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10 Best PC Benchmark Software for Windows

Whether it is a new PC or old one, a benchmarking software can check the performance of the PC. The Windows benchmarking tools allows you to assess whether your system runs poorly or has above par performance. In fact, a good PC benchmark app can tell you about the rank as well as the performance level of your system. Most of the benchmark apps allow configuring the hardware changes through it without any issue. Through a benchmark app, you can easily tweak the hardware to make a big difference in many ways.

Here are some of the best benchmarking software for Windows. You can use these system performance testing tools to know more about your system as well as to tweak system performance.

Editor’s Note: It is important to ensure that there are no background processes doing on during the benchmarking procedure. It assures for a reliable and great benchmark score in the end. It is important to leave the tool to work on until the end and have a good result in the end.


Novabench is a free PC benchmark software to quickly test the system. Anyone can easily use it know as well as compare the performance of your system with others. Performing tests in minutes, the tool is quick to run and give optimum results. Starting from GPU and CPU tests, the tool offers Direct3D 11/Metal graphics with OpenCL compute test. With the comprehensive tests, the Novabench GPU benchmarking software also performs memory transfer speed with the disk read as well as write speed.

Novabench Score

With the benchmarking app for Windows, you can perform an easy comparison with thousands of similar systems. See how well your computer stacks up and get advice to improve the performance as well as save results to your profile. Easily see previous benchmarks in the tool to know how better your system is from past results.

Download Novabench


Serving as an all-in-one tool for benchmarking, 3DMark allows you to find the right test for your PC. Scanning your hardware automatically as well as it recommends the best PC benchmark for the system, perform the right test every time. You can choose the tests that you want to install and access the tests that you want. The benchmark tool gives detailed charts showing you the CPU and GPU temperature, clock speed and frame rate.3DMark Explore your PC performance limit and changes the resolution as well as quality settings to make the benchmarks more as well as less demanding. Recommending you the best GPU benchmark software for your system, you can easily compare score with other Windows as well as other devices.

Download 3DMark

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PCMark 10

PCMark 10 comes with a comprehensive set of tests. Each of them covers a wide variety of tasks to give you a detailed report of your system. A great CPU benchmark software for beginners and moderate Windows users. PCMark 10 comes with industry standard PC performance coming with relevant tests, which reflect the demands of modern work.

PCMark 10

Easy to install and run coming with no sort of complicated configuration, the tool comes with great features. It allows you to know about the system performance both for modern office as well as for home users. Overcome the dilemma of choosing whether Accelerated or Conventional benchmarking mode used in PCMark 8 with PCMark 10. The new and improved working of the benchmarking test takes about half the time of PCMark 8.

Download PCMark 10


Sisoftware is an information and diagnostic utility for Windows users. It is capable of providing diverse kinds of useful information and details about your system’s hardware. Evaluate the speed of your hard drive, removable storage as well as file storage of your computer through the tool. With the benchmarking tool, you can easily know whether you have over-clocked your desktop or laptop. Use the tool to confirm and know your system is working correctly or not.


Run the benchmarking tool for knowing the difference in the speed as well as the performance of the system after the upgrade. The regular checks and benchmarks from the tool allow the user to reduce strain on the system.

Download SiSoftware

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CPU-Z is a freeware CPU benchmarking tool for your system allowing you to know significant details of the system. Know about processor name and number, codename, process, package, cache levels with the tool. The details regarding the mainboard and chipset are also available as well through the help of this tool.

CPU Z Benchmark

Access real-time measurement of every core’s internal frequency along with memory frequency. CPU-Z is capable of giving the memory type, size, timings, and module specifications (SPD). Access HWMonitor to monitor the hardware of your system like main health sensors: voltages, temperatures, fans speed. Both of these tools aid in getting an overview of your system without any extra effort.

Download CPU-Z


Geekbench is one of the best benchmarking software for Windows. Measure the power of your system, as Geekbench is the perfect CPU benchmark software. It allows the user to know how strong is their Windows system. The Geekbunch tool models a real-world task or application consists of complex as well straightforward memory access patterns pushing your system to limit. With these tests, the software is able to give out meaningful results for knowing the perfect efficiency of your system.


Show off the performance with the world by uploading them to Geekbench Browser. The GPU benchmark software measures the GPU of your system by image processing as well as using the computer vision through relevant and complex challenges.

Download Geekbench

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Performing extended stress testing on your system, Heaven works to give extreme performance and stability test. The beautiful as well as an interactive user interface makes working on it a breeze and is loved by a large number of people. The Heaven benchmarking tool performs the CPU test and GPU test with results detailed on it to give you the exact details. Know the temperature of GPU along with monitor the clock of the system through the benchmarking tool.

Heaven Benchmark

Coming with support for DirectX 9, 11 and OpenGL 4.0, Heaven benchmark, the GPU Performance software is powered by UNIGINE 1 Engine for better results. Hammering graphics cards of the system to its core, the benchmark tests GPU stability under extremely stressful conditions. The Heaven tool is available in Basic, Advanced, as well as in Professional mode. Heaven Benchmark software allows you to select the perfect software edition based on your needs.

Download Heaven

Performance Test

Performance Test is a fast, easy to access CPU benchmarking software allowing the user to benchmark objectively their system easily. Whether it is a desktop or laptop, the CPU benchmark software compares your system with similarly configured systems. Measure more deeply about the configuration changes and upgrades through the help of Performance Test.

Performance Test

Access the available objective independent measurements to get a solid base your purchasing decision for a system. The advanced tests to create personalized benchmark scenarios for a more detailed result over the diverse system sections. Available as a 30-day trial, you need to purchase the software in order to make most of it.

Download Performance Test


Test the stability of hardware with Superposition GPU benchmarking. The software is made for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. Coming with more than 900 interactive objects, the tool comes with free exploration mode with its mini-games.

Superposition Benchmark

Integrated with global leaderboards, you can easily compare the score online. Use the tool to match results with the people having the same configuration. Dive into the VR experience through the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The VR experience allows you to know how well your system fares against other similar desktops or laptops. Checking from the video card, power supply, cooling system as well as it is there for almost everything. The benchmark tool allows the person to know much more detail about their desktop as well as on their laptop.

Download Superposition


Test your system as well as compare the results with others having the same components with UserBenchmark. The CPU tests of CPU benchmark software comes with an integer, floating and string. Every CPU and GPU tests results are generated as well as presented on the userbenchmark.com. With the results, you can easily know the strongest components in your system.


Evaluate own speed results on the benchmarking software as well as see the speed test results from other users. Explore the best upgrade option with the virtual PC build as well as ensure the optimum purchase of the components.

Download UserBenchmark

Best PC Benchmark Software for Windows

It is important to access hardware performance in order to if you see any system lag or decay in performance. Anyone can use the CPU and GPU benchmarking software for Windows to get an idea about the system’s performance of the system. Through the help of a good PC benchmark software, one can know the shortcomings of the system. Gauge hardware performance without any trouble through the benchmark tools. A simple GPU & CPU test over the system once in a while is important. Get best in your performance as well as in the final benchmark score with these tools.

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