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10 Best Meme Maker Apps for Android And iOS

Memes are currently one of the most popular trends on social media and elsewhere. It can be anything from a hilarious one to a political satire, and people love scrolling through loads of memes. Creating memes requires creativity and a good meme maker app that goes hand in hand to tickle the funny bones. Of course, Google Play Store and Apple App Store are filled with a tonne of meme making apps, but all cannot be trusted. We did a bit of digging into the best apps to create memes and voila, here are they. The list is ready and up for takers as it brings plenty of well-choreographed meme-makers on-board.

Here’s a list of apps that you should try if you are making memes on your phone.

Meme Generator by Zombodroid

Meme Generator Zombodroid

Meme Generator by Zombodroid takes the front seat as one of the best meme maker apps out there. The app categorizes memes that you can consume when needed. Check out the 1000+ high-quality meme template that you can use to create hilarious memes. You also get a feature called example that gives you a general idea of formatting captions for any layout. Next up, create memes using the templates or use its custom meme feature to upload your image for use.

The Meme Generator, being the best meme generator app, gives you access to create general memes, breaking news memes, add stickers, create GIFs, and more. Unlike any other apps listed here, this app gives you more control over formatting at no extra cost. You get 60+ fonts to use, style, color, and a bunch of other attributes free. You can add borders, crop images in different formats, and there’s no watermark. The meme generator app lets you create dank memes as well. You can remove ads on its iOS version, although, on Android, you need to install the Pro version to get rid of ads.

Key Features: Custom Meme Support | 60+ fonts | No watermarks | Editing & formatting tools | 1000+ meme template | Decent search option

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)PRO


ImgurBrowsing Imgur is like entering a rabbit hole with entertainment unlimited. You can browse a plethora of memes to consume. It is one of the easiest apps to use for browsing and, of course creating new material based on your meme knowledge. It already has a tonne of templates to use, including the famous “change my mind meme generator. You can create memes as well as GIFs on something that is trending, and yes, cats trend throughout the year.

The meme maker app is updated regularly with a ton of spicy memes here and there spread across a wide range of topics. You can search for memes and GIFs on cosplay, comics, puns, science, and absolutely anything. Moreover, developer Imgur Inc keeps the bugs fixed once they detect it. But the only thing that could become a hindrance is the ads and no doubt those are annoying. Fortunately, the app is simple and doesn’t have bells and whistles that would otherwise clutter the UI.

Key Features: Content Updates Daily | Finest collection of Meme & GIF | GIF Maker | Simply UI

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

Memes Generator + Meme Creator

Memes Generator + Meme CreatorThis meme maker app from Meme Plus LLC is hugely popular on the App Store with over 88.7K rating and a rating of 4.7-stars out of 5. The app has a clean user interface, and it has quickly turned into a popular hotspot for memes. There are already 30+ million memers on-board that enjoy its daily updated content based on taste and genre. You can talk to your friends on the app with a built-in messenger to share memes. The app employs a powerful photo and video manipulation feature, including freestyle, rewind, distortion, and others.

The app is super easy to use thanks to its format that allows me to publish memes easier. You can also add stickers and fonts that you can find on the meme maker app. Check out memers profile, discover a lot of content, and more on the app. You can also create your text watermarks to post original content with a custom image. There are ads on this app that you cannot escape except if you sign up for its premium subscription with a free trial included.

Key Features: Multi-Language Support | Massive template library | Daily updated content | Add your watermark

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

GATM Meme Generator

GATM Meme GeneratorBy comparison, GATM Meme Generator comes at the pinnacle whenever you search for the best apps to create memes. The app brings about plenty of meme templates as it receives frequent updates. It lets you view the actual meme when you are editing it, so you don’t make a blunder once you post it. GATM Meme Generator is easy to use, which is why it has garnered a considerable following. Talking about creating memes, you can either browse the content updated daily or upload an image of your own. Once you have the image, add suitable lines to create a meme and bang, preview it, and share it.

The meme maker app doesn’t impose any watermarks even on its free version, so feel free to use it. But hey, it is ad-supported, and thus, you would have to go through ads while using it. Or you can simply subscribe to its paid version and get rid of any ads as a whole. The app lets you share your memes directly to social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, or you can message it. As said, the content is updated daily, and since it is in the background, you won’t even have to do it manually. Try Bad Luck Brian or Socially Awkward Penguin or browse through its Library to create more.

Key Features: No Watermark | Semi-frequent updates | Built-in template library | Easy social media sharing options

Download the app: Android (Free)


MemedroidMemedroid is not just a meme maker app but also a full-fledged online community of memers and meme lovers. The app has a built-in template library that is updated continuously, filling you in on all old and new memes. You can check out these memes and use the built-in app to generate memes and share them with people. Memedroid is a basic yet powerful meme maker app that has fewer features than improve its efficiency. It lets you create images and GIFs with a bunch of basic text tools to edit these memes.

Set out to browse the latest memes in the meme world, add your image to personalize your meme, and set out to discover how prowess this meme generator is. It also has multi-language support that includes Polish, English, Portuguese, French, Russian, and others. Now talking about the adverse side, the app has minimal features, and there are annoying ads everywhere. The app crashes occasionally, but hey, it is still a meme making app, and it keeps you entertained with daily funny content.

