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20 Best Compatible Apps for Android Auto

Android Auto provides the user with a similar looking interface as that of a phone on your Car’s dashboard. The dashboard contains four function buttons for Navigation, Music, Calls and Car Information. You get the navigation info, current music being played, call or text notification right on the main screen of your Car’s dashboard while using Android Auto. There are lots of apps which doesn’t support Android Auto as of now.

We have listed some of the compatible apps which increases overall user experience and productivity while using Android Auto.

Best Navigation Apps for Android Auto

Google Maps

Google develops Android Auto, and it provides all the features which Google Maps has to offer. You can set any destination via voice controls, and it has an option to manually enter the location as well. It shows the point of interests, and it also gives voice navigation through car speakers.

Download Google Maps: Google Play.

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For the folks who are in the US, Waze is more preferred as compared to Google Maps. It can make navigation more easy by giving real-time traffic updates. It also updates you with information on closed routes due to accidents or any other reason which are concerned with your destination.

Download Waze: Google Play

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Best Music Apps for Android Auto


Spotify for Android Auto

Spotify works amazingly well with Android Auto. You can search music with voice controls and even create a playlist. Stream music directly with Car Speakers and change, pause and play with voice or manual controls. If you were wondering to purchase any premium music streaming service with is compatible with Android Auto, you must try Spotify.

Download Spotify: Google Play.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music compatible with Android Auto

If you have already subscribed with Amazon Prime, then the good news is, Amazon Music works fine with Android Auto. You can listen to music directly from the car speakers. If you are looking for a premium service, then Spotify is better than Amazon Music.

Download Amazon Music: Google Play.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music for Android Auto

You get to play voice notes, songs or any other audio files which are currently saved on your device via Google Play Music. Users can even search for music and stream with it. You can subscribe to the premium or play the free music which it offers.

Download Google Play Music: Google Play


Pandora for Android Auto

If you are in the US and have subscribed to Pandora’s premium music streaming plan, then it is a good choice. You can stream and play songs from the car speakers. It also offers the radio which is what everyone looks for during their journey. Please note that Pandora Music is limited to the US only.

Download Pandora: Google Play.

Many other music players are supported by Android Auto such as Rocket Music Player, Ganna Music to enjoy Bollywood music, Jet Audio HD Music player which comes with a built-in equalizer which you can use to tune the songs for a perfect rhythm.

Radio and Podcast Apps for Android Auto


TuneIN for Android Auto

TuneIn is an Internet radio app which is compatible with Android Auto. A user can choose from 1000+ different radio channels and stream it online. It even offers Podcasts so you can listen or switch to any channels as per the preference using voice or manual controls.

Download TuneIN: Google Play.


iHeartRadio for Android Auto

IHeartRadio is another radio app which is compatible with Android Auto. It comes with options to choose demographic radios, or you can switch and listen to global channels as well. It comes with in-app purchases and is a good radio app to try with Android

Download iHeartRadio: Google Play.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher podcast player

This is another great podcast player app compatible with Android Auto. It comes with offline playback options for audio and video podcasts. Users can choose to auto download new podcasts as soon as it releases. One more important feature is data efficiency as it limits the quality by Data limits which you can set. Please note that it is a premium app with many customizing options and it comes with a lot of content.

Download DoggCatcher Podcast Player: Google Play.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is an influential podcast player. It comes with a beautiful user interface and easy to use layout. Users can choose to cut silence from the audio to finish it faster than the expected time. You can also choose to play the content directly skipping the episode intros. With intuitive playback options and powerful voice integration, it is a good choice for an Android Auto user.

Download Pocket Casts: Google Play.

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Audiobooks from Audible


For the folks who are into audiobooks can download Audiobooks. It comes with a vast library of audiobooks to listen wherever you go. It also comes with news from Newyork times, Washington posts, and other news media. You can choose to customize the narration speed to make audio speed as per your convenience. Users can also download the books and listen to it offline. It comes in handy when you don’t have a signal while you travel. Overall it is an excellent choice for someone who loves audiobooks and owns a car compatible with Android Auto.

Download Audiobooks from Audible: Google Play.

