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12 Best Screen Recording Apps to Record Android Screen

Since the release of Android 5.0, Android Screen recording is comparatively easy to access. There are a bunch of Android screen recording apps and PC based apps are available for Android users to record screen. Whether it is gameplay, educational or professional presentation, these Android screen recording apps are the best bet to capture Android on-screen activity.

We listed the best Screen Recording Apps for Android that will help you record Android screen from the device itself in high definition without rooting.

DU Recorder

Du recorder

DU Recorder is a highly rated Android screen recording app among users for its free and simple interface. The high-quality screen recording Android app helps to record screen in 1080p, 12Mbps, and 60 FPS with external sound recording. You can use a face camera to create personalized videos or while live streaming.

The recorded videos can be either stored in the internal storage location or SD card. The additional feature of the screen-recording app lets you capture screenshots with just one click using a notification bar or floating window. In addition, by using a Wi-Fi-connected computer, you can download videos or screenshots to your computer.

Apart from the adequate user interface, prompt action buttons, GIF makers, drawing brush, and built-in video editor you can also stream Android screen to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch providing a range of multiple broadcast resolutions. The built-in video editing functions support users to trim and merge videos, adjust volume and speed of videos, add subtitles or background, and intro-outro to video. The app supports more than 20 languages and is ad-free, so you can record your device actions without interruption.

Download from Playstore: DU Recorder

Google Play Games

Google play gamesGoogle Play Games, introduced by Google, is the graphical dashboard only for gamers. Once you have installed the app, you can create a unique gamer profile and level up your game on any device. Browse and battle with friends, complete challenges, earn awards, track your all achievements, and highlight your skills in the gamer profile.

The Built-in Android screen recording feature of this app will let you record favorite gaming moments. Later, you can share it on YouTube or with other online gamers. Like other apps, it doesn’t provide multiple resolutions and the highest resolution available in 720p.

Download from Playstore: Google Play Games


TwitchNow, Broadcasting or recording your Android game live is easier by signing up with Twitch. You can start streaming by selecting a variety of games, hobbies, and activities. Twitch provides unique programming like Bob Ross marathons and exclusive video game events.

The channels you have followed or subscribed to keep you updated with their activity. The browse section of the app makes it easy to discover the content you care about most. Besides that, you can live chat with one of the largest gaming communities. Twitch can create interactive live shows by Xbox, Sony, Riot Games, and Blizzard. The built-in night mode changes the background to dark making it easily visible for users.

Download from Playstore: Twitch

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AZ Screen Recorder

az screenAZ Screen Recorder is one of the best Android screen recording apps. This Android screen recorder app lets you record Android screen to HD and FullHD videos. You can record the Android screen with no rooting, no add, no time limitation, no watermark and can be paused and resumed while recording. Moreover, recording audio from the mic makes it more useful to create videos out of Android Screen.

Though the choice of video resolution is similar to DU Recorder. However, creating a time-lapse video varying from 1/3rd speed to x3 speed with well-supported audio makes it more favorable. Additionally, there are many other free features such as setting bit-rate, screen orientation, a customized timer, saving directory selection, view or share your videos. This screen recorder app translates into different languages in Live Stream Feature.

The upgraded version unlocks the additional features like the Magic button that controls your recording without showing anything on the screen. The front camera can record your face in a small overlay window and draw on the screen with any chosen color. However, the premium version is available for $2.93.

Download from Playstore:  AZ Screen Recorder


mobizenMost of the screen recording app requires Android 5.0 and later version. Mobizen Screen Recorder starts to work from OS 4.4 without any rooting requirement. You can record long screen videos in the highest quality with a variety of video editing features and save it on the external memory card. Capture your reactions while recording the game with face cam.

Also, prepare a personalized video with desired background music and an intro outro video. Another free feature of the app has a clean recording mode that conceals the Air circle, Watermark, and reduces lag. The only drawback of the app is you may often encounter ads after each recording and buying in-app purchases solves the matter.

Download from Playstore: Mobizen

Screen Recorder

screen recorderUnlike other apps, the Screen Recorder app saves Android recording with a resolution of 1080p. The video bitrate from 512kbps to 20Mbps and frame rate from 15 FPS to 80 FPS. The app works great with Android 5.0 and above but requires rooting for Android 4.4 KitKat and below.

The built-in video trimmer lets you edit the screen recording. This helps to create promotional videos and tutorials. To let users know about your activity the app allows adding screen touches while recording and add countdown before starting the recording. The premium version offers features like audio recording and adding a banner to the recording. To have an ad-free experience, buy a license for the app at $1.49.

