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7 Best AR Apps for iPhone and iPad

With the release of iOS 11, the Apple software could efficiently use the underlying hardware to a greater degree. In iOS 12, it just got better. Apple can now unlock the full potential of the hardware it’s installed on with support for AR apps. With this, Developers around the world are using the ARKit to make virtual reality apps and AR games for iOS. iOS 12 is available for iPhone 6s or later and iPad pro running on the latest version of the OS.

Here is a list of the best AR apps for iPhone and iPad you must have in your iOS device.

1. GIPHY World

Add stickers or GIF to objects and people around you with the help GIPHY World AR app. It lets you communicate with others in AR. Also, you can add GIFs to anything in your camera view to make the scene more interesting. You can even record the video of your creation and post it on the web or share a scene of it to your friends.

Best AR apps for iPhone and iPad - GIPHY World
Best AR apps for iPhone and iPad – GIPHY World

Search for your preferred one among the massive GIPHY collection to choose the one you want. Place the GIFs by holding them in your finger and move them to the position. You can also explore other people’s video or scene and share yours to allow them to collaborate with you.

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2. Ghosts ‘n Guns

An army of pixel ghosts is trying to invade our world, defend yourself before it’s too late. Ghosts ‘n Guns is a fun AR game that offers easy to play one-touch controls. You need to fight the bosses in order to claim the victory in the AR app.

Best AR games for iOS - Ghosts and Guns
Best AR games for iOS – Ghosts and Guns

There are many levels that allow you to look like a shooter that is made specifically for AR. The awesome custom chip-tune soundtrack makes the experience more rewarding. The difficulty curve is lower in the new update to make boss stages easier.

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3. IKEA Place

Virtually place your favorite IKEA products in your home or office with the IKEA Place AR app. You can easily visualize how a particular product will look inside your home. There is 3D and true to scale model of almost everything ranging from sofas to coffee tables and many more.

Best virtual reality apps for iOS - IKEA Place
Best virtual reality apps for iOS – IKEA Place

Once you start using it, then there is no stopping from trying it over and over. Use the app in a well-lit room within the area where you place the product. The area should be empty and rotate it to place the product in the manner you want. Share your place to social media apps like WhatsApp etc and allows you to order through IKEA store.

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4. Inkhunter

Want to have a tattoo but uncertain about the way it will look on your skin, then try Inkhunter AR app. It projects diverse tattoo designs on your skin with its Augmented Reality capabilities. Project the tattoo on any part of your body to know how it will look on your skin.

Best AR apps for iOS - Inkhunter
Best AR apps for iOS – Inkhunter

Check the particular tattoo from diverse angles and make it look real from the help of advanced photo editor. You can easily import the tattoo design from the gallery. Share the end result to others and get the suggestions from them regarding the tattoo.

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5. Sky Guide

Encountering trouble in decoding which constellation is present in the sky at night, then choose Sky Guide AR app for assistance. Just hold your iOS device’s camera towards the sky and the app will align the stars automatically. Search almost any constellation with the jam-packed information and rich graphics.

Best AR apps for iPhone and iPad - Sky Guide
Best AR apps for iPhone and iPad – Sky Guide

Learn about the sky clearly and effortlessly with the AR app. Perform an X-ray of the sky and explore the invisible wonders it holds. Preserve your dark-adapted eyesight and get rise as well as the set time of Sun, Moon, and planets. Keeps tabs of the latest solar activity and accurate Moon complication with one of the best AR apps.

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6. AirMeasure

Measure the dimensions of almost any item with AirMeasure, a great AR tool for your measurement needs. Use the 15+ unique modes to get accurate measurement anytime. Formerly known as AR measure, the tape measure app comes with Air, Surface & Points modes for you.

Best AR apps for iOS - AirMeasure
Best AR apps for iOS – AirMeasure

Perform multiple measurements and choose between metric (meters/cm ) or imperial/standard ( inches/feet ) units for easy measuring. Draw and annotate the things in 3D space as well as trace a path of where you have been. Get the exact distance to a point with laser distance as well as get the reference to hanging a picture perfectly.

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7. Niantic’s Pokémon Go

Any list of the best AR apps wouldn’t be complete with mentioning Niantic’s Pokémon Go. Sure, the craze for Pokemon Go may not be as high now. But the game is still being played by millions and is again picking up steam. This is because, finally, the much requested one-on-one Pokemon battle has been introduced to the game.

You can now Challenge your friends or fellow game users nearby to a pokemon battle. Catch Pokemon and live your childhood dream of being a Pokemon Trainer!

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Best AR Apps for iPhone and iPad

Currently, all the buzz is regarding Augmented Reality app games and app developers. Augmented Reality is similar to Virtual Reality, but it takes the world around you and adds diverse virtual items to the mix. AR apps for iOS are becoming quite popular among the people as it gives an immersive experience.

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