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10 Best Google Home Mini Bases to Mount Home Mini

Google Home Mini is a cute device that you can set on your office table or bedroom stand. These base stands designed for Google Home mini to make this little device attractive and smart. The Home mini bases give you more freedom to keep the Home mini on your wall outlet or kitchen wall outlets easily. A few of these Google Home Mini bases come with a built-in battery, making the mini a portable device. The base battery can power the Google Home Mini portable, and you are free to take it wherever you have WiFi access. They can all provide extra space, and some make your Google Home Mini look great.

These Google Home Mini Cases can make the Google home unique from others and portable, let’s see the best of them.

Retro Alarm Clock Holder

This cool Google home holder looks like one of those original alarm clocks, but this one is much better. This Google Home Table Stand holder allows you to organize your Google home easily, so it doesn’t get messy and take time to untie the wire. The Google Home Mini can orient vertically with this table holder so that you can see the LED light status from any direction.Google Home Mini Retro Alarm Clock Stand

This Googe Home Mini Table Holder helps you to keep Google home in an organized way. The Google Home Holder has two sturdy plastic covers in the back and front. The holder material is dust-proof, waterproof, anti-collision protection, and scratch-proof. With the enclosure design and vertical positioning, the holder gives the mini a better sound and appearance.

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2 Pack Outlet Wall Mount

This is an Outlet wall mount, which helps you hang the unit on your wall sockets. There is no additional space required to keep this Google Home Mini Mount. This can hang on your wall. The charger can be flipped and placed on the wall. The Google Home won’t fall in any direction. The outer plate design is locked with the device and protects it from falling apart.Google Home Mini Outlet Wall Mount
This outlet wall mount comes in both black and white. The cover material of the Mini wall mount charger is shock resistant. Therefore, the Google Home can stay without falling in a vertical and horizontal direction without any screws. With easy setup, this is a very simple way to charge and use your Google Home.

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KIWI Design Rechargeable Battery Base

Kiwi offers a rechargeable battery base to make your Google Home Mini portable. The internal battery keeps the Mini powered all the time, and you can move around the Mini in your home, backyard, or take for camping. The base is made from silicon to keep the Google home steady.Google Home Mini Rechargeable Battery Base

The charger comes in 3 different colors. You can choose the colors from black, gray and pink. This Google mini charger base is built with Bluetooth. The Google Home Battery Base comes with a power switch and a strong wrap. The built-in 7800mAH battery can power the Mini up to 12 hours with one charging. The built-in base LED can display the battery status. The Battery base can standby for 16 hours, and it will take 6 hours to charge the battery.

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Google Home Mini Base with Digital Clock

The next Google Home Mini holder is built with a digital clock. The brightness of the clock display can control from 0-100%. You can use the Google Home base anywhere you want by adjusting the brightness.

Clock Stand for Google Home Mini

This speaker can save space on your nightstand. This clock can also djust for daylight saving time automatically. You can select the clock for 12/24 time format. This home mini base brings you the missing feature of Google Home Mini, the bedside clock. The Clock stand is also compatible for Echo Dot 3rd version.

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Fstop Labs 2 Pack Wall Mount Charger

The next case is a wall sealing mount for Google Home mini. This case is easy to install on the wall with Home mini. This is a wall bracket for the Mini that can help to easy to clip Google home onto the case. The holder comes in both white and black color and made from ABS plastic. The case also comes with screws and two anchors to fix on the wall.

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Mount Genie Google Home

Mount Genie Google Home Mini pedestal is a clean stand for Google Home Mini. You can buy one of 3 colors, which are charcoal, silver, and white. The stand lets the Google home stand upright. The light is more visible with vertical placement and can be seen from anywhere in the room. Letting the Google home stand upright also improves sound quality.Mount Genie Google Home Mini Pedestal

The bottom is rubber which helps the mini stay in place. You can even increase brightness and volume in your app. This amazing pedestal also gives you more space to keep other things on the table while you’re charging your Google Home mini.

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JOT Portable Battery Base

Jot Portable battery Base is designed for Google Home mini to make it portable with a rechargeable battery in the base. The 5000mAh battery inside the Google Mini base allows Google home to run for eight hours. There are four LED lights in front of the charger which tells you the battery level.

You can mute the Google home easily by pressing a button with this portable base. You can just open the top cover and place the Google mini inside the base. The Google Home Mini will get power from the battery. Because of this, you can move around the Google Mini as long as you have a connection to WiFi.

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Google Home Mini Wall Mount

This Google Home Mini mount can be used as a stay-on-the-wall case. You can keep the mini base on the wall without any additional screws or clamps.

Outlet Wall Mount for Google Home Mini

You are free to place your Google Mini base anywhere you want, on your wall outlet. The material is shockproof and safe. You can wrap around and hide the cable inside this Mini base. You can place this base vertically or horizontally based on your choice.

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Tensun Night Light Outlet

This is the cleanest case and an amazing way to charge Google home mini. This home mini base allows you to keep the cord away and directly power the device. This cool charger can save lots of space and it isn’t that hard to install. This Home Mini Wall base can help you save much more space than if you use cables.

Google Home Mini Wall Mount

The connector comes with this base directly connected to the Home Mini charger port and supplies the power. The only thing you have to do is, remove the cable coming with the Home Mini, and connect directly to the base.

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Kiwi Design Wall Mount

The Kiwi home mini wall mount is a space-saving design for Google Home Mini owners. You can set up this base easily. All the cables and the base will stay neat and tidy. With the Kiwi Home Mini base, the wire is coiled up inside the base.

KIWI Outlet Wall Mount for Google Mini

You can plug Google home onto the charger. The base can stick to the outlet base coming with this wall stand. The charger protects home mini from abrasions, scratches, greasy dirt, bumps and sudden drops.

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Outlet Shelf Wall Mount Outlet Stand Cover

This is a universal wall outlet mount with a night light. The LED Night Light Organizer can hold up to 10lbs.  This holder also has a cable cord channel that can hide Google Home Mini, Speakers, Cell Phone, etc.Tensun Outlet Shelf Wall Mount Outlet Stand Cover

This acts as a shelf to the wall outlets to keep your gadget off the floor. No more power cords hanging over the place with this wall outlet mount.

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These cases can help your Google Home Mini look cute and portable. You can choose your favorite one to show off to your friends or to keep your nightstand nice and tidy. These are all amazing cases but, you can choose the one that you like. Even though they all look different, they all do the same thing, make you happy by keeping your Google home powered up, and always ready to roll.

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