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5 Cheap Cell Phone Plans (Post Paid) in US that Cost Under $20.00

Are you looking for cheap cell phone plans? You are on the right place. This article for those who want to save money on their monthly cell phone plan. There are good service providers; those are offering the mobile phone plans cost under 20 bucks per month. These mobile phone plans can cost you at least 40 bucks per month, around $480.00 savings per year.

In US, cell phone plans cost around $60.00 per month per person. Most of the providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. are offering unlimited minutes and text with this $60 plan.

Even though these plans are unlimited, consumers are utilizing only a small chunk of these unlimited call and text plan. In reality, we are paying more than we are to these cell phone providers.

For those who are looking for unlimited calling minutes, there are free offers with Wi-Fi calling from the mobile service providers. Those who are looking for unlimited calls from land phones to US and Canada, we already published article to How to Call US Land Phone & Mobile for Free While you Abroad

These cheap cell phone calling plan will bring you a saving of $480.00 per year ($40.00 per month) per cell phone. Let us go through few of these providers that can save you money.

Cell phone Plans Cost Under $20.00 per Month

Provider Talk SMS Data Cost/Month
FreedomPop 200 minutes 500 Texts 500 MB $0.00
FreedomPop Unlimited Unlimited 1000 MB $19.99
Republican Unlimited Unlimited 0 MB $15.00
Republican Unlimited Unlimited 1000 MB $20.00
RingPlus 250 minutes 250 Texts 250 MB $0.00
RingPlus 500 minutes 500 Texts 500 MB $4.99
RingPlus Unlimited Unlimited 1000 MB $15.99
Ting 100 minutes 100 Texts 100 MB $15.00
Ting 500 minutes 1000 Texts 0 MB $20.00
ProjectFi Unlimited Unlimited 0 MB $20.00

You can combine these plans with brand new unlocked phones from Amazon store (please make sure the provider compatibility) that is avilable for less than 50 bucks.  Amazon Prime offer Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS based unlocked smart phone BLU R1 HD for $49.00.


FreedomPop offers zero cost basic plan that can meet your basic requirement. This service provider offers the basic plan with 500 texts, 200 minutes, and 500MB each month for free of cost. When you talk about the coverage of this service provider, FreedomPop relies on the mobile towers of Sprint, that assured the same coverage area of Sprint. “Bring Your Own Device” program let you take your own device to start with FreedomPop’s mobile plan without any contract.For those who can’t survive with

For those who can’t survive with basic plan, can switch to the premium plan by paying only $19,99 per month. Compare to other providers’ expensive plan range in $40.00 – $70.00, FreedomPop offers unlimited talk, text and 1GB data plan for $19.99 monthly pay without any contracts and you can cancel the plan any time.

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Republican Wireless

Republican wireless uses Adaptive Coverage technology to provide maximum voice quality and coverage for their users. This provider utilizes as mush as Wi-Fi network to route the calls and thus reduce the overall cost. The adaptive technology switches the calls between Wi-Fi and Cell towers to make sure the calls are routing to the phones even the places where cell phone networks can’t reach.

republican wireless coverage

Republican Wireless basic plan offers unlimited text, call for $15.00 and you have to pay $20.00 per month if you want to use 1GB data with your mobile plan. There is no contract to hook you up under this provider, but you have to use Republican’s phone to use their service.


Ringplus, like FreedomPop uses Spring Network towers to offer the cell phone service. There are overage charges for most of the attractive RingPlus plans that will auto top up that may cost you based on the plan agreement. In addition to this Spring’s cell network, RingPlus aslo let you to make WiFi calls that make sure maximum coverage where Spring network can’t reach.

There are bunch of different plans from RingPlus where the basic plan comes with 500 minutes talk, text and 500 MB for $4.99+tax. RingPlus provider also offer Bring Your Device Program program that let the user to use their own device to use the service.

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Project Fi

Project Fi direct from Google, that offer very clear plan with voice plan and data plan. Project Fi utilizes intelligent technology to connect the best available network towers and free Wi-Fi spots to provide the best call quality.

Project Fi service from Google starts the basic calling plan with $20 per month, that you can get unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, ability to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, and coverage in 135+ destinations. If you want to use 4G, you can pay additional $20.00 for 2GB and the offer her is Google will return your money for unused data.


Ting is another service offering average bill around $23.00 per month where the basic plan can start from $15.00 with 100 minutes talk and text. Ting provides both GSM and CDMA networks, you can have any combination of active GSM and / or CDMA devices under one account sharing minutes, messages and megabytes.

The above plans are available in US that can came you bunch of money per month. For an average AT&T or Verizon users those who have $70.00 plan per month paying around $840.00 per year where you need to pay only $240.00 if you choose any of these $20.00 plans. Are you planning to lower your land phone bills even further, then red this artcile to Cut down Land Phone Bill to $10 or less with these VoIP Services.

These cheap cell phones plans will help you to save around $600.00 per year per line. Theses cell phone plan savings will be more than thousand bucks if you are a customer of those major mobile providers with a family or two lines plan.

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