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10 Best Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for 2021: Gift Cards, Games, and More

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It is that time of the year in which everyone has already bought gifts for their loved ones. If you have been quite busy lately and missed getting the right gifts for your favorite person, do not worry yet. There are thousand other ways to get them the best gift this year virtually. No more worrying about the delivery, you can get them the gift right into their email inbox.

Let us find out the best last-minute tech gifts you should look for in this year’s Christmas. The best part about these gifts is that you can get them any time you want since they are virtual and do not need to be delivered physically. Let’s begin.

Amazon Gift Cards

When you think of virtual gifts, gift cards are the first thing that comes to all of ours minds. If you were unable to buy your favorite ones the actual gifts this Christmas, make this an opportunity to give them the right to choose what they want. You can generate a Gift Card from Amazon and gift it to your loved ones. They can later use it to buy anything they wish to get, which is quite sweet.

Although there are tons of gift cards available on Amazon, make sure it is the “Amazon Gift Card” you choose which can be used to buy goods from Amazon. There will be an option to send the gift card directly to the recipient’s email. They can later redeem the code to buy anything. If you are worried about the cost of these gift cards, you can get them from any price range. Plus, there will not be any extra charges or fees applicable for sending and using Amazon gift cards.

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  • Amazon.com Gift Cards never expire and carry no fees.

Video Games

We all have that one loved person who is into gaming. Unlike older times, you no longer need CDs or hard copies of games to play. That is why you can choose video games as a gift idea for this year’s Christmas. Even though you are at the last moment, say Christmas eve, you can buy and gift a favorite game of your favorite person from Amazon.

Many of the games still come in hard format, in CD. Still, there are tons of games you can buy from Amazon and use digitally. There will be no delay in delivery or time limit of redeeming the game from the gift. Whether you look for PS5 games, Xbox games, or PC games, you can buy a digital copy of them from Amazon. Here are a few popular ones.

If the games from Amazon are not their favorite ones, you can gift a PlayStation gift card to buy games directly from the PS Store.

$100 PlayStation Store Gift Card [Digital Code]
  • Must be 18+yrs and have an account for PlayStation Network to redeem. May be redeemed for anything...

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Ebooks and Audiobooks

Those who love to read might wish for more ebooks to their collection. If you are planning something for that bibliophile in your life, look for the tons of eBooks and Audiobooks available on Amazon. You would not find such a vast collection of books elsewhere.

Ebooks you gift through Amazon can be read on Kindle Readers or can access directly from the Kindle app on their phones. Here are some eBooks we think you will love.

Amazon Kindle Edition; Manson, Mark (Author); English (Publication Language); 432 Pages - 11/09/2021...
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
Amazon Kindle Edition; Clear, James (Author); English (Publication Language); 319 Pages - 10/16/2018...

Apart from the eBooks, Amazon Audible Audiobooks are also gaining popularity. Give them a different sense of listening with the Amazon Audiobooks.

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Magazine Subscriptions

Everyone is into some kind of hobby, and magazines are greater additions to them. If your loved one is into something interesting, you can gift them a year-long subscription to their favorite magazine and let them know your support.

You can get subscriptions for printed magazines as well as e-Magazines from Amazon. The e-mags can be read using the Kindle Readers. Anyway, here are a few magazines that you will find helpful to gift this Christmas last moment.

Purchase or Rent Movies

Apart from the Amazon Prime Video movie watching, you can purchase or rent individual movies. If your loved ones love watching movies, get them some popular titles to watch this Christmas eve. There are tons of newly released movies that anyone would love to watch. Apart from that, you can look for some classic Christmas movie titles as well.

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Accounts and Memberships

Not everyone can afford all the memberships and accounts, especially if you are a student. If you have someone who is not having all the essential memberships they need, you can gift them with the subscription for a few months or for a whole year. If you are wondering how you can get them the subscription for them, there are gift cards for those as well.

Whether you are trying to get them a Netflix account, Spotify subscription, Roblox membership, or pretty much anything else, look for it on Amazon and you can get eGift vouchers. The best part is that you can deliver the gift cards right into their email in one click. No physical cards included, so nothing to worry about the delivery delays.

Useful Apps and Software

Software and certain apps can cost a fortune for professionals and students. Your loved ones may be struggling to get the essential tools for their college or at their job. Get to know what they will be looking to buy to use on their computer and you can gift them the software license directly from Amazon. This last-minute gift also comes in email format so that you can buy this at any moment and gift them.

Fitness Subscriptions

Let their fitness goals be attained from anywhere with virtual gym subscriptions this new year. If your loved ones need to gain some shape, you can gift them the virtual fitness classes subscriptions. Even if they get too busy with work and family matters, they can still work out from anywhere through online classes.

The iFit is one of such fitness subscriptions that anyone would love to get. One year of individual membership will get them personal trainers and personalized tailored workout classes. Another alternative method is to get them an Apple Fitness+ subscription if they use both iPhone and Apple Watch. Since you cannot get Fitness+ directly from elsewhere, here we included an Apple Store gift card to redeem on any subscriptions on their iPhone including Fitness+.

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Food Delivery Gift Cards

I know you would not disagree with the thing about ordering food. You lay back on the couch and your food delivers to the doorstep. If you are away from your loved ones or at the last minute of buying gifts, get them their favorite food by giving them a food delivery gift card.

There are tons of food delivery gift cards available out there including GrubHub, UberEats, and much more. Get any of their favorite food delivery choice and watch them happy.

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Travel Gift Cards

For those who travel very often, taking cabs is a costly choice. To help your loved ones in their next trips, you can gift them with gift cards for Uber rides or Lyft rides. They can redeem the codes and use them to travel in Uber anywhere.

Apart from Uber and Lyft, you can grab travel passes like Southwest Airlines, Airbnb gift cards, and more to gift your loved ones this Christmas. Travel passes are great last-minute Christmas gifts you should consider.

Visa Gift Card

Prepaid gift cards are the best since one can use them at any store where the cards are accepted. Visa gift cards work the same as credit cards, but only until the whole balance is over. Anyways, you can gift someone a visa gift card or Mastercard gift card so that they can go shopping right after Christmas to wherever they like.

There are still hundreds of ways to show your love to someone this Christmas time if you were late to buy gifts for them. These last-minute Christmas gift ideas can be grabbed quickly and delivered to your loved ones before Christmas. Choose your gift options now.


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