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10 Best PS5 Racing Games You Should Try out on Your PlayStation

The new generation PlayStation 5 has hit the market and opened the players to a new visual paradise. The PS5 offers high performance along with ray tracing visuals. If you are in search of the best racing games that you can play on your PlayStation 5, here’s a list.

Let us look into some of the best racing games that can be played on the new PlayStation 5.

Gran Turismo 7


Gran Turismo 7 is a much-anticipated game for PlayStation 5. The gameplay looks stunning with its highly detailed graphics. The PS5 racing game showcases a large number of cars with extreme detailing. Multiple tracks around the world are offered for the player to explore.

Gran Turismo 7 is a PlayStation exclusive game and an excellently built-up racing simulator. The dynamic ray-traced weather system is also a great feature of this game. The success of the previous versions of Gran Turismo gives us high expectations for this PS5 racing game.

Key Features: Real driving simulation | Extreme detailing | Ultra cars | Customization and tuning | Garage | 3D Audio

Get from PlayStation Store: Gran Turismo 7

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Moto GP 21

MotoGP 21 iconMotoGP 21 is a motorbike racing simulator with lots of content. It is very similar to its predecessor of last year but has a few noticeable improvements. The game provides a great racing experience with its superbikes and handling. The R&D is simulated in the game for the player to get more idea of how the whole thing works.

The MotoGP 21 looks stunning in PlayStation 5 with its highly detailed visuals. The game pays attention to the animations during racing, cornering, and crashing. There are many new additions in the game that enhances the simulation experience. The game teaches the player to get the hang of it and provides more and more challenges.

The AI teammates in MotoGP 21 are quite good and the races are not so easy to win. The thrill of racing and the simulation of the whole process behind it makes this one of the best PS5 racing games.

Key Features: Best Moto GP game | 120 official riders | 20 official circuits | 40 motorbikes | Long lap penalty rule | Careers | Rules | Career mode

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MotoGP 21 (PS5) (PS4)
  • Motogp at its best - Experience the complete 2021 Season with all main official classes, rosters and...

WRC 10 FIA World Rally Championship

WRC 10 iconThe newest addition to the WRC series comes with 4 new rally modes and 22 legendary bonus cars. That’s not it, it also has 50+ teams, custom crew management, and WRC history mode. The racing game also comes with a library editor and lots of challenges to complete.

WRC 10 is visually stunning and has all the good elements from its predecessor. Dirt racing comes with different kinds of tracks to choose from. The handling of the cars is pretty solid and provides a great experience for games.

Key Features: Rally modes | Library editor | Dirt tracks | 50+ teams | Various challenges

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WRC 10 for PlayStation 5
  • Career mode, unanimously hailed as one of the best-developed and most complete in a racing game, has...

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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed iconHot Wheels is a miniature racing game that offers players an enjoyable gaming experience. The PS5 racing game has lots of Hot Wheels cars and tracks. This is an arcade-style racing game that has all the thrill offered by Hotwheels toys. There are various types of tracks that are set up in different environments.

Hot Wheels Unleashed also pays detail to the obstacles while racing. The unexpected application of spider web while racing and speed limiters make the game more interesting. Even Though the game seems like a miniature, it gives immense satisfaction to the player which makes it one of the best racing games out there to play on your PlayStation 5.

Key Features: Miniature Hot Wheels cars | Arcade tracks | Drifting | Boosting | Gravity effects | 2-player split-screen | 12-player online gameplay

Hot Wheels Unleashed - PlayStation 5
  • Drifting - Drift like crazy to charge your Boost

Rims Racing

Rims Racing iconRims racing is a type of motorcycle riding simulator. The best part of the game is its motorcycle customization section. The PlayStation 5 racing game provides a real-life motorcycle-building experience. The game even pays attention to the screws used to attach the parts. The motorcycle collection in Rims Racing is limited to 8, but a ton of customization options are available.

Rims racing has fairly detailed racing environments and bikes. The opponent’s AI system is decent. The handling of the motorcycles and well-built and the cornering animations are very detailed. These features make rims racing a must-have racing game on your PlayStation.

Key Features: 8 powerful motorcycles | Motorcycle customization | Realistic physics | Real-world graphics | Career and team management

Rims Racing (PS5) - PlayStation 5
  • Manage your career and team: build your rider by managing their race calendar, choose which R&D...

