based on which, the notifications, vibrations, and reminders will be activated.

The app also has a clear and dark mode to go and comes with plenty of in-app purchases that you can check out once you start using the app. It also supports a number of international languages including Hebrew, Italian, English, Japanese, Czech, French, etc. AMF, one of the best Amazfit Android apps is still under development and will get a tonne of new features with the later updates.

Set/customize notifications
Available in multiple languages
More features coming soon

Still under development
Eats up battery life
Doesn’t work unless the phone is unlocked

Price: Contains in-app purchases | Download from Play Store: AMF

Alert Bridge

Good for: Amazfit Bip, Cor, GTS, GTR, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4

Alert BridgeSmartwatches have small screens which mean viewing full content of a message won’t be possible. Although some apps might help, every app has its limitations. One of the best Amazfit Bip apps for Android that fortunately works with a string of Amazfit and Mi Band watches gives you access to view the full content of any message from any instant messengers right on the watch itself.

The app is highly customizable, and one of the best Android app for Amazfit Bip. You can choose the apps that you want to receive notifications from, edit style, title, text, and other entities and it’s done. You need to connect the app to your phone via Bluetooth.

Shows full content of messages on Amazfit
Easy to use & customize

A bit of a task syncing smartphone with it
Notifications are slow at times

Price: Contains Ads | Offers in-app purchases | Download from Play Store: Alert Bridge

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Amazfit Bip Button Controller

Good for: Amazfit Bip

Amazfit Bip Button ControllerAmazfit Bip has a single button that can be programmed to do a lot of functions. The Amazfit Bip Button Controller can be used to program and execute actions. The actions namely are playing music, stopping music, next to or the previous song, turn on or off the volume, launch Google Assistant, etc.

Bip Button Controller can also send broadcast intent, show battery level, and can be used to record sound from 1 to 360 minutes. The file is directly sent to the host device the app is associated to and there you have it.

You can tweak the app, select functions that it needs to execute upon actions like ‘Click Click’, ‘Long’, ‘Click Click Click’, ‘Long Click’, etc. The app is easy to use with the associated smartphone. The app has a few limitations and showcases ads which might be annoying but since it is free, you will have to bear it.

Stable and reliable shortcut controller
Fully customizable to do various functions

Display ads
Configuring can be complicated

Price: Contains Ads | Download from Play Store: Amazfit Bip Button Controller

Tools & Amazfit

Good for: Amazfit GTR, Amazfit GTS, Amazfit Arc, Amazfit Cor, Amazfit Cor 2, Amazfit Bip Lite, Amazfit Bip

Tools & AmazfitExtend the capabilities of your Amazfit smartwatch with Tools & Amazfit. It is a great Amazfit Bip apps for Android and can be used across a wide range of Amazfit models. The app offers a string of features including text support, customizable button control profiles which eases a lot of work as you can simply tap on the button to get things done.

The Tools & Amazfit app offers alarm notifications as well as vibration notification based on your needs. It has different icons, notification times, and vibration patterns for different types of notifications that you can fully customize from within the app itself.

Furthermore, the app comes with a Power Nap feature and the smartwatch will wake you up with vibration notification when the alarm goes off. The app works flawlessly across devices Android v4.3 and above.

Easy to use free app
Power Nap
Notification content filters

The small-sized font on notifications

Price: Available at INR 279 | Download from Play Store: Tools & Amazfit

Notify & Fitness for Android

Good for: Amazfit Arc, Pace, Stratos, Verge, Bip, Mi Dong Cor, Bip Lite, Verge Lite, GTR, and GTS.

Notify & FitnessNotify & Fitness for Android app on the Google Play Store is truly all-in-one apps. It does offer full support to Pace, Stratos, Verge, Cor, and others. Fitness for Android app has text display support for a variety of apps including WhatsApp messages, caller names, etc. It also has custom-made Maps notifications support that will show directions when you are on the move.

The Android app for Amazfit Bip is equipped with tracking each and every aspect of your workout session including steps, GPS location, calories, heart rate, distance, etc. It also has button custom actions where you can set up to change music track and a series of other functions that you set up on the go. It is one of the best Amazfit Bip apps for Android although it supports a large number of Amazfit smartwatches which adds anti-loss phone features, ignore the notification and a tonne of other features.

Notify & Fitness for android has a tonne of free features as well such as firmware updates, sleep tracking, heart monitoring, steps, heart, calorie tracking, and analysis, among others. You can set it up with 8 alarms in case if you want to wake up or notify of something. But note that the app does have limitations such as it doesn’t support custom watch faces on Stratos, Verge, and Pace. The app has notification and vibration features as well which can be customized based on your needs.

Multi-language support
Contains a tonne of features
Real-time tracking & analysis of activities
Light-weight, power-efficient

Updates might hinder performance
Needs a bit of UI overhauling
Ends up with data syncing issues at times

Price: Contains Ads | Offers in-app purchases | Download from Play Store: Notify & Fitness for Android

Amazfit Bip / Lite & Cor WatchFaces

Good for: Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Lite and Amazfit Cor.

