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10 Best Hotspot Finder for iPhone

We have grown so fond of the internet that we can’t get bored with it. Whether if its social networking or watching or streaming videos or movies, most of the people are hooked onto their devices for hours. Mobile data is still expensive and bills could get over the roof if you are in roaming. There are millions of public and free WiFi networks around the globe such as at airports, cafes, restaurants, shops, etc. These are free and you can connect to it without any hassle.

Here are the best hotspot finder apps for iPhone that you should try if you are on the move or traveling, etc.

WiFi Map: Get Free WiFi, VPN

WiFi Map: Get Free WiFi, VPN

One of the best iPhone hotspot finder apps, WiFi Map is a must-try. With the incredible support to its ever-growing database of WiFi networks around the globe, the app is a one-stop-shop. It allows access to hundreds and thousands of WiFi networks in any locality or city where you are or where you are traveling. The app lets the user know the WiFi usernames and passwords on just a click.

The app has a feature to test WiFi speed before you can connect to it so that you only latch onto the fastest WiFi network. WiFi Map has a VPN service as well that enables connecting to the WiFi through Virtual Private Network.l As you know, VPN is a stealth way to connect to the internet.

There is a feature to download and access offline WiFi maps. This will give information on the available networks, their passwords, and other related details. The WiFi community actively contributes to the WiFi database. On the other hand, you can tweak, add, or alter any WiFi network that you know. Simply check out the available WiFi networks, latch on to one, use the map to get closer to it and connect.

More than 100million WiFi networks
VPN for secure internet browsing
Download offline maps for later

Inflicted with ads

Price: $29.99 annually | Contains Ads | Download from App Store: WiFi Map

7 Best Mobile Hotspot Apps for Android

Xfinity WiFi Hotspot

Xfinity WiFi HotspotAnother app to find WiFi with iPhone is Xfinity WiFi hotspot available for iPhones running iOS 11 and above. Unlike other free hotspot finders, this app deals with the thousands of Xfinity WiFi hotspots around the countries it operates. It detects available Xfinity hotspot and being one of the largest broadband service provider. Xfinity WiFi Hotspot finds the nearest WiFi network that you can connect it.

Tap on “Near Me” and it will locate the nearest Xfinity WiFi hotspot networks around you using GPS. It also has a feature to showcase maps with all the hotspots displayed on the same screen as you walk to drive.

It also has efficient and powerful safety and privacy features on-board. You can also download locations of free Xfinity hotspots that you can access later on. The app requires Xfinity username and password so that may be a buzzkill for those using the app as a free hotspot finder.

Connects to nearby Xfinity hotspots
Download offline maps
Secure hotspot connection

Can only find Xfinity hotspots
Requires Xfinity username & password

Price: Free | May contain ads | Download from App Store: Xfinity WiFi Hotspot

WiFi Anywhere Hotspot Analyzer

Wifi Anywhere Hotspot AnalyzerThis particular app is a combination of WiFi Analyzer which are apps that help test speed and other parameters. On the other hand, its second half is an iPhone hotspot finder which showcases a list of WiFi hotspots that you can connect with.

The app efficiently showcases keys to log in if the network is secure. It also detects any overuse or high usage of data either by any app or apps. It also detects high usage due to any other reason as well and immediately alerts the user about it.

Users can also see people connected to the same network and can conduct a speed test for the network as well.

Comes with the built-in speed test feature
Connect to any secure hotspot with keys
Alerts for high usage



Price: Free | Download from App Store: WiFi Anywhere Hotspot Analyzer

7 Best Hotspot Apps for Windows 10

WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder Yet another iPhone WiFi finder app is here. WiFi Finder is available across 50,000 cities around the globe. It has coverage in all continents except Antarctica (for obvious reasons). The app itself provides access to nearby WiFi hotspots depending upon your location. It saves the money that would otherwise go in buying hefty LTE, 3G and roaming plans if you are visiting any new country.

The app itself provides access to all open WiFi hotspots as well as protected ones with their credentials. WiFi Finder can find hotspots nearby using GPS or users can simply type in the location or city and find all the available networks. Most of the features of the apps work when in offline mode as well so that’s a massive USP to credit.

Apart from that, you can add new hotspots with their credentials or edit those already saved so that others can use it. You can view a complete map of the locality or city with real WiFi hotspots and that’s all on your fingertip. I would say you should go for it if you are traveling to another city or country or just want to enjoy free internet.

Works offline
Find WiFi hotspots in 50,000 cities
Maps with real-time WiFi hotspots



Price: Free | May contain ads | Download from App Store: WiFi Finder

WiFi Finder + Map

WiFi Finder + MapWith SpeedSpots’ crowdsourced database, the WiFi Finder Map is currently one of the best iPhone hotspot finder apps you can find. The app lets users search for available WiFi hotpots nearby or when they enter any locality, city, or country, etc. The app can also separate or filter hotspots by venue i.e. Bar, Airport, Cafe, Hotel, etc.

The app has a tonne of plugin features that users can pay for to avail services. It includes the ability to download WiFi hotspots maps and access offline with any internet connection. It further adds a crowdsourced database segregated by the hotspot speed allowing users to connect the fastest nearby.

You can remove ads if you want and perhaps you will have to pay extra while the same applies for availing offline maps as well.

