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Top 5 Ways To Call Through Internet

Phone calls are almost free now and there are several ways to make free phone calls through internet connection using your PC, Smart Phone, and VOIP based phones like Vonage, Skype Phone etc. If you traveling abroad frequently, you can utilize these applications to contact back your family almost free of cost.

Here we are giving you a list of applications that can make free calls with your PC, MAC, iPhone, Android and Nokia and most of these apps are free with the support of multiple platforms.

Android Free Call Apps

If you have a smartphone based on Android you have a lot of choices to call from your phone without spending minutes from your service plan. We listed here a couple of applications Top 6 Android apps to make free phone calls that help you to make free calls from Android Phone. Use your smartphone efficiently, avoid mobile phone “bill shock”. All these are supporting WiFi and few of them are capable to call using 3G and 4G.

iOS Free Call Apps

There are several free applications available in iTunes that supports calls from your iOS device. We pick the best available 5 applications posted as Top 5 iPhone apps to make free phone calls. Use your smartphone efficiently and utilize the apps to make calls. VoIP has progressed a lot and the smartphone users have many ways to make free calls. Most of us don’t know how to utilize this feature in their smartphones. iPhone has a lot of VoIP apps available in the iTunes app store that you can try and use in your daily life.

Nokia Free Call Apps

You have a lot of application you can try in your Nokia to make calls from your phone through internet. We pick a few of them and listed within this post, Free Calls with Nokia – Best 6 Free Apps. Enjoy the free calls with Nokia phone by installing free applications. These applications good for free calls for Nokia and it is absolutely free. You can use these Nokia apps to make calls, chat video calls with your friends, Facebook and other social media buddies without loosing plan minutes. We listed most famous 6 Nokia apps, that you can download free and install in your phone to make free calls with Nokia.


Make Calls from PC

You can use your PC as a phone for making calls to other mobile or land phone. It is easy, user-friendly and sometimes easier than using the phone application. This is an alternative solution for your cell phone which can be used to call without using your quota minutes. Few of these applications are allowing free calls to US and Canada and if you pay per minute you can make cheap calls to other countries. The complete list described here; How to Make Phone Calls From Windows PC.

Make Calls from MAC

You can use your MAC as an alternative source to make calls from MAC to phones. Most of these applications are like iOS apps and easy to setup and use. All these programs are free of cost and also supports free calls to US numbers from your MAC using these programs. Sometimes it is more user-friendly to use MAC than iPhone for calling while you are on work. For the complete list of the applications please refer How to make phone calls from MAC.

Please share your experience with these applications and let us know about more applications that you are using your smartphone. It is a smart idea to use either your smartphone, PC or MAC to make calls using these free applications rather than utilizing your mobile minutes.

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