Download from Playstore: Screen Recorder

Rec. Screen Recorder

Rec. ScreenRec. is an acknowledged screen-recording app for Android. This screen recording app offers untethered, adjustable, and entirely configurable screen recording capabilities. The free version of the app serves the primary purpose of screen recording with the personalized resolution, bitrates, audio, and timer.

The rest of the features can be accessed with in-app purchases. The pro version unlocks access to additional features like shake to stop recording. They automatically show screen touches for the duration of your recording. Deciding preset, longer screen recording up to an hour with audio recording via mic. The customized timer gets your screen recording set-up perfectly. If you are an Android 4.4 user, then the app expects the device to be rooted. Nevertheless, it will record seamlessly for android 5.0 and later versions without rooting.

Download from Playstore: Rec. Screen

Game Screen Recorder

Games screen recorderThis premium and ad-free recorder app for Android is from the Google play store automatically locate the installed game on your phone without any time limit. Once the app is recognized and added for recording, it will start capturing everything that displayed on your screen

The record button appears on the video recorded and can be deactivated accordingly through the notification bar. With the help of a prologue editor, you can create an introduction video separately. You can also convert a video or change encoder from H264 to MPEG_4_SP to fix the green screen.

Download from Playstore: Game Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder – Free no Ads

screen recorder free no adsScreen Recorder is the best free screen recording app for Android that does not need in-app purchases. The simple magic button control recording in one tap, stop or resume the recording in double-tap, or long-press to pause recording.

Like other apps Screen Recorder supports face cam, drawing on the screen, screen touches, and external audio while recording. Though its key features are similar to most of the apps here. The game launcher factor that makes this android recorder app stand out from the rest of the app. You can record gameplay by directly launching your installed games. Apart from all these cool features, you can add text or personalize the logo to your saved recordings.

Download from Playstore: Screen Recorder – Free no Ads

Super Screen Recorder– No Root REC

superscreen recorderThe Superscreen recorder app lets you record screen and screenshot without rooting your Android device. Start recording through a floating window with the high quality provided and record long time videos with an external memory card. A super screen recorder has a decent built-in video editor. This app will let you compress, merge, and customize video files.

Apart from the video recording, you can snap a screenshot within the app by using the image-editing tool. Furthermore, it supports portrait, landscape, and auto screen record mode. Additional features such as GIF converter, no time limit, brush tool, customized watermark, and touchscreen recording are also available. The free version of the app contains ad so you can upgrade to the pro version to remove ads at the cost $2.93

Download from Playstore: Super Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best apps to record the screen on your Android device. There is no need to root to use the app and you can record the screen without any watermark in an easy manner. Record from HD to FullHD videos from the app and add audio to your microphone that automatically mixes with your videos.

Use the magic button controlling the recording without showing anything on the screen. Express your emotions via your face by recording the video from the front camera in the form of the overlay. You can easily drag the overlay window where you want to on the screen and customize its size.

Download from Playstore:  AZ Screen Recorder

Screen Recorder

Record your screen in the perfect manner with the Screen recorder app. Select the video quality and the orientation of the video to get more control over the process. You can also set the recording quality along with the frame rate to ensure the expected outcome.

Minimize the touch controls by selecting the stop on the sleep option, which stops recording as the screen goes to sleep. You can also show your personalized banner while recording to make tutorial videos. The app also allows you to stop recording when the device is shaken or lifted from its original position.

Download from Playstore: Screen Recorder

Ilios Screen Recorder

Use the Ilios Screen Recorder to record your device’s screen and share them on diverse social networking sites with ease. You can also save them directly to your mobile device. There are no ads present that will pop-up when you are using the app on your device. No sort of watermark is present when the screen record process is going on your device.

The app offers the people to record their device’s screen without any interruption up to their preferred time limit. There is a paid version of the app available that offers many more features to the user for more control over the screen recording process.

Download from PlayStore: Ilios Screen Recorder

Android Screen Recording Apps

If you are a developer who wants to start a channel for Android app tutorial, or probably an instructor who wants to create an instructional tutorial, who might be looking for the best Android Screen recording apps with perfect audio. All these Android Screen Recording apps have their own pros and cons, and most of all apps support Android 5.0 and later platforms. For those who want to record your Android screen, whether it is a game or app demonstration, you can choose the one comparing OS requirements and other features as well.

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