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F1 2021

F1 2021 iconF1 2021 is the newest version of the Formula 1 simulator for PS5 gamers. The game offers a great platform for the players to learn about Formula One racing. The racing game provides a real-to-like simulation in a gaming environment.

The game is all about making a team for yourself and winning the Formula 1 championship by utilizing your R&D. The newest version of F1 has a great career mode. F1 2021 contains a lot of teams and players for you to choose from. You also have access to an AI team management system that manages your R&D and helps you build your team.

The racing game is very fun to play with decent handling and gameplay. The game looks highly detailed and super cool in the new generation PlayStation 5.

Key Features: Official Formula 1 simulation | Career mode | Team Mode | AI management | Highly detailed | Split screen | Multiplayer | Free upgrade from PS4 to PS5

F1 2021 - PlayStation 5
  • The official videogame of the 2021 Formula One world Championship

Dirt 5

Dirt 5 iconDirt 5 is a fun car racing game to explore. The game has very awesome visuals and gameplay. Dirt 5 has taken some of the best features from its predecessors and cooked up a new and improved racing formula. The racing tracks feel so lively and visually pleasing.

The track creation feature offered by the game can help the player to become more creative with his plan on where to race. Each car in Dirt 5 sounds and feels different. The game offers the player to experience a great dirt driving experience. The dynamic weather system highly utilizes the Dual Shock vibration.

Key Features: 70+ tracks | 10 locations | Dynamic weather | Split screen up to 4 | Distinctive cars

DIRT 5 - PlayStation 5
  • Take a trip around the world to and race on over 70+ unique routes across 10 different global...

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Need For Speed The Heat

NFS Heat iconNeed For Speed Heat is one of the latest additions to the NFS series. NFS Heat is an open-world game with lots of content. The racing game provides two entirely different racing environments in the daytime and nighttime. When calm and cool races in the daytime give you peace, the neon lights and street races in the night take you to another level.

The cars in NFS heat look awesome with a ton load of customization options. Your in-game cars can be customized to a whole another level. Need for speed offers a decent career mode with lots of challenges and thrilling races. The graphics, cars, and thrilling gameplay make this one of the must-try games on PlayStation 5.

Key Features: Day and night cycle | Extreme customization | Large number of cars | Open world gameplay | Online play with PS Plus

Get from PlayStation Store: Need for Speed Heat

Wreck Fest

Wreckfest iconIf you are looking for a little more than racing, wreck fest is your go-to choice. Wreck Fest is a destructive car racing game that will make you addicted to it. If you leave all that high-performance cars aside, you get nice solid cars that can take away the paint from your opponent’s car. That is not it, you get buses, vans, double-decker cars, and harvesters.

The PlayStation 5 racing game has a lot of tracks for you to destroy. The mud, gravel, and tarmac, each track offers a different kind of experience. The game has good handling control and destructive gameplay. The exclusive experience that was offered by wreck fest makes it a great PS5 racing game.

Key Features: Destructive gameplay | Variety of vehicles | Challenges | Customizations

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Wreckfest - PlayStation 5
  • Awesome cars - old, banged-up, patched-together cars that simply ooze style! From old American...

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Ride 4

Ride 4 iconRide 4 is a motorbike racing game for PlayStation 5. The game is a great simulation of how motorcycle racing takes place. The game comes with great physics and showcases a large number of motorcycles to choose from. However, the game feels like it lacks content at times.

Motorcycle racing simulators are quite hard to master for beginners. Ride 4 offers race tracks with great levels of detail. The AI teammates are good and offer you great competition. The Ride 4 racing game is a fun game to test your motorcycle racing skills.

Key Features: Dynamic 4K Resolution with 60FPS | 176 Officially licensed bikes | 31 tracks | Free upgrade from PS4 to PS5

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Deep Silver Ride 4 - PlayStation 5
  • Live the game at its highest potential with dynamic resolution up to 4K and 60 FPS, more challenging...

Racing games are not for everyone, but if you love revving up in the realistic tracks with stunning cars and motorbikes, these are some of the best racing games currently available for the PlayStation 5. All these games look visually stunning and offer a great gaming experience on a PS5. Even though most of the games are remastered from their PS4 versions, all of them offer a great gaming experience.

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