Amazfit Bip / Lite & Cor WatchFacesAmazfit Bip/Lite & Core Watches as it is called is easy to install an app that requires no rocket science. The app showcases face according to the watches so you can sort them out. You can use the language translation feature to choose the watch faces in languages you want and that’s it.

The Android app for Amazfit Bip is lightweight and doesn’t have many bugs to mention. You can download the watch faces on your device and use Amazfit or similar apps to flash on your Amazfit smartwatches and there you have it.

The app is really easy to use and has a simple and non-confusing UI with a huge catalog of watch faces arranged for Amazfit Bip, Lite, and Cor so that you don’t run out of options. Check out these Amazfit Android apps right away.

Simple & intuitive UI
Huge catalog of watch faces

Contains Ads

Price: Contains Ads | Offers in-app purchases | Download from Play Store: Amazfit Bio/Lite & Core WatchFaces


Good for: Amazfit Bip, Amazfit Cor, Pace, Stratos, GTR, Verge Lite, Mi Band 4

AmazFacesA great app to go for is Amazfit Watch Faces. I know that when you own a smartwatch, you can’t just keep a stock watch face throughout the year. That is where AmazFaces comes into play as one of the popular Amazfit Android apps. The app supports almost all Amazfit watches and Mi Band 4 as well. You can choose between more than 35,000 watch faces available on a click that you can filter out using languages, tags, or search.

Simply dive into the app on your paired smartphone, choose the watch which includes Amazfit Cor, Pace, Bip, Stratos, GTR, Verge Lite, and Mi Band 4 and you are ready. Filter out the watch faces by more than 100 supported languages or search for tags or have a catalog search. You can download and install the watch faces, delete, and whatnot. The app is powerful enough to offer more than 35,000 watch faces and offers a curated list of best faces for every month and year.

Note that not everything is greener this side as the app has its own sets of issues. Sometimes it finds it difficult to pair to an already paired device. Similarly, it is unable to detect devices at times even though the devices might be supported.

Catalog of more than 35,000 watch faces
Supports 100 languages

A bit Confusing
Problem detecting some supported devices
Contains Ads

Price: Free | Contains Ads | Download from Play Store: AmazFaces

Mi Band Selfie

Good for: Mi Band 2/3/4/HRX and Amazon Bip, Arc

The app works on a great yet a bit weird prospect of taking photos on your phone using the smartwatch. Once you install the app, you need to enter the mac address of your device and once it is done, you can click on the button on the smartwatch to take a photo right away. The app works with Mi Band 2, 3, and 4 and also Mi Band HRX, Amazfit Arc and Bip.

Mi Band Selfie acts as a remote camera shutter and you can silent the shutter sounds as well to keep it low-key and go undetected.

There are certain limitations when it comes to Mi Band Selfie such as it works with Mi Band 2, 3, and 4 plus Mi Band HRX and Amazfit Bip and lastly, Amazfit Arc so you can’t use it on other smartwatches. Next up, you need a specific camera app including Open Camera, Circle Camera, Bacon Camera, Free Camera, and Night Selfie Camera to hail this feature on your smartwatch without any hassle.

Takes photos remotely on a click


Only works with certain smartwatches
Only works with certain camera apps
Doesn’t supports stock camera app

Price: Free | Download from Play Store: Mi Band Selfie

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Mi Bandage

Good for: Mi Band 2, 3, 4, HRX, Amazfit GTS, GTR, Verge Lite, Bip, Bip Lite, Band 2, Cor, and Arc.

Mi BandageMi Bandage is basically an all-in-one app that lets you track a series of activities including steps, distance, calories to be burned, bpm (beats per minute), etc. Listed as one of the best Amazfit apps, it features a lot more than plenty of other apps you will find on Google Play Store.

Key features include rejecting or answering an incoming or internet call, missed call signal, app notification text, etc. Compatible with a series of smartwatches across Mi Band and Amazfit series, the app has features to set notification reminders, vibrations, etc. It extends the capability of the Amazfit or Mi Fit app on the respective smartwatch.

The app also has a tasker task launcher, app launcher, take a photo, toggle call mute, stopwatch, etc. It also has a control music player. About its activity tracking capability, it keeps track of steps on a daily, weekly, and monthly charts and also keeps a track of sleep monitoring as well. The app has multi-language support including Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Germany, Czech, English, etc.

Multi-language support
Excellent activity tracking capability
Touch monitoring

Doesn’t sync with Google Fit
Remote camera works with non-stock apps

Price: Contains Ads | Offers in-app purchases | Download from Play Store: Mi Bandage

No doubt Amazfit smartwatches are powerful enough to do a lot of functions including tracking and analyzing steps, calories, distance covered, bpm, etc. There are a plethora of apps that can be used to hail different functions as well as extend it in the long run. You must one MiFit or Amazfit official app to begin with. In addition to that, we have listed the best apps for Amazfit that one can use. Yes, there are other apps to be included that you would find otherwise but these are some that you can try.


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