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10 Best Fingerprint Padlocks With Mobile Apps

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When it comes to security no one is ready to compromise. Imagine forgetting your keys or your passwords and you’re are in one hell of a situation. To counter some of the issues that pop up due to a lost key, you can anytime upgrade to the new fingerprint padlocks. These are some of the most sophisticated security gadgets that you can get to keep your lockers and even doors and cupboards safe and secure. These new padlocks give fingerprint access to multiple users you select. They work on batteries without flaws.

Below is the list of the best fingerprint padlock you can get to ensure full protection for your valuable goods. Take a look and get yourselves one before time runs out.

WGCC Fingerprint Padlock

The WGCC fingerprint padlock comes 1st in our list with its cool fingerprint detection and design. The padlock with biometric lock comes with a classic fingerprint sensor on the middle and looks more or less like the padlocks we have at home. There is an aluminum alloy body and the lock bean is made out of stainless steel. The fingerprint padlock can withstand pressure and cuts to a great limit thanks to its superior build quality. This fingerprint padlock uses a wireless app interface to setup fingerprint access.

WGCC comes with Bluetooth connectivity to connect it with the OKLOK app. The device lets you save up to 15 fingerprint data. You can give access to multiple users as per your needs. The padlock also saves this data and you can access the time and frequency of unlocking through the app. Whatsmore, there is an inbuilt 230mAh rechargeable battery to provide power. One charge on standby can last for up to a month You can keep up with the battery status from the app itself. Furthermore, this fingerprint padlock comes with IP65 waterproof technology. The fingerprint lock is durable and can withstand heavy rains and harsh climatic conditions pretty well.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Mobile app interface
  • Feature 2
  • Internal rechargeable battery

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Meisort Fingerprint Padlock

The next one’s the Meisort Padlock with fingerprint access. It is a smart padlock that’s made of a stainless steel shackle and Zinc allow body. The Meisort smart fingerprint padlock is one of the best when it comes to durability and is cut and shock-resistant. This fingerprint padlock can add up to 20 groups of fingerprints. You can, in fact, give specific access to selected users as per your needs. A thing to note is that this mini fingerprint padlock doesn’t feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Yes, it doesn’t have any sort of smartphone connectivity and no mobile app interface. This means that the device can stay up for a greater amount of time thanks to its limited power consumption. To get record your fingerprint, you need to long-press the center button and add your fingerprint. This feature can be a bit confusing but yet, it does what its meant to do. The Merisort fingerprint padlock comes with a rechargeable internal battery. Fingerprint Padlock offers a standby time of 180 days. You can charge it through the normal micro USB cable. Furthermore, the device comes with IP66 waterproof snd weatherproof standards.

Key Features:

  • Complete metal casing
  • Up to 20 fingerprint data storing capacity
  • Rechargeable battery
  • IP66 waterproof standards

Seamounts Fingerprint Padlock

The Seamounts Fingerprint Padlock comes with advanced fingerprint technology. It offers quick fingerprint detection and can give you 99% accuracy every time. This fingerprint padlock comes with an internal battery. You can charge it through the normal micro USB cable. The padlock with biometric lock supports up to 3000 unlockings before running out of the battery. It can unlock at a whooping 0.5-sec interval. Like the previous one, this one here also doesn’t have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

There isn’t any app interface or smartphone connectivity. Hence, there is limited access to activity logs and user preset access. The Seamounts fingerprint padlock can accommodate 10 fingerprint data. Whatsmore, this compact fingerprint padlock is waterproof and weatherproof. Seamounts Fingerprint Padlock is quite sturdy and is of good quality Zinc alloy. Whether you want to secure your gym back in a locker or protect your bike on a rainy day, this padlock offers the protection you need. It is scratch-proof, safe, reliable, and can even use it to lock backpacks, suitcases cabinets, and much more.

Key Features:

  • Sturdy and durable
  • Unlocks within 0.5 sec
  • Can store up to 10 fingerprint data
  • Waterproof and Weatherproof

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Tapplock Lite

The Tapplock Lite combines classic looks with modern biometric lock security. It is a decent padlock that comes with a sophisticated biometric locking system. It looks cool on the first look and has all the rugged qualities a modern padlock should have. The Tapplock Lite features 3 ways of unlocking. One is the fingerprint access, the second, the Bluetooth, and finally the Morse Code. You can connect it with your smartphone or iPhones through the Tapplock free app. From there you can add fingerprints, manage users, and many more. You can also unlock the fingerprint padlock through the Bluetooth prompt through the app.

Having more than one way to unlock is quite convenient and you will always have peace of mind. Coming to the design part, it looks cool with its rugged dark outer body. The fingerprint padlock comes with good quality plastics whereas the lock beam is made of pure metal. The Tapplock Fingerprint padlock can store up to 100 fingerprints. The scanner takes less than a second to unlock with the saved fingerprints. The power issues are taken care of by a rechargeable internal battery. Tapplock Lite gives you up to 8 months standby per a 2 hour charge time. There are LED indicators to show that you’re below 10 percent charge or the battery’s about to die.

Key Features:

  • 3 modes of unlocking
  • Comes with Bluetooth and mobile app interface
  • Morse code unlocking
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Up to 8 months battery standby
  • LED battery status indication

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ThunderBs Fingerprint Padlock

The ThunderBs padlock is an affordable locking system with fingerprint access. It comes with fingerprint locking and you can add up to 15 fingerprint data within the device. The fingerprint padlock with biometric lock doesn’t feature Bluetooth or wireless connectivity. Also, you don’t need to configure any mobile apps to make use of the padlock. To configure the device, you need to long-press the center button to add your fingerprint.

