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12 Best Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows on Apple TV

Apple TV is good for someone who needs to cut down the cable costs. Like Amazon Firestick, it allows you to watch your favorite content (movies/TV shows) without spending a dime. Since its launch in 2007, Apple has been regularly adding apps that support Apple TV in addition to its iOS devices. Hence, a lot of iOS apps will work on Apple TV as well.

In this post, let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps on Apple TV.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Majority of us would have installed Amazon Prime Video on our iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone. Likewise, you can install the Prime Video app on your Apple TV to watch your favorite movies/TV shows on a bigger screen. If you are already subscribed to Amazon Prime membership, then you can watch thousands of movies/TV shows on your Apple TV.

Download from AppStore: Amazon Prime Video



Majority of us would have used NetFlix on our iOS, Android or Smart TVs. Well, you can install NetFlix on your Apple TV so that you can watch your favorite content on the big screen.  It is a well-known fact that you need to pay a flat monthly subscription fee (except for the first month) to watch movies or TV shows on NetFlix.

The best option for NetFlix would be to go for a premium plan by sharing the fee with your family members or friends. As the plan allows you to access four devices at the same time, you won’t face any limitations on streaming the content.

Download from AppStore: NetFlix



Well, the majority of us don’t need an introduction for the YouTube app, as it is the best free app to watch videos under different categories from instructional videos to vlogs. If your Apple TV is 4th or 5th generation, then you won’t have any issues, as the official YouTube app is available in the App Store.

Download from AppStore: YouTube


hbo go logo

This app will give you access to all current and legacy HBO content, including TV shows, documentaries, and movies. Besides movies, you can also watch the news, talk shows, special events and more. If you are an existing subscriber of HBO, then just install HBO Go app on your Apple TV and start watching your favorite movies/TV shows.

Download from AppStore: HBO Go

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hulu watch movies

Like NetFlix, Hulu also offers a paid subscription service to stream not only movies, TV shows but also 50+ On-Demand and Live TV channels. Hulu is a good option for someone who would like to stream all the seasons of the popular shows which were aired on TV channels like FOX, ABC and more. Like NetFlix, Hulu also allows creating multiple profiles based on the nature of the viewers.

Download from AppStore: Hulu


Vudu Movies TV

To stream movies or TV shows on Vudu, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription. Instead, you can pay only for the content you watch. Plus, you can rent or buy your favorite movies using the Vudu app. It also has a collection of free movies that can be watched without paying any fee. Of course, you need to bear with the commercials, while playing the movies.

Download from AppStore: Vudu

Pluto TV

pluto tv firestick

Are you looking for something which allows you to watch both movies and TV shows on your Apple TV? Then you should definitely check out Pluto TV. Its library will give you free access to 1000+ movies and episodes of popular TV shows. Besides that, you can watch free content 24/7 from over 70+ television channels in HD quality.

Pluto TV also offers a VOD (Video On Demand) service for its users at free of cost. The only downside of Pluto TV is its commercials, which are quite common in any free app. However, the good thing is that the number of commercials is a bit less when compared with other free apps.

Download from AppStore: Pluto TV

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ESPN Live Sports

espn for fire tv

ESPN has been providing live coverage for a huge variety of sports like soccer, basketball, football, tennis, cricket, golf for more than four decades. It has an exclusive app for Apple TV named ESPN Live Sports & Scores which allows you to stream live sports, on-demand news, highlights, and analysis of the games.

All you need to do is download the ESPN app on your Apple TV create an account or log in to your existing cable/satellite provider, to start watching your favorite sports live on the big screen.

Download from AppStore: ESPN Live Sports


nba for firetv

With an NBA League Pass subscription, you can watch the live NBA regular-season games, on your Apple TV. The subscription allows users to get access to full game video recaps, live stats of teams/players, league statistics, schedules and more. Plus, it also allows you to keep yourself up to date on league standings for the whole NBA.

You can make payment via iTunes In-App purchases to subscribe for the NBA League Pass Annual/Monthly plan.

Download from AppStore: NBA


nfl for fire tv

NFL is the best live sports app on Apple TV to watch not only football games live, but also to get access to detailed insights on every game. Like the League Pass to watch NBA games, you need NFL game pass in order to watch football games on your Apple TV. The NFL game pass will provide access to all the games of the season including replays and game highlights.

Download from AppStore: NFL

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MLB At Bat

mlb for firetv

MLB At Bat is the official app developed by to watch baseball games on your Apple TV. If you are a baseball lover, you can either go for a monthly or an annual subscription, to watch unlimited baseball games on your Apple TV.  The subscription allows the baseball fans not only to watch the game of the day, out of market games, scoreboards, schedules, game highlights and more.

Download from AppStore: MLB At Bat

Fox Sports Go

fox sports go logo

If you are a great lover of sports, then Fox Sports Go is the best place to watch live sporting events like MLB, NBA, NHL and more. With FOX Sports GO you can not only watch local sports but also hundreds of live sporting events. To start watching live sports on your Apple TV, just download the app and sign in with your TV provider credentials.

Download from AppStore: Fox Sports Go

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Well, we have listed the best Apple TV apps based on their popularity among users. Besides the above list, there are hundreds of apps available on the AppStore. And, the best option would be to try installing a bunch of apps and see how that works. Then, you can keep the ones you like and get rid of other apps.

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