Radio is something which is in the heart of everyone who travels a lot. It makes sure that you don’t fall asleep while driving. There are many other apps such as Scanner Radio which helps you listen to the different frequencies of fire, police and other departments. It is only limited to Canada and the US. Other podcast players such as audioBoom, Podcast Addict which is another all in one app with radio, podcast, and audiobooks at its disposal are compatible with Android Auto as well.

Chat Apps for Android Auto


WhatsApp Compatible with Android Auto

WhatsApp is compatible with Android Auto. You can use voice controls to reply. Unfortunately, WhatsApp video chat and WhatsApp calls don’t work. VOIP is still in development for Android Auto. One more thing which must be noticed is, you can’t mute notifications from a particular chat or person. It will read out text from all the conversations.

Download WhatsApp: Google Play.


Telegram for Android Auto

Telegram works with Android Auto. It is considered as a more secure chat app as it encrypts all the chats. Users can also unable self-destruct chat feature on telegram which will automatically delete the conversation after a particular period gets complete.

Download Telegram: Google Play.

 Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for Android Auto

For the folks who rely on social media for daily communications can use Messenger by Facebook on Android Auto. You cannot make calls or have a video chat with anyone over messenger. Replying via voice commands or manually from the on-screen keyboard is the only option.

Download Messenger: Google Play.


Hangouts on Android Auto

Hangouts will work for only text messages. You cannot have the voice or video calls with anyone. Hangouts Dialer does not work with Android Auto. Since everyone who uses Android has Hangouts, it is a good option for general texting.

Download Hangouts: Google Play.


WeChat for Android Auto

WeChat works seamlessly with Android Auto. If other chat applications are not suitable for you, then WeChat is a good option. Please note that payment and WeChat Out-calls feature does not work on Android Auto.

Download WeChat: Google Play.

Texting is considered to be a number one way of communication. Android Auto makes it easier to communicate while driving with voice commands. Other apps such as Kik which is another alternative for internet messaging, as well as Textra which you can use to get rid of the standard android messenger, are compatible with Android Auto. Video conferencing app Cisco Webex Meetings is also available, but you cannot do a video chat with anyone, it will show you notifications and allow you to do a standard chat.

News Apps for Android Auto


NYTimes news app comaptble with Android AutoNewYork Times app is compatible with Android Auto. It is an excellent source of fresh news to get your day started. You get the breaking news, other news alerts and different stories which happen in real-time. It is a must-have app if you happen to be from NewYork to get local news as well.

Download NYTimes: Google Play.


NPR One for Android AutoNPR One gives options to play podcasts from NPR, shows, and public radio stations. With easy voice controls to pause, play, skip or switch between different stories and stations, it is a great app to use with Android Auto.

Download NPR One: Google Play.

Stitcher – Podcasts & Radio – News, Comedy, & More

Sticher News and Podcast Player

If you are looking for some all-rounder app to start and end your day with, then Sticher is a great choice. You can play important news headlines or listen to the local radio. Users can also choose to listen to the Podcasts. It also comes with exclusive content and shows for the premium subscribers.

Download Stitcher: Google Play.

You have a lot of spare time when you travel. Listening to the music is fun, but News is essential to stay updated on what happens around the globe. MLB At Bat is a fantastic source to get updates on live MLB games is available for Android Auto.

Apps Compatible with Android Auto

Using Android phones while Driving can be a bit risky, so to keep your focus off of your phone and more on Driving, Android Auto can make navigation extremely easy.  Make sure to enable Android Auto in your car and install it in your smartphone.  You have to connect your smartphone via USB to the car dashboard. As stated earlier, Android auto wants you to focus more on driving. Hence it encourages a user to use voice commands for a hands-free experience. Apart from navigation, it allows the user to play music, make phone calls and even reply to the text messages.

Android Auto is incredible, and it makes traveling more fun rather than a tedious journey. Voice Over Internet is still not supported with Android Auto, but the official sources have confirmed compatibility in the near future. Users will have access to more new features such as Video chats and other productivity and collaboration apps to make it more efficient. Android Auto is sure giving a fierce competition to Apple CarPlay, but it lacks the Voice communication over the Internet which is a kind of big deal for the users who rely on such type of communications. Make sure to try the mentioned apps and have a great journey.

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