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7 Best Online Video Game Stores to Buy PC Games

Buying or renting video games as CD copies are the stories of the gone time. You can now easily purchase games online and play them right away on your PC or gaming consoles. Once digitally owned, the game can be accessed from anywhere at any time by the buyer. Buying digital games makes it even more affordable. Also, it is an added advantage when you want to update or patch the game over the internet.

Here let us discuss some of the best game stores to buy PC games online.


Steam is an online marketplace from where you can buy digital video games. The website is developed by Valve software. Initially, steam was released as standalone software for providing updates for their games. Later, third-party games were also included in Steam’s game library. The online video game store also has a launcher that can be installed in pc to manage your games.

Steam has one of the largest game libraries of an online store. The UI is great and it has lots of cool features. Steam provides a great social platform for gamers. The users can share their gaming content, write reviews and even add friends on this platform. The online video game store has seasonal sales that offer great discounts and offers. Steam is one of the most easily recommendable online sites for digital games.

Key Features: Large game library | Community features | Great discounts

Visit: Steam Store

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EA Origin

EA Origin mainly focuses on the selling of AAA titled games from Electronic Arts. The Origin library has lots of games. It includes famous titles like Star Wars, The Need For speed, etc. Even though most of the games in the origin library belong to Electronic Arts, there are many third-party games also available on this online video game store.

EA origin is a very useful and user-friendly client. The online video game store provides the feature to play games even before it is completely downloaded. The client is very fast and responsive in terms of download speed and other aspects.

The best part of origin is that you can get a monthly or yearly subscription for all the games. This gives the player access to a large number of games and access to newer games as long as the subscription goes on. This is a great feature if you wish to try lots of games without having to pay for each of them.

Key Features: Subscription option | Community features | Best EA titles

Visit: EA Origin

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle is also a digital online game store for buying video games. The main highlight of the Humble Bundle website is that the buyer is given the option to buy a collection of games for a great price. The site provides time-limited deals that contain bundles that are a collection of various games.

The Humble Bundle collection can include games of the same series as well as different ones. The website has collections of books games and software. The online video game store provides an option for the buyer to decide how much price they wish to pay. This is a great option as an online game store if you wish to buy a lot of games for an affordable price.

Key Features: Great deals | Seasonal sales | Awesome titles

Visit: Humble Bundle

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Epic Games

Epic Games is one of the best online game stores currently. It contains most of the AAA titled games that are released recently. The pricing of the website differs according to countries, so the pricing will be normalized almost everywhere around the world.

Epic Games manages to develop a great game launcher that is used to download and install games purchased for their website. The launcher comes with lots of great features like the cloud saves and achievements section. You can also use other launchers to install games purchased from epic games.

Epic Games also gives away two games absolutely free each week. These games can be kept in the game library for a lifetime. The refund policy of epic games is also quite good. These things make epic games one of the best digital marketplaces to buy games.

Key Features: AAA titled games | Great deals | Free games

Visit: Epic Games

Good Old Games

GOG.com is a digital distribution platform to buy video games. It contains exceptional AAA-titled games as well as unique Old games that bring nostalgia. The site posses a system in which the game developers are supported directly. Most of the revenue obtained from the game directly goes to the game developer.

Good Old Games provides complete editions of almost all games. The website also offers many goodies and collectibles in the game. Most of the older generation games are tested and patched by Good Old Games for modern systems. GOG also has a client that can be installed on your system.

All these factors push forward the customers to opt for GOG for purchasing online games.

Key Features: Older game titles | Classic games | Good deals

Visit: GOG.com

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Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is an online game-selling company that contains games from most of the top game publishers. They provide a digital platform to buy and sell games. If you are a publisher who is looking forward to selling games, they can even help you as your digital partner.

The Green Man Gaming contains most of the latest games at a great price. The best game publishers like Rockstar, 2k games, Activision, etc. work with Green man Gaming. They have a great discount in AAA tilted games that are normally very costly. These factors make them one of the best digital platforms for purchasing games.

Key Features: Community platform | Vast list of games

Visit: Green Man Gaming


Amazon.com is the largest online store for purchasing all kinds of goods. Amazon holds almost everything that can be brought from shops. Amazon has a delivery to almost everywhere. The online website is very vast and user-friendly. Everybody can easily buy anything from amazon.

Amazon also has a great gaming library. They sell hardcopies of games as well as digital codes. Digital codes for many games can be purchased from Amazon. These codes can be used to redeem the game from their respective clients. This makes amazon also a great platform to buy digital games.

Key Features: Easy to access | Easy to purchase

Visit: Amazon

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eBay is an online website. It contains almost all kinds of products. The game-selling website has lots of products related to the gaming industry. They provide lots of hardware computer components and other gaming consoles. They also include a great collection of gaming libraries. This includes digital codes also.

eBay manages to include lots of games on its website. So Digital codes of many games can be bought from eBay and can be redeemed. Since the availability of most of the newer games is higher on eBay, it can also be considered as one of the best online websites for purchasing digital games.

Key Features: Large game library | Digital and hardcopy of games | Easy to access

Visit: eBay

These are some of the best online websites that offer so many great games. Most of them have their own exclusive titles and discounts. Make use of all of them and their seasonal sales for saving maximum money. Keep checking these websites to know their offers and new releases. Hope this list has helped you.

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