You can do a 100% maintenance of the lock from within this single lock interface. The ThunderBs padlock works quite well. You can unlock the fingerprint padlock within the blink of an eye using the biometric lock. ThunderBs padlock is one of the most responsive and padlock on this list. Apart from the looks, it is quite sturdy and durable. A 2-hour charge can give you enough charge to last a month. The power issues are taken care of by a 250 mAh internal battery and offer 2 years of standby time.

Key Features:

  • Highly responsive fingerprint scanner
  • Can store up to 15 fingerprint data
  • 250 mAh internal battery
  • 2 years battery standby
  • LED battery indication

Megafeis Fingerprint Padlock

The Megafeis Padlock comes with fingerprint access and has the best battery backup in town. It allows you to save up to 15 fingerprint data with its memory. There is a 150 mAh internal battery that supports up to 1 year standby time or up to 3000 times of unlocking on the go. This mini padlock with fingerprint comes with a rugged design that’s durable and strong.

The padlock beam is of stainless steel and the body is of good quality plastic. It isn’t that outdoor extensive, you can feel quite a bit of issue while you use it for a long time during heavy rains. The Megafeis padlock comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect it with your smartphone through the Megafies app. With the app, you can set fingerprints, control users, and get unlocking activities. A thing to note is that the padlock locks down if your battery runs out.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint and Bluetooth interface
  • Can store up to 15 fingerprint data
  • Internal battery backup
  • Up to 3000 unlockings possible before running out
  • User logs and unlocking logs on the app

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Alldio Fingerprint Padlock

There might be a mixed opinion on this one but the Alldio Padlock’s one decent padlock system worth giving a try. It is an all-weather device that suits both the outdoors and the indoors. This Fingerprint Padlock includes a responsive fingerprint scanner that allows keyless entry in 0.5 sec. The lightweight and portable design make it safe to take it outdoors, like to secure your backpacks or gym lockers.

Coming to the design, the padlock is of an alloy metal whereas the shackle is of stainless steel. There isn’t any Bluetooth or smartphone connectivity. It isn’t that much of an issue as the fingerprint feature is quite responsive and quick. The absence of Bluetooth made it a bit cheap on the list. With this fingerprint padlock, you can store up to 15 fingerprint data. This data is stored in its internal memory and functions completely offline. There is a rechargeable internal battery that offers 6 months of usage on a single charge.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint unlocking
  • Keyless entry in 0.5 sec
  • Can store up to 15 fingerprint data
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Up to 6 months battery backup

Taococo Fingerprint Padlock

The Taococo Fingerprint Padlock looks far more basic than the ones on our list. It comes with a metallic casing and an alloy shackle. It is a cool device that is useful to lock your gym lockers, cabinets, suitcases, and much more. The fingerprint scanner on the padlock lets you add up to 10 fingerprint data. You can, in fact, let other users access the lock by following specific settings on the fingerprint padlock. There isn’t any Bluetooth connectivity, you should add every bit of detail manually.

The Taococo fingerprint padlock can unlock in under 0.5 seconds.  There is a 250mAh internal battery that offers a long battery life of up to 8 months. When the battery runs out, you can recharge it through the UBB power supply. There are prior battery indications on the device so that you get notice of the battery about to die.

Key Features:

  • Durable metal casing
  • Fingerprint unlocking
  • Can store up to 10 fingerprint data
  • 250mAh internal rechargeable battery
  • 8-month battery backup

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Besdersec Fingerprint Padlock

It’s a pretty decent padlock system that has a quick unlock. You can unlock the padlock in under 0.5 sec and is useful to secure suitcases, doors, and gym lockers. It is not that sturdy and water-resistant but yet it does what its meant to do. This fingerprint padlock lets you store up to 10 fingerprint groups. Moreover, you can add 2 admin users to manage the fingerprints.

Coming to the design part, yes it is lightweight and portable. Fingerprint padlock is much slimmer than the old school padlocks and looks quite attractive. It features a rechargeable battery that gives more than 3000 times of unlocking. You can charge it with the normal USB output and has low battery indications. It also comes with IP65 waterproof certification and is shockproof. But it would be better if you use it indoors.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint access
  • Rechargeable internal battery
  • Can store up to 10 fingerprint data
  • 2-admin access
  • 3000 times unlocking possible on a single charge

Coogo Fingerprint Padlock

The Coogo Fingerprint Pad look looks attractive thanks and has a shiny outer design. It comes with advanced fingerprint sensors and computing chips to give you super-fast unlocking. You can unlock the device in under 0.5 sec with even a slight touch. It can store 1 admin data and up to 38 fingerprints. This fingerprint padlock doesn’t feature Bluetooth and there is no smartphone connectivity.

This has made it a good contender on the budget level. This padlock comes with a stainless steel body and the biometric lock beam is of Zinc alloy. There is a 100 mAh internal battery that can give you up to 5 months of usage when fully charged. An LED flash indicator is also there to give battery status when the battery gets low. The padlock is also with waterproof standards and works fine on the outdoors.

Key Features:

  • Fingerprint access with quick unlocking
  • 0.5-sec unlocking
  • Metallic casing and shackle
  • Internal battery backup
  • Up to 5 months battery backup
  • LED battery status indicator

The fingerprint padlocks let you lock your backpacks, gym lockers, suitcases while you’re on the go. They are a good option to consider as they feature highly responsive fingerprint access that lets you unlock at 0.5sec max. On the list, some of them are heavy-duty, but most of them are made to meet domestic uses.

The most notable unique features of these fingerprint padlocks include remote access, LED indications, and the ability to sync with a phone app. If you’re planning to lock your suitcases or gym lockers, then these are the best biometric locks or fingerprint padlocks you could ever get.


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