User crowdsourced database to find WiFi hotspots
Ranks hotspots by its speed
Offline Maps available

Pay individually to unlock features

Price: Free | Contains Ads | In-app Purchases [Offline Maps – $11.99, Remove Ads – $1.99, Offline Maps Deal – $7.99, Offline Maps 1Yr Subscription ($9.49), Offline Maps for 3 months ($4.99)] | Download from App Store: WiFi Finder + Map

Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder

Optimum WiFi Hotspot FinderCheck out Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder on your iPhone running on iOS 7.0 and above. It has a newly enhanced tabbed view. The available include WiFi hotspots with real-time distance to travel based on current traffic. The app offers maps view for WiFi hotspots nearby or as per your search locality, city or country. The app has a dedicated search history table as well.

Next up, the app has improved its map pin clustering speed which now looks nicer and works efficiently. You can sort out WiFi hotspots according to venue type. You can also view any location with WiFi networks on Google Street View where it takes help from Google Maps. You can find WiFi with the iPhone simply by launching the app on your phone and search for the same.

Supports multiple languages
Takes traffic info to provide distance to travel
View locations on Google Street View

Logging in is troublesome at times
Bugs can interrupt smooth functioning

Price: Free | Download from App Store: Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder

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InstabridgeUnlike any other iPhone hotspot finder, Instabridge is a bit different. It has a database of over three million WiFi spots in large cities and knows which work and which don’t. This offers the users to only connect to those hotspots that work. The app uses crowdsourced data for SSIDs and passwords allowing users to connect knowing that someone had already used it.

The app lets users connect to any WiFi simply from within iPhone Settings thereby relieving any rocket science. The app can reconnect to any WiFi that you have already visited automatically and that’s all without any cost.

The app offers internet access via its 3mn WiFi hotspot database without any cost. It has a simple user interface that is easy to understand and use without any hassle. The developers continually fix bugs and improve their performance which has made it score 4.2 out of 5 which is great.

Access the internet without any limits
Has a crowdsourced data of 3mn WiFi hotspots

Issues might occur with offline mode

Price: Free | Download from App Store: Instabridge


WiffinitySimilar to any other free hotspot finder app that lets you find WiFi with iPhone, this app works the same. It has a database of 400,000 hotspots around the globe that users can locate simply by turning on their GPS. You can search for a city or location and get the password of any WiFi listed on the app.

Wiffinity is anonymous which means it doesn’t require any registration which is a plus point. Furthermore, the app itself lets you access the internet via WiFi hotspot without the need to splurge on mobile data bills.

Moreover, since the WiFi hotspots are available around the globe, it is the best for travelers as it connects without the internet. It has an offline mode as well that you can use apart from the various other features.

The app has a curated database that makes it imminent that almost all passwords will be correct. Apart from that, the number of hotspots available is growing by the day. You can search for WiFi hotspots by venue type so that makes it easy to separate other networks. So that’s about it, this is how Wiffinity, one of the best iPhone hotspot finder app operate so it is a must-try.

Access over 400,000 hotspots worldwide
Always free
Be anonymous, no need for registration

Growing but limited hotspots at the moment

Price: Free | Contain Ads | Download from App Store: Wiffinity

WiFiMagic by Mandic

WiFiMagicEarlier known as Mandic magiC, the WiFiMagic is one of the efficient free hotspot finder apps. It has a database of tonnes of WiFi networks. The app is a social network for public WiFi passwords that you can access after installing the app. It segregates public WiFi networks such as cafes, hotels, restaurants and other venues.

The app saves a lot of data and the money you would otherwise spend if you are traveling to a new country where roaming charges are exponential. Apart from that, the app takes care of the battery life as well since WiFi networks aren’t that power consumptive as accessing 3G or 4G.

The app offers a free version where it deals with public WiFi networks only while the same applies to paid versions. You can go ad-free with the app simply by subscription or you can go premium at cost-effective subscription plans.

Shows a plethora of WiFi networks
Segregate by venue type
Offers free internet access with public WiFi

Only deals with public WiFi networks
Crashes occasionally
Might show incorrect password

Price: Free | Remove Ads – $1.99, Premium Membership – $3.99 | Download from App Store: WiFiMagic by Mandic

Boingo WiFi Finder

Boingo WiFi FinderTraveling? Boingo WiFi Finder app has been voted as the best WiFi service by Global Traveler for eight years straight. The app on iTunes offers access to more than 1 million hotspots around the globe and rest assured, all will be high-speed WiFi networks.

It also separates WiFi networks based on venue including cafes, airports, restaurants, etc. With a slew of subscription plans, you can freely choose to get high-speed internet at varying speeds. This is depending on the plan you choose such as Boingo WiFi for Mastercard, Amex Preferred Plan, Boingo Unlimited and others.

Built-in Speed Test
Connect to thousands of WiFi networks
Passport-enabled for encryption & faster connection

Has subscription tiers
Accidental connections to previous networks

Price: Free | Boingo iOS Monthly – $7.99 | Download from App Store: Boingo

Based on the best 10 Hotspot Finder for iPhone listed above, it is easy to decide which one you should go for. Except for Boingo WiFi Finder and Optimum WiFi Hotspot Finder, all other apps listed here can display public and other WiFi networks outside their own subscribed users.

According to me, you can download any of these apps where each have their pros and cons. All these apps can work worldwide so it’s a process of trial and error if you know what I mean. You need to use several of them to zero into the one app that you will like to use when you are outside your home or city or even country.

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