Key Features: Online community of meme lovers | Multi-language support | Content is constantly updated | Download or share memes | Built-in template library

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)


MematicMematic is an easy to use meme maker app that lets you create memes effortlessly. With more than 10 million downloads on iOS and 1+ million downloads on Play Store, it is most certainly a must-try one. The app has a decent meme template library that you can browse to know existing memes and create your own. The UI makes it easier for users to navigate, while the feature to add your images takes away any deficiency the app might possess. The app doesn’t just have memes but lets you create inspirational quotes, news, a quick story, and more.

With a polished UI, the only thing that hinders this classic meme maker app is the ads that are everywhere. You cannot get rid of these ads unless you opt for a Pro variant that eliminates ads. The Pro version also reveals a bundle of new features such as advanced formatting features to create a better meme on the way. The search option, in general, is pretty straightforward and does let you search stuff you want with ease. Unlike the GATM Meme Generator, Mematic is available across both Android and iOS for download.

Key Features: Built-in template library | No in-app purchases | Simple UI and easy to use | Social Media Sharing

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free)

Meme Creator

Meme CreatorIf you are looking for no-fuss apps to create memes, Meme Creator is an option you can pick. With more than 5+ million installs, Meme Generator has a base of 600+ memes to play with. The numbers seem less, but once you install it, you can do about anything with this app by creating memes born out of your creativity. The apps are organized in categories such as Rage, Celebrities, Animals, and others that you can use to create your memes. Yes, it takes a bit of trial and error to get the hang of it.

You can add borders around the memes. There are tonnes of text editing tools, including font, color, and size, among others. You can custom make a meme by uploading a photo from the gallery or use the images available within. The app may seem trivial and old, so user discretion is needed. Use the built-in option to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, and elsewhere. Most of all, the app doesn’t impose watermarks on your memes, so you are free to share it.

Key Features: Share on social media with built-in features | 600+ memes | Custom meme support | No Watermark

Download the app: Android (Free)

Memes Generator and Creator

Memes Generator and CreatorMemes Generator and Creator is a light-weight and generic meme maker app on Play Store. The app lets you use 500+ preset images to create your memes and share them with friends. The app has a built-in social network sharing feature so you can share memes on just a click. Memes Generator and Creator app let you use the images in the built-in gallery, or you can use your own to create hilarious memes and troll your friends.

The app doesn’t impose any watermark, which is a must-have feature since memes can be someone’s original content. There’s more as you can adjust the size of any font of your choice and text color as well. Check out memes like Trollface, High Expectations 10 Guy, or Success Kid, among others.

Key Features: 500+ preset images | Adjust color, size, font | Works offline | No Watermarks | Share via Social Networks

Download the app: Android (Free)


DopamemeEarlier known as Pictophile, Dopameme has garnered quite a following with over 5.3K ratings on App Store, 4.3-stars rating. Dopameme is not just a meme maker app, but it has a huge community of memers and meme lovers. The app has a neat user interface, and everything is neatly organized, including categories of memes. You can check out the libraries of memes from other memers, and there’s an unlimited supply of it. The meme maker feature allows users to add captions on the top and bottom of any existing photo or custom photo.

Dopameme doubles as a GIF maker for those who love editing GIFs. Along with it, there’s a fake news generator that takes the news as a meme. There’s Image and GIF Combiner that merges these formats side by side. You can have six images and GIFs combination as well. There’s a border caption feature as well as GIF compressor, which is a useful feature to compress large GIFs. The app is available as a free and paid standalone app where the latter unlocks a lot of features.

Key Features: Meme Maker | Memers Community | GIF Maker | Image and GIF Combiner | Fake News Generator | GIF Compressor “Simple & Easy to use UI

Download the app: iOS (Free) | Android (Free) 

Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker App

Byte Vine Creative Meme MakerThe Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker app was earlier known as Make a Meme+, and available only for iPhone users as of now. With over 4 million users, the new app provides all the features the original app offers. It is frequently updated with new content, so you won’t feel bored or disappointed whenever you want to check out memes. The Meme editor app offers a vast catalog of popular memes, including Grumpy Cat, Overly Attached Girlfriend, and others. Select any layout, tap on the text option, and add your captions. It also lets you add faces and hats on the memes.

Next up, you can easily save your memes in the camera roll or post it to Instagram, Facebook, and other platforms. You can either import meme layout or use your images to create a hilarious meme. Note that not all memes available on Byte Vine Creative Meme Maker are free. You can subscribe to its premium plan ranging from a week to a year with a 3-day trial that you can use.

Key Features: Daily Content Updates| In-app purchases | Save & Share memes | Library of popular memes

Download the app: iOS (Free) 

If you are looking for apps that you can edit photos than just generating memes out of it, do check out our handpicked list of best photo editing apps for you. Indeed, the meme world is beyond comprehension as there are unlimited ways one could tweak even a popular and overused meme like “Nobody” or “Grumpy Cat.” We know that there are plenty of best meme maker apps available on both iOS and Android that aren’t listed here. Do let us know which one you’d love to install or the